Rayearth OVA Ep. 2


Lantis watches over a sleeping Hikaru and ponders if she’s the legendary martyr. Fuu wonders if she’ll be able to fight like Hikaru when she hears a voice asking her if she has a dream that is so strong it could break her heart. Umi watches over a sleeping Clef when she notices a running train off in the distance. Fuu explains it’s an unmanned trained and offers Umi some food she found in a restaurant’s fridge. Umi notices that Fuu is wearing a glove to cover the orb on her hand and scolds her for trying to hide it. Umi decides to take a nap and tells Fuu to promise not to go off on her own. Fuu leaves anyway, saying she needs the courage the take the first step. Umi can’t get to sleep so a recently awoken Clef speaks out to her. Umi says they’ve never argued like that before and Clef says that Fuu realized they’re missing something. Clef realizes Fuu has the green gem, which he says can uncover the truth. Mokona reveals that Fuu left on the train and Clef stops Umi from giving chase since she doesn’t have her gem yet.

Ferio tells Ascot to keep an eye on Clef while he goes after Fuu. Fuu thinks back to when Mokona gave her the gem and Windom spoke to her. Fuu says there must be some one better for the task than her but Windom says he has the power to defy destiny. He shows Fuu a vision of people dying, saying that even Clef can’t prevent death, and tells her to find him. He leaves it up to her to take the first step. Ferio attacks the train with his insect like spirit beasts but Fuu’s power makes a train car fly. Another attack knocks Fuu out of the car but she manages to hang on. Clef apologizes to Umi for getting them involved but Ascot attacks the building with acidic foam. Eagle assures Emeraude all of their people support her wishes. Hikaru dreams about a rainy day after she just transferred where she gave away her umbrella to another girl who forgot hers. Umi and Fuu had looked on sadly while other girls mocked her, saying she just wanted attention. Hikaru wakes up and realizes she failed. A dog spirit beast appears but Hikaru receives no answer when she calls for Lexus. Lantis appears and asks why she awakened Lexus in the first place and if she really intended to protect the world by sacrificing herself. Hikaru says she was chosen and finds herself in a dark forest. Lantis says if she really is the chosen one she’ll be able to escape the labyrinth. He tells her to search for her true being.

Fuu appears on the highway, having teleported away from the train car. She laments her inability to do anything and realizes she’s currently in her neighborhood. Ferio appears and expresses his disappointment in Fuu’s powers. He asks where Windom is and says he’ll set her free if she tells him. She refuses but Ferio figures Windom must be nearby if she’s there. Clef and Umi escape, but Clef is severely weakened due to using his magic. Clef tells Umi it’s up to her and to think back to why Hikaru, Fuu, and her became friends in the first place. Ascot arrives with his giant lobster like spirit beast so Clef sends Umi away before some rubble falls on him. Umi cries about everyone leaving her behind and Ascot appears before her, saying it would be easier if she just died. Ferio’s insects cause widespread destruction to search for Windom while Fuu remains helpless. She remembers Windows words and decides she has no choice but to fight. She wonders where Windom is and hears a heartbeat coming from the stadium. Umi is surprised that Ascot is a child and he says he hates weak people like her. She runs away, afraid to die alone when a voice from the lake calls out to her. It tells her to reveal her true heart and she thinks back to when Hikaru had given away her umbrella. The three of them had ended up walking back together, but Umi says that was Fuu’s doing since Umi didn’t have the courage to speak out to Hikaru. Ascot corners her when Mokona appears and gives Umi her orb. The dragon Ceres appears and knocks Ascot away. Ascot summons his deity and attacks Ceres. Fuu warps to the stadium which is covered in Ferio’s bugs, but Ferio himself is stopped by a barrier of wind. Fuu gets inside and Windom says she passed his test. Ferio tries to break through the dome, but the giant bird Windom breaks out instead.

Ceres tells Umi to open her heart to him and she wishes to protect her loved ones and be a true friend to them. Umi merges with Ceres to become her deity and Ascot attacks. Windom blows away Ferio’s giant bug and Fuu tells him to take the fight to a more open area. Alcyone begs Eagle for another chance but he tells her to wait with the other dead residents of Cephiro. Fuu flies over Umi’s fight and Umi takes a shot at Ferio. This gives Ascot an opening to attack with his bubbles. Fuu makes it to the airport where both she and Ferio summon their deities. Ferio attacks with razor wind produced from his wings. Hikaru stumbles through the forest, begging Lexus for help but she receives no answer. She sees Fuu fighting and Lantis tells her she must find the meaning in their battle. Umi asks Ascot if he’s afraid of fighting an opponent stronger than himself but Ascot claims to be the strongest in Cephiro. He says he’s stronger than Alcyone, who failed to kill Hikaru twice, and Umi realizes that Hikaru is still alive. Invigorated, Umi knocks Ascot away with her Water Dragon attack. Ferio threatens to finish Fuu off, but Fuu points out how he’s hesitating in doing so. Umi tells Fuu that Hikaru is alive, giving Fuu her second wind. She avoids Ferio’s killing blow, saying she can’t die until she sees Hikaru again. Hikaru realizes her friends are fighting for her and that they suffer together with her. The orb on her hand glows again. Fuu takes out Ferio with her Green Gale attack, but regrets doing so. Umi joins up with her and they hear Emeraude’s singing again. Ascot appears under Eagle’s control and attacks.


No surprise here that Umi and Fuu are the focus of the episode with Hikaru out of commission. Fuu is non-confrontational and must learn some things you have to fight for, while Umi is afraid of everyone leaving her so she hides her conceited nature. Fuu’s arc is a bit stronger, as Umi hasn’t really shown any of those negative traits she claims to have (unlike her TV counterpart). It is pretty upsetting to see Fuu and Ferio trying to kill each other but his overall reluctance to seriously hurt her leaves some hope. They’re also putting Umi together with Clef again, but it works better here since he doesn’t look like a child. Hikaru sees her friends fighting so hard and realizes she doesn’t have to carry her burdens alone, a lesson her TV version was also supposed to learn but never really put into practise. Ceres and Windom make their debut, but I definitely prefer Ceres’s winged dragon design from the TV series over this Chinese dragon one. For a moment it appears they’ve bested their opponents, but it looks like Eagle has other things in mind.

Overall Rating
Rayearth Info

Keitaro Motonaga
Toshiki Hirano

Manabu Nakamura

Mechanical Designer:
Naoyuki Konno

Character Designer(s):
Megumi Kadonosono
CLAMP (manga)

Musical Composer:
Toshihiko Sahashi

3 episodes

Video Release:
Japan 07.25.1997 – 12.10.1997
U.S. 04.29.2003


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