RahXephon: Pluralitas Concentio


On December 27th, 2012 in Tokyo, Haruka Mishima and Ayato Kamina discuss their graduation. Haruka says the school is the place of their memories and Ayato tries to kiss her, but Haruka stops him because Hiroko Asahina enters. She says she didn’t see anything and runs out crying. Ayato and Haruka walk home and she tells him she’ll finish his Christmas present soon. Ayato invites her to his place and they have tea with Ayato’s mother, Maya. Haruka talks of her upcoming trip and Maya says she should do it. Ayato goes to walk Haruka home and Maya tells her to take care of Ayato. Ayato apologizes because he didn’t know his mom would be back so early and says she’s a weird person. Haruka says it doesn’t matter and that she’ll be back on the 3rd of January. Ayato says they’ll make their first visit to the shrine on the 4th and it starts snowing. Federation planes fly over Tokyo but are shot down by Metronome dolems. One pilot sees a flying Mulian city before he’s shot down. Haruka’s family is stuck in traffic and she runs out of the car. She looks on as Tokyo is encased in an absolute barrier. Sixteen years later Ernst von Bahbem is surprised the stone tablet depicting the RahXephon is in the human world. He talks about the RahXephon system, where one of two tuners of time will tune the world. Bahbem says the same tablet exists in his world and Makoto Isshiki says the two worlds were once the same. Bahbem says the universe is about to collapse from an increase in mass. He adds that they don’t have much time and they must recover the instrumentalist. Bahbem asks Jin Kunugi if he knows of anyone and Jin replies that there is one person and that she is acquainted with the instrumentalist. Bahbem leaves it to him, but Makoto objects, suggesting to go with Operation Downfall. Bahbem says he didn’t think Maya would go that far and make Tokyo Jupiter but that it bought them some time. Jin says the instrumentalist isn’t pure blood but Bahbem says he still has Mu blood like his own. He says the world will be tuned soon and Helena Bahbem tells him it’s time some one’s chamber was opened. Bahbem excuses himself to go visit sleeping beauty. They go see Itsuki Kisaragi and he says she hasn’t awakened yet. Bahbem looks down at Quon Kisaragi and takes off her dress to see her mark of Xephon. Bahbem says they’ll be able to meet soon. Ayato takes the train to school and thinks about his dream where he sees his long lost girlfriend Haruka. He will run after her, but always wakes up before he catches her. Ayato meets with Hiroko and Mamoru Torigai and they take another train to school. Ayato thinks of Haruka and how he wants to see her and their train derails. Ayato comes to and after seeing to his friends, runs off to find help. He leaves the tunnel to see enemy planes in the air. The defense force fights back, but they are easily beaten back. Ayato hears singing and sees Haruka. He follows her down to a marked off subway terminal. Ayato is met by men in suits and is told Maya is looking for him. He demands an explanation but a gun is put to his head. Haruka Shitow runs out and takes out the agents, drawing blue blood from one of them. Ayato picks up a fallen gun and points it at her, asking who she is. She says she’s a champion of justice and Ayato hands the gun over to her. He thanks her and goes to leave but Haruka says he’s wondering why the blood was blue. She says if he goes with her, she’ll tell him the truth about the world. Ayato says he still has to help his friends and she apologizes before drugging him. Before Ayato looses consciousness, he calls out Mishima’s name.

