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Psybuster Ep. 7: Glowing Soil


Sayuri takes a walk outside the sanatorium where she finds an unconscious Masaki. Ken talks to Shu about his dad almost getting killed. Shu wonders if Ken suspects Saphine of giving Ryuzo something dangerous and Saphine admits she made an error. Shu asks Ken to forgive and forget and assures him they’re doing everything to find the connection between the box and Psybuster. Ken excuses himself and Saphine wonders if they should just fire him. Shu says that will make things worse. He adds that Ken is an interesting person with ability. Masaki wakes up in the sanatorium and sees Sayuri watching over him. They introduce themselves and Masaki tries to get up. Sayuri tells him to lie down and asks what happened to him. She adds he doesn’t have to reply if he doesn’t want to and tells him that she’s sick and is there to get better. She wonders how her father and brother are doing. Ryuzo complains about having instant meals for breakfast. Ken tells him he can eat somewhere else, but not to let the owners go after Ken for the costs. He adds that they all went to DC for the money before, but Ken scared them off by threatening to destroy their shops with an RT. Ryuzo leaves and Ken wishes they had Sayuri’s cooking. Sayuri goes to get Masaki for breakfast, but finds his room empty. Masaki makes his way through the forest while Sayuri looks for him. Ken gets a call saying Sayuri is missing. Saphine lets Ken and Mizuki take a helicopter. Shu comments on how generous she’s being. She says that she thought it’d be good to be soft on them considering the recent “accidents.” She adds that a boy named Masaki was found unconscious there. Shu says he’s definitely Psybuster’s pilot. Mizuki asks Ken how he can think Masaki kidnapped Sayuri. He replies that it couldn’t be the other way around and there’d be no way they went hiking without having breakfast. Mizuki suggests it could be some one else, as Masaki is a common name. Ken says they’ll know once they make him talk. Saphine gets forces together and heads to the forest. Sayuri finds Masaki deep in the forest. She tells him to go back but he says he has to repair Psybuster. Sayuri notices it and is shocked that Masaki is the one causing explosions and hurting people. He says it’s not true but she has an asthma attack. Masaki carries her into Psybuster’s cockpit.

Ryuzo heads to Mt Fuji while Mizuki and Ken enter the forest. Mizuki says it’s called the Sea of Trees and that once you enter you’ll get lost and never come back. Ken comments on the heavy fog but heads into the forest anyway, Mizuki following him. Saphine orders Izaki to take the RTs into the forest to search for Masaki and Psybuster. Psybuster calls out to Ken and starts leading him to it. Ryuzo reaches the sanatorium and is told the fog is too thick for a search. He thinks that the DC probably prevented the police from getting involved. Saphine enters the forest by herself and finds glowing footprints. Mizuki slaps Ken to bring him back to his senses. They wonder where they are and they see Psybuster. Masaki appears and Mizuki introduces Ken to him. Ken asks where Sayuri is and Masaki opens Psybuster’s cockpit. Sayuri wakes up and explains she followed Masaki on her own. Ken thanks Masaki for taking care of his sister and suggests they all go back to the sanatorium together. Masaki shakes his head and points out the RTs in the distance. Sayuri asks Ken to help Masaki since he’s not a bad guy. Ken figures DC won’t use helicopters, leaving only the RTs. He and Mizuki head off to handle them. Ken hops onto the rear RT. He waves his hand in front of its camera, causing the pilot to thinks it’s Psybuster, abandoning his RT in fear. The second to last RT turns back to see what’s wrong and sees Mizuki lying on the road. He gets out to check on her, but Ken knocks him out. They get into the RTs and Ken radios Izaki that he saw Psybuster heading in the opposite direction. Saphine follows the glowing footprints and finds Masaki. Saphine holds him at gunpoint and tells him to take her to Psybuster.


The plot moves along as Sayuri meets Masaki, which results in Ken also meeting Masaki. Though a little apprehensive at first, Ken decides to help him out. They manage to fool Izaki, but Saphine still finds Masaki. Psybuster also calls out to Ken. There’s really not much else to say about this episode.

Overall Rating
Psybuster Info


Hidehito Ueda

Denma Matsu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Yasuhiro Moriki
Koji Ito

Character Designer:
Takeshi Itou

Musical Composer(s):
Kenichi Sudo
Kazuo Nouta

26 episodes

Japan 05.03.1999 – 10.25.1999


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