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Psybuster Ep. 8: Offense and Defense at the Sea of Trees


Ken continues misleading the RTs and wonders where he should lead them. Masaki takes Saphine to Psybuster but draws his gun on her when she shifts her attention to Sayuri. Saphine aims at Sayuri, forcing Masaki to give up his gun. Masaki says that an Earthling wouldn’t be able to handle it, to which Saphine agrees, saying she doesn’t even know where the trigger is. She radios Izaki and asks for his location. He notices he’s in an amusement park. Saphine tells him she’s found Psybuster and to follow her radio signal. Izaki demands to know who lead them to an amusement park and Ken identifies himself. Izaki wonders how he got there but Ken says it doesn’t matter because they have to keep following Psybuster. Izaki says Saphine’s already found it and they start fighting. Saphine wonders where Psybuster’s cockpit is, but Masaki says it only opens to the chosen ones. She has Masaki open it for her. Ryuzo drives around and sees the RT team, dragging Ken’s broken RT behind them. DC forces arrive at Psybuster’s location. Ken and Mizuki meet up with Sayuri, who tells them Masaki is in Psybuster with Saphine. Mizuki climbs up to them, but Izaki pulls her away. Saphine tells Masaki to move Psybuster, but he says that Psybuster doesn’t like her, so it won’t move. Psybuster moves suddenly, allowing Masaki to take Saphine’s gun. Mizuki and Ken arrive, distracting Masaki. Saphine shoots him in the shoulder with the gun from La Guias. She claims self-defense and Ken goes to get a stretcher. Ryuzo shows up and Ken tells him to take Sayuri back to the sanatorium. Saphine comments on how Ryuzo always shows up. He explains he just followed the RTs and managed to find his daughter. Ken and a medic take Masaki away on the stretcher and Sayuri explains him to Ryuzo. Ken says it’s the first time he’s ever seen anyone get shot and Mizuki says she’ll accompany Masaki back to headquarters. Ken leaves Sayuri to Ryuzo before he goes to help Izaki. At DC HQ, Lyune is informed that Psybuster has been captured.

On the helicopter, Masaki wakes up and tells Mizuki that Saphine is probably from La Guias, as she knew how to use the gun. Ken helps prepare Psybuster for an airlift but slips and hangs from the rope. Izaki tells the others not to help him, as it’d be good punishment. Ken swings to Psybuster’s cockpit, which opens for him. He gets in and Psybuster starts up. He feels the workers on Psybuster’s body. Helicopters lift him up and start moving him. Ken sees that Psybuster responds to his movements. Saphine is surprised to see Psybuster move and has the helicopters drop it. Saphine figures the fall would destroy it, but Psybuster is unharmed. Saphine calls for backup. Masaki is taken from the helicopter and Mizuki sees Lyune run off. Shu looks at Masaki and tells Mizuki that Psybuster’s started moving even though they have the pilot. He says they’re sending out Balcion to capture it. Ken is surrounded by RTs. He says he wants to get out, but doesn’t know how. Ken tries to contact them, but his movements are mistaken for a battle position. The RTs fire and knock Psybuster back. Saphine wonders if it’s so easy because there’s no pilot or that it’s being remote controlled. Izaki goes to capture him, but Ken knocks him away. The Balcion arrives and Ken tries to talk to Lyune, but doesn’t get through. She lands a few punches and notices something is different. She figures she can take him and attacks. Ken says he’ll have to fight if she won’t listen and tosses the Balcion around. A trailer carrying a dynamo arrives and Saphine tells Lyune to hook up with it to use the beam cannon. The RTs distract Ken while Lyune gets ready. Ken sees they’re going to fire the beam cannon and wonders why he got into Psybuster in the first place.


Things start picking up, as Ken finally becomes the pilot of Psybuster. Now he can fully show off the fact that he’s the main character. The Psybuster itself is also shown to have a degree of sentience. It’s revealed that Saphine is from La Guias. What she’s doing on Earth is unknown at the moment. Lyune actually does something this time around, but not much. She actually landed a few blows on Ken, but he wasn’t exactly trying at first either. The tables may turn now that she’s using the Balcion’s beam cannon, but we have to wait until next episode to see.

Overall Rating
Psybuster Info


Hidehito Ueda

Denma Matsu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Yasuhiro Moriki
Koji Ito

Character Designer:
Takeshi Itou

Musical Composer(s):
Kenichi Sudo
Kazuo Nouta

26 episodes

Japan 05.03.1999 – 10.25.1999


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