In the air, Elvy Hadhiyat takes out some fighters and gets a report that the target is secured and to move to the next phase. The agents apologize to Maya, who says it’s too early for Ayato to awaken. She says it’s only been twelve hours since his capture by TERRA, but Masayoshi Kuki says the resonance is increasing. Maya says she’ll head to the shrine. Ayato wakes up in a car and wonders if he’s been kidnapped. Haruka asks if he wants to know the truth of the world and asks Ayato what the world’s population was. He says it’s 23 million but is shocked when Haruka says it’s actually 6 billion. Haruka drives into a military installation and steals a VTOL. Maya hears about waves from the RahXephon and Haruka looses control of the VTOL. It flies into an installation and Maya orders the dolems to be sent out if the Xephon moves. The VTOL descends and Ayato says it’s calling him. They enter the RahXephon’s shrine and Ayato ejects. The VTOL crashes and Haruka climbs out. Ayato boards the RahXephon and starts freaking out, the RahXephon rising from its egg. A piece of rubble flies off and cuts Maya’s face. Ayato looks over and sees blue blood running down her face. Maya says he’s awakened and that she’s waited for this day. Shinobu Miwa detects a reaction in the dolems Allegretto and Fortissimo and Allegretto bursts out of the wall behind Maya, but she floats up onto its head. She says it’s too soon and for him to return but Haruka tells him not to. Fortissimo comes out of another wall, sending rocks at Haruka but the RahXephon blocks the rocks and takes Haruka into its hand. It flies out of the temple and Fortissimo follows it. Maya wonders why Ayato wouldn’t listen to her and Fortissimo attacks. The RahXephon blocks it but Ayato senses something and freaks out. Fortissimo attacks again but the RahXephon charges forward and takes Fortissimo by the neck, crushing it. He rises into the sky and disappears into a circle of light. Maya tells Ayato to go, because he will return to her one day. Ayato wakes up to see the absolute barrier. Haruka comes out of a houseboat and Ayato asks her what it is. She says it’s called Tokyo Jupiter and it’s where he used to live. She senses movement and hops on the edge of a boat. Ayato follows but he rocks the boat, sending both of them into the water. They wander around and Ayato sees a map. He’s surprised because he thought the outside world was destroyed. Haruka says he shouldn’t believe everything he’s told and says they’ll catch a cold. After changing and getting food Haruka says they should go back to the RahXephon.

They stay in a houseboat and Ayato is surprised to learn from the radio that it is the year 2027, not 2015. Ayato asks if Haruka is from the future and she falls over laughing. She explains and Ayato tells her before he met her he saw a glimpse of his old friend. He asks if a lot of people died when Tokyo Jupiter went up and she says just as many survived. Ayato thinks that she might still be alive. Haruka wakes up to find Ayato gone and he wanders around the town. He arrives at the chasm before Tokyo. Haruka arrives and Ayato asks why Tokyo Jupiter is there. Haruka explains that other dimensional invaders called the Mu made it to protect something. Ayato wonders if it’s the RahXephon. Haruka says the Mu have started appearing outside of Tokyo. She reminds Ayato of the dolems and says if they were to invade again humanity wouldn’t stand a chance. That’s why she brought out Ayato and the RahXephon. Ayato curses and they head back. The next day the aircraft carrier Lilia Litvyak comes to pick them up. Haruka introduces herself as a member of TERRA. At Nirai Kanai island, Souichi Yagumo is amazed that they went in just to get the instrumentalist but came out with the RahXephon as well. Itsuki tells Quon he’s finally arrived, but she flips out. Itsuki holds her down at tells her it’s ok. Quon settles down and Itsuki says he’ll rescue her one day. Ayato gets a blood test and Haruka is relieved to see his blood is red. Jin and Souichi are told Ayato has the Mu phase in his blood and Jin says he’ll eventually awaken. He adds that they need to take advantage of whatever they can use, even some one’s heart. Ayato is put in an anti-Mulian cell and Haruka protests to Jin. She says he’s a red blooded human but Jin says it will eventually turn blue. He says that if a Mulian tunes the world the human world will be denied. Haruka says she’ll kill Ayato if his blood turns blue. Haruka apologizes to Ayato and shows him a picture of Maya, Kuki, Miwa and several others. She tells him they’re the leaders of the Mu. Haruka shows him the RahXephon tablet and says at one time the two races tried to co-exist. She goes on that for whatever reason they decided to go to war with them. She says the UN was prepared to for an all out war, but Tokyo Jupiter was established. She says that they periodically attack them and kill a lot of people. She tells Ayato his blood is red and it doesn’t matter if his mother’s is blue because he is himself. Ayato laughs and says the girl he still cares for once said that to him. Haruka remembers and tells Ayato there’s some one he needs to meet so he’ll know he’s not alone. Itsuki appears and says that it’s not time for him to meet Quon yet. The trio go to the RahXephon and Ayato asks who Quon is. Itsuki says she’s his sleeping beauty who’s always in Neriya Shrine. He says sometimes she wakes up and tells them things because her soul is in the Mu’s world. He says she’s a Mulian and the RahXephon’s original instrumentalist. Itsuki goes on that she’s been waiting for her prince and says he’ll tell Ayato when it’s time. Haruka drops Ayato at her house and leaves him in the care of her sister, Megumi Shitow, and her uncle, Shougo Rikudoh. Shougo says the house must be different to what he’s used to and to pretend he’s staying at a relative’s place. Ayato says he never had any relatives to visit before and Shougo tells Megumi to take Ayato around the neighborhood, reminding her of what he always tells her. Megumi asks Ayato what kind of city Tokyo is and says her sister’s always saying she’ll go back there no matter what. Megumi apologizes and says she thought he’d be scary since he’s from Tokyo. Megumi offers him some soda, but the marble inside keeps blocking the hole. Megumi laughs at him and says he has to get the marbles in the notches of the bottle.

