Rayearth OVA Ep. 3


In the past, Zagato wondered if it was the sins of the people that lead to the destruction of Cephiro. He said if that was the case he’d make amends but Lantis tried to stop him. He was too late and Zagato killed himself during a ritual. Umi and Fuu attack Ascot but he overpowers them. Ferio wonders how Ascot could manage that and Lantis asks him if such an Ascot is really the result of Emeraude’s wishes. Ascot calls down dark energy and Lantis says he’s being manipulated. Hikaru appears in her revived deity and tells the others not to give up. The three of them combine their attacks and heavily damage Ascot’s deity. He still tries to attack but the energy overloads his deity and is destroyed, killing Ascot. Ferio asks Lantis what happened and accepts not being able to turn back once he knows. Eagle, learning of Ascot’s failure, goes to see a spirit beast and tells it that it’s the only one who can handle Emeraude’s power.

Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu search for Clef and find him unharmed. He can’t believe that Lantis helped Hikaru and decides to tell them everything. Cephiro was once blessed by the spirits but overuse of the spirits for their magic ruined the land. Zagato was sacrificed but they had no idea Emeraude, the master of the spirits, was in love with him. Ferio overhears Clef’s story and the girls conclude Emeraude’s dream will be realized if Earth is destroyed. Umi thinks it’s ridiculous that so many people have to suffer for one person’s wish. Lantis had told Ferio that they were just sacrifices and Ferio wondered what they were fighting for. Hikaru wonders if they could meet with Emeraude because she doesn’t believe some one with such a beautiful voice could make people suffer. Eagle speaks through his bird spirit beast and tells the girls that’s not possible and that his sister’s wish will be realized The deity that defeated Hikaru earlier appears and Clef identifies it as belonging to Zagato. The girls prepare to fight but Clef says Zagato’s deity is more powerful than any other. They decide to fight anyway since it won’t end so long as that deity is there and they’ll show Emeraude how pointless it all is. Zagato’s deity uses the dark energy to make the girls disappear and Clef realizes Eagle is behind everything. Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu wake up inside Cephiro castle and are greeted by Eagle. He sucks their spirit beasts into an orb but their combined power shatters it. Emeraude sees the resulting light and screams. Hikaru is engulfed in light and finds herself before Emeraude and Zagato’s body. She realizes Emeraude is living in a dream where Zagato is still alive so her heart won’t break. Hikaru finds herself back with her friends, who say they saw Emeraude as well. Eagle says he’s been protecting Emeraude with the dream and Umi calls him out for trapping his sister in a never ending nightmare. Eagle attacks the girls but Lantis gets them out of there.

Hikaru thanks Lantis but he tells them they have to think about what to do now. Eagle summons the souls of Cephiro’s inhabitants to attack them and Hikaru notices Lantis uses the same light that Zagato’s deity does. Lantis says the use of souls proves just how much contempt Eagle has for humans. Zagato uses his sword to teleport the girls out of there and he asks that they free his brother Zagato’s soul. Hikaru realizes his brother is why Lantis looked at her so sadly earlier, and Umi notices that Fuu stayed behind. Fuu tells Lantis she stayed because she couldn’t let him sacrifice himself. Zagato’s deity appears again so Hikaru and Umi summon their deities. They’re easily overpowered and Eagle mocks Lantis about using his brother’s power that way. Eagle says his wish is simply to destroy everything in order to save everything. Lantis is injured by a spirit but Ferio appears to help. After exchanging names with Fuu, Ferio uses Lantis’s sword to send her to her friends. Zagato’s deity fires at Hikaru and Umi, but Windom takes the blow. Hikaru realizes their three deities were originally one and they are told to unite their hearts. Lexus, Ceres, and Windom combine together to form the mightiest deity, Rayearth.

Zagato’s deity attacks but Rayearth easily overpowers it. Emeraude sings but Hikaru tries to tell her the Zagato she sees is an illusion. Eagle says his sister’s curse will not end and fuses with Zagato’s deity to turn it into a more monstrous form. Lantis entrusts his sword to Ferio and tells him to bring it to the girls. Lantis says he’s glad he met everyone before his body dissipates and goes into the blade. Eagle’s dark energy is too much for Rayearth and he says destruction is what they deserve for poisoning the environment like they have. A giant version of Lantis’s sword appears before the girls and Hikaru realizes he’s dead. Rayearth takes the sword and fires its Helix of Light attack, slicing Zagato’s deity in two and damaging the castle. Emeraude comes to her senses and realizes what’s been going on. Rayearth disappears, but Eagle is still alive. He says from an immortal’s perspective humans couldn’t hope to handle his despair and that the nightmare will continue until all is destroyed. The girls don’t know what to do, but Emeraude’s voice tells Eagle to stop. She says they can start over and hope for the future together like Hikaru and the others taught them. The sun finally breaks through the clouds and the divine beasts take their leave, assuring the girls that they will be with them as their gems fly off. Clef and Ferio say their goodbyes as well, expressing their intent to start over. Cephiro castle reverts back to Tokyo Tower. Sometime later, the news reports that the cause of the destruction around Tokyo Tower is still unknown but some suspect supernatural phenomena. Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu successfully graduate and part ways under the cherry tree. Mokona falls out of the tree and jumps away.


The animation and design work are pretty great in this OVA, so it’s a real shame that in the end we never got a superb mecha fight. I guess like the original the mecha stuff is secondary to the character stuff, which is handled well enough. It’s all your standard “believe in yourself, work together, don’t fear the future” type of thing but the execution works. Turns out Eagle is mad that humans wrecked Cephiro and wants to just destroy everything and keep his sister locked in her fantasy. The not so subtle environmental message is also nothing new, but for all the suffering Eagle caused it’s a bit irksome he gets to live. In the end the girls are strengthened by their ordeal and are able to part ways. Even if they aren’t together their friendship will remain. Overall this OVA isn’t going to blow anyone away but if you’re an open minded Rayearth fan or someone who likes ’90s mecha OVAs, it’s worth a watch.

Overall Rating
Rayearth Info

Keitaro Motonaga
Toshiki Hirano

Manabu Nakamura

Mechanical Designer:
Naoyuki Konno

Character Designer(s):
Megumi Kadonosono
CLAMP (manga)

Musical Composer:
Toshihiko Sahashi

3 episodes

Video Release:
Japan 07.25.1997 – 12.10.1997
U.S. 04.29.2003


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