Rayearth Ep. 15: The Second Rune-God: Windam, the Lord of the Skies


Inouva asks Zagato for permission to defeat the Magic Knights, which Zagato grants. The girls take shelter in a cave from a storm and wonder if the storm is another sign of Cephiro’s crumpling. Ferio climbs up the mountain and calls Fuu, asking if he can meet up with them. When he reaches a ledge he finds an unconscious woman who mutters something about medical herbs. Ferio brings the woman with him to the Knights, which bothers Fuu. Before Ferio can tell them something, the woman wakes up. She introduces herself as Sera and explains she was collecting medicinal herbs for her sick brother. Umi suggests they wait the storm out, but Ferio and Sera have no idea what a storm is. Ferio says Cephiro is crumbling quickly and asks the Knights to hurry. Ferio keeps watch while the girls sleep when Sera joins him. They have a pleasant conversation over some soup mixed with herbs Sera picked, unaware that Fuu is still awake. The storm eventually clears but Ferio collapses with a fever. Sera tells the others to go ahead and leave Ferio to her. Ferio stops Fuu and asks about the weird looks she’s been giving. He tells her not to think of unimportant things and focus only on saving Cephiro. Before Fuu can snap at him, Ferio says he believes in her and that cheers her up. She says she’ll revive the Rune-God and joins Hikaru and Umi. Ferio falls over while Sera smiles evilly.

Sera comments on Fuu and Ferio’s relationship and wonders how Ferio will react when Fuu is killed in front of him. Ferio asks who Sera is and she reveals herself to be Inouva. He restrains Ferio and thanks him for revealing one of the Knights’ weaknesses. Before leaving, Inouva casts a projection on the cave wall so Ferio can watch what happens. The Knights enter the shrine on Mokona’s flying platform which promptly crash lands due to the damage Zagato inflicted on it. Fuu hears the Rune-God calling for her and disappears. Hikaru and Umi go after her, but Inouva appears and attacks them. Umi meets with the Rune-God Windam who tells her to show him the strength of her heart. Fuu finds a defeated Hikaru and Umi, with Inouva appearing shortly after. Fuu tries to attack him but he blocks her sword with a barrier. Inouva mocks her, saying he didn’t even need a hostage, and shows her Ferio. He says he’ll free Ferio if Fuu swears to not become a magic knight. Fuu says Ferio wouldn’t be happy if she did that and she couldn’t desert Hikaru and Umi. Windam appears since Fuu showed her strength of heart and turns into his robot form. He emits a blast of energy that defeats Inouva. The girls’ armor and swords evolve and Windam goes inside Fuu to wait until he’s needed. When they get back to Ferio, he tells Fuu to forget about him because he’s holding her back. Fuu objects but Ferio says he can’t forgive himself. He runs off, leaving Fuu in tears. Hikaru assures her that if she wills it she can meet Ferio again. Inouva apologizes to Zagato and asks that he be returned to his true form. Zagato refuses and calls for Lafarga instead.


Ferio’s here and that automatically makes this episode better than the previous one. His relationship with Fuu takes center stage again and Inouva tries to take advantage of it. Though with the way he easily handled Hikaru and Umi such tricks probably weren’t necessary. Incidentally, Inouva is an anime original character. In the manga Fuu’s confrontation with Caldina happened here. Fuu’s emotions were pretty well portrayed. You could tell how jealous she was and just how hard Ferio’s words at the end hit her. He might have said it for her own good, but the dude deserves a kick in the pants for that one. Inouva’s comments suggest he’s got more up his sleeve, but for now Zagato is calling on the only other lackey he has left. There’s one Rune-God to go but getting it is unlikely to be an easy task.

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Rayearth Info

Toshihiro Hirano

Nanase Ohkawa (CLAMP)
Keiko Maruo
Osamu Nakamura

Mechanical Designer:
Masahiro Yamane

Character Designer(s):
Atsuko Ishida
CLAMP (manga)

Musical Composer:
Hayato Matsuo

49 episodes

Japan 10.17.1994 – 11.27.1995


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