Later, Ayato asks Shougo what he always tells Megumi and he says to never turn away from unpleasant things and accept them head on. He gives Ayato a nameplate and tells him to hang it in the doorway. The plate has Ayato’s name on it. The RahXephon launches and Jin is surprised Ayato decided to fight for them. They standby in a city and Megumi asks Ayato why he decided to fight. He says there’s some one he cares about in the world somewhere and wants to see her again. He asks if it’s a lame reason but Megumi doesn’t think so. The RahXephon flies out of the ground and charges at the dolem Ritardando. It throws it into the air and Ritardando charges again. The RahXephon just stands there as Ritardando is destroyed on impact. Shougo tells Jin the Mu won’t keep quiet and will try to take Ayato back. Shougo is surprised Ayato and the RahXephon were both brought over. He adds that the Bahbem Foundation doesn’t know their true trump card, the tuning of the world. Shougo says Maya doesn’t realize it either. Jin says they’re terrible people, using Haruka’s feelings but Shougo says he just wants them to be happy. Jin wonders how their trump card would react if they knew they didn’t need the RahXephon and Shougo wonders if they’d be forgiven. Jin says he won’t let Shougo be the only one disgraced. Haruka has a dream about chasing Ayato through a crowded street but wakes up before she catches him. She looks out her window and sees it snowing. Haruka returns from a jog and Ayato asks why she goes at it so hard. Haruka sees Ayato wearing a weird robe and he says he doesn’t have any winter clothes. Haruka runs off and comes back with a pair of gloves for him. Ayato screams and Souichi asks where the Alpha squadron is. The dolem Vivace emits radiation that causes Ayato’s heart rate to fall. Vivace causes a reading similar to Tokyo Jupiter and embraces the RahXephon. Haruka shouts for Ayato to get away but Vivace disappears with the RahXephon. Ayato wakes up in a hospital and sees Maya, who welcomes him back. While taking Ayato home, Maya drives by Hiroko and Mamoru and Ayato tells her to stop. Hiroko says Ayato’s changed but Mamoru says people don’t change much in a week. Hiroko says she was worried because no one seemed bothered he was missing. Ayato asks about the invader’s attack but the other two don’t know what he means. Hiroko freaks that she’s forgetting something and Mamoru tells her to knock it off. At home, Ayato bites his lip and draws red blood. Ayato asks Maya what she is and she bites her finger. She puts some blue blood on his lip and he freaks out. Ayato crashes into the shower and Maya looks down on him. He screams and the RahXephon activates, breaking out of its shrine. Hiroko walks to Ayato’s house, but is stopped by armed troops. Mamoru appears and tells them to back off. Allegretto and Falsetto are launched and Ayato blankly stares at the image of their pilots. They surround the RahXephon and attack it, knocking it downwards. As it falls, the RahXephon shoots out energy blasts and destroys Falsetto. Falsetto’s pilot vanishes and Maya bids her farewell. Ayato asks what they are and Maya tells him they’re the few Mulians they could bring over. She says Mulians are humans too and that Ayato is a Mulian as well. Ayato asks about his father but Maya says she can’t remember. Maya says she loves him, but Ayato asks why she had him if she didn’t love his father. Hiroko asks who Mamoru is and asks if he was deceiving her. He says it would be easier if he was and grabs her shoulders. He gives at her a crazed look and she knocks him away, drawing blue blood. She runs away and a soldier shoots at her. Ayato asks if Maya had him to fight against humans but she says she was originally supposed to pilot the RahXephon. She explains that by the time she regained her Mulian memories she was already pregnant. She says she just wanted to have him, but all of her responsibilities went to him. She says he can curse her if he wants, but he can’t escape fate. She starts chanting and Ayato runs to meet the RahXephon.

Ayato finds Hiroko, who’s suffering from a gunshot wound. Hiroko shows him her blue blood and says it’s red. Ayato says he has to go but Hiroko grabs onto him. Ayato takes her to the RahXephon and she says she knows he can’t forget about Haruka but she doesn’t care. Ayato calls out to the RahXephon and they leave. Ayato hides the RahXephon in a reservoir and him and Hiroko look over at Tokyo Jupiter. Ayato says he found a part time job and that he just needs more time to think. Ayato says one day he’ll use the RahXephon to bring Mamoru and her parents out of Tokyo. Hiroko thinks about how happy she is just being with Ayato but that something is wrong with her because she can’t even remember her parents. She says she’s scared and wonders who Mamoru is. They go get something to eat and Ayato wonders what to get. Hiroko says she wants to tell him something but a truck drowns her out. She says she wants spaghetti. The dolem Vibrato appears and causes a black out. The RahXephon lands in front of the hotel and Ayato said that he thought he had nothing left to loose. He says he still has her and that he’ll protect her. Hiroko wants to tell him something but he says he’ll be back. She says she’ll always be waiting for him and he boards the RahXephon. Hiroko’s diary flips open and Vibrato uses the city lights to send messages. Hiroko is embraced by her dolem pilot self and grabs her pen, saying she needs to tell Ayato something. RahXephon charges at Vibrato, but is knocked back. Hiroko writes that she doesn’t want to fight, and it’s displayed across the city. Vibrato is about to finish him, but he knocks it away, sending Hiroko flying backwards as well. He destroys Vibrato’s arm, and Hiroko’s breaks as well. The RahXephon punches through Vibrato and Ayato sees the message, realizing what he did as Vibrato explodes. Hiroko’s corpse lies in front of her blood stained diary. Jin reports Ayato’s retrieval and Haruka is shocked to see Hiroko’s file. Haruka asks if Ayato saw the body and Jin says he was found crying besides it. Jin says Ayato got into a fight over her remains and received a cut. Jin says the blood was blue. Haruka welcomes Ayato back and says he’s going to be released from custody. Ayato tells her to go away and that she shouldn’t get involved with some one with blue blood. Haruka says it’s not true, but Ayato says his life is worthless. Haruka insists it’s not true, but Ayato asks what he has. He says he’s a murderer and that he fought because Hiroko had no one but him. Ayato says he can’t stay because he doesn’t want to pilot the RahXephon. Haruka hugs him and says she just wants him to stay alive. Ayato asks why she’s crying and she says she doesn’t want him to disappear. They kiss passionately and lie down on the bed. They lie naked under a sheet and Ayato says it’s bad because the room is monitored. Haruka says she doesn’t care because she’s waited a long time for it. She asks to stay like that for a little longer. On the boat to TERRA, Ayato says how Haruka is always working and that she doesn’t have a boyfriend. Megumi says she heard she had one before she was born and before Haruka changed her last name. Megumi explains they have different fathers and that Haruka’s last name was Mishima. Haruka is shocked to see a picture of Shougo with a young girl. Ayato takes a bath but Haruka walks in. She says she’ll take her bath later and Ayato asks if her last name changed. Haruka apologizes and leaves. Ayato wonders why she didn’t tell him.

Makoto speaks at a briefing that they plan on taking down Tokyo’s Absolute Barrier with Operation Downfall. Souichi explains how they’ll use special buildings called J-busters to create an array that will destroy the barrier. They will then attack using their new weapons, the Vermillions. Souichi apologizes for not being able to accompany Jin but he says he should say that. Jin says he’s counting on them and Souichi says Jin is best suited for carrying out Shougo’s will. Haruka asks Shougo about his daughter and he explains how a man fell in love with her, knowing she had the potential to be an instrumentalist. He says he gave them his blessings when she got pregnant, but by that time her blood had turned blue. He goes on that even though she lost her memories, she still decided to have the baby. Shougo says the Foundation found out so he helped them escape. He says the man’s body was found but not Maya until Tokyo Jupiter was formed. Shougo wonders what will happen to Ayato when he next gets into the RahXephon but Haruka says she won’t let him. Ayato thinks of younger Haruka and wonders who it is. Itsuki appears and tells him it’s time. The J-Busters get ready and Makoto gives the order for Operation Downfall to begin. The J-busters activate. Itsuki takes Ayato to Quon and tells him to wake her up with a kiss. Ayato says Itsuki should do it but he says he would if he could. Itsuki forces Ayato to kiss her and she wakes up. She says she’s glad she was able to meet them and thanks Itsuki for protecting her. Itsuki says he loves her before she disappears. Tokyo’s absolute barrier is destroyed. Itsuki explains that Quon tried to tune the world of the Mu but she failed and was sent to the human world with Maya and Bahbem. He says she’ll return with a fake RahXephon that will cause destruction. Itsuki says Ayato can stop her and tune the world. Itsuki begs Ayato to save her and Ayato asks if he can save the world if he boards the RahXephon again. He says he’ll do it for himself because there’s some one he wants to protect. Makoto revels in his victory but Mulian cities appear in vast numbers all around the world. Ayato heads to the RahXephon, but Haruka stands in his way. She points a gun at him and says she wants him to die. On a Mulian city, Quon sings and Maya calls her big sister. Haruka asks Ayato why he came and he says there’s something he has to do. Haruka says if he boards the RahXephon with blue blood, he won’t be human anymore. Ayato says he’s loosing his memories and doesn’t want to loose the ones with her because he still loves her. Ayato says he doesn’t care what happens to him as long as she lives and she shoots into the air. She says she finally found him and that it’s not fair. He says he’s happy she continued to love him but she says it was cruel for her. Ayato says he wishes he grew up with her. He walks past her and they link hands before he goes. Ayato boards the RahXephon and it launches. Haruka cries in the elevator and suddenly finds herself younger and in a café. Her older self is there and says she’s glad Ayato accepted her older self. Haruka tells her to stop and her older self says Ayato is loosing his memories. Haruka says it can’t be helped and older Haruka asks why she didn’t go with him. She says individuals can only exist with a point of reference and that’s how the world works. She says Ayato doesn’t have one and is searching for one. Older Haruka becomes Ayato and says it’s her. Young Haruka becomes old Haruka and Ayato become young Haruka, telling her she can still make it. Haruka runs off and an apparition of Ayato wonders if she’ll make it. An apparition of young Haruka says she’ll be fine. Fighters attack dotems, Metronomes and Mezzoforte dolems and Allegretto destroys a ship. Mass produced Schwarzer units take out large amounts of dolems but a few are taken out by Mezzofortes. Elvy uses her Vermillion to destroy Allegretto and says she can’t afford to loose. The RahXephon arrives and becomes one with Ayato, transforming. Quon says the doorway to the tuning is open.

Mamoru wonders if it’s Ayato’s true form and uses his dolem Obbligato to destroy some ships. A Mezzoforte attacks the bridge of the Lilia Litvyak and Mamoru attacks Ayato. Obbligato grabs Ayato and pulls out its cockpit. Mamoru is surprised to see the pilot seat empty and Ayato rips off Obbligato’s arms. He sends out a sound blast and kills Mamoru and another blast that kills Elvy and Souichi. It destroys the fleets and the surface of a nearby island. Quon says the RahXephons are wanderers and tuners of worlds and she merges with her RahXephon. Maya watches her go and tells her to live well with Ayato. Quon and Ayato sing to each other. Megumi tells Shougo she can’t find Haruka, and he tells her to get ready to evacuate. Shougo gets a call from Haruka and asks her if Ayato is calling to her. He apologizes and says he can only watch over her now. Shougo tells her to run and find happiness and Haruka takes off in a plane. Megumi sees it and wonders if it’s her sister. She says she can’t match up to her. Shougo says he’d like to see some human happiness and Megumi tells him she’ll let him see it one day. Jin loads his gun but hears shots from an old church. He finds Helena over Bahbem’s body and she says it’s for the preparation of the new world. Bahbem speaks through Helena and says he’s been reborn. Bahbem talks about how he’s waited for this day since he failed an experiment of the RahXephon system and was sent to the human world. He says he’s hopped from body to body and Jin asks what his purpose is. Bahbem says he wished to remain himself and stop the universe from collapsing. He says he had to make a new observer. Jin says the universe is ending and wonders what will become of it. Bahbem says Ayato will choose the Mu world because of his blood. Maya cries that she couldn’t be a mother Ayato and sees Haruka in her plane. Haruka flies in the way of a blast from Ayato and her plane is destroyed. The blast continues on and kills Maya as well. Haruka wakes up in a room with Maya and Maya says if she didn’t exist Ayato wouldn’t have had to suffer as much. She says she should have been the only one to love and support him. She says it wasn’t meant to be because he discovered his own world that Haruka was in. Maya tells her to hurry and to suffer with Ayato for her. She asks her to take care of her son and points to their old middle school. Quon knocks Ayato to the ground and her black wings grow larger. Haruka runs through the streets and finds Ayato. Ayato says he’s glad she came and explains that they are in the present, where the tales of the past come together. Haruka asks if she’s alive and Ayato says she is. He also says that he exists everywhere as the observer of time and that time will flow again once to continues watching it. He says he can’t return because the world will fill with discord if he does. Haruka asks if she can stay, but he says he wants her to live. Haruka cries and says she loves him, and he says he does too. Ayato says she can choose the past and asks what kind she’d like. She says she wants to grow up with him and Ayato takes her to when they were younger and he listened to her play the piano. Ayato collapses and the apparitions appear and the apparition of Haruka says they gave their hearts to each other and thus became each other. Ayato’s apparition says the world would have returned to nothingness if they hadn’t had come. Haruka’s apparition says they can’t turn back time, but they can give her memories of the time they would have spent together and Ayato becomes a 29 year old. The younger Ayato and Haruka kiss and Haruka’s apparition says this is where their memories begin. Haruka asks the apparitions what they’re going to do and if they’re the RahXephons. They say they’ll go back to where they belong but won’t be lonely since they have each other. They wish each other happiness.

Xephon Ayato grabs Quon and knocks her to the ground, his white wings growing huge. Ayato assimilates Quon and glows with a bright light. Bahbem looks on in shock and wonders what’s going on. Jin says it’s the choice made by the ones who will come after them and points his gun at him. Bahbem asks if the instrumentalist betrayed him but Jin says Ayato is a child of all living beings. Bahbem says his blood is blue but Jin says it doesn’t matter because he’s trying to save the situation. Jin says they should take responsibility but Bahbem says he is the creator. Jin says a god that man can perceive is not a god and shoots him. Quon watches on with Maya and says it’s all thanks to her. Quon says they should go home to the one that cares for her. Itsuki, Megumi and Shougo look on as the Earth is encased in an egg. Sixty years later, Haruka reads Through the Looking Glass to her teenage granddaughter Reika. Reika wonders if Alice returned to the real world because it says life is but a dream. Haruka says it doesn’t matter because she was left with her memories. She says that’s what Ayato always said and Reika says she must have really loved him because she talks about him all the time. Reika wonders if he loved her properly in return and goes to get some tea. Haruka sees 17-year-old Ayato and she becomes 29 again. Reika returns but Haruka is no where to be found.


And that is the final word on RahXephon. This movie was quite something. Instead of being a pure recap of the series, it goes a little in its own direction. Quite a bit is new and the focus completely shifts to Ayato and Haruka. Most minor characters are written out completely and a lot of the Dolems are absent. Everyone knew about the tuning from the start and Ayato doesn’t lose his memories until his blood changes (Ayato’s blood was always red in the series). Also, a few characters have new roles, namely Itsuki and Quon. Itsuki becoming Quon obsessed (more so), and Quon being completely inactive until the end. As such events of episodes focusing on her are removed and a good six episodes are skipped by Vivace returning Ayato to Tokyo Jupiter. The movie is simplified a bit, with complicated stuff like Ixtli and Yolteotl not being mentioned, so it’s quite easy to watch. You appreciate it more if you’ve seen the series first, but newcomers should be able to watch it and be able to enjoy it with a degree of understanding. The ending is also quite different. Ayato had to become the Observer of Time, so the RahXephons implanted Haruka with fake memories about being together with him. Reika’s parent must have been conceived when Ayato and Haruka had sex in the cell. Haruka knows this, but as she says, it’s real to her even if it is a lie. A lot of animes send the message that you have to face reality, no matter how hard it is, but this sends the opposite. In the end, Haruka gets to be with Ayato. As the final say on the RahXephon epic, this movie is sure to satisfy and shouldn’t be missed.

Overall Rating
RahXephon Info

Yutaka Izubuchi

Hiroshi Ohnogi
Ichiro Okouchi
Fumihiko Takayama
Chiaki J. Konaka
Yutaka Izubuchi
Yoji Enokido
Shou Aikawa
Mitsuo Iso
Yukari Kiryu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Yoshinori Sayama
Michiaki Sato

Character Designer:
Akihiro Yamada

Musical Composer:
Ichiko Hashimoto

26 episodes; 1 compilation movie

Japan 01.21.2002 – 09.10.2002
U.S. 09.03.2005 – 11.26.2005

Theatrical Release:
Japan 04.19.2003


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