Rayearth Ep. 29: Eagle and the Captive Hikaru


Umi and Fuu call their Rune-Gods and head out to look for Hikaru. Lantis tries to run after Eagle but Alcyone attacks him. Lantis gets his sword to her throat and asks what the dark presence surrounding Cephiro is. Alcyone hugs him, believing he is Zagato, and tells him it’s Debonair. He asks where Debonair is and Alcyone tells him she’s right by their sides. Lantis knocks Alcyone out and asks Mokona to contact Clef. Lantis summons his horse and rides off after Hikaru. Primera tries to follow him but Mokona sits on her. Hikaru has another dream about Nova, who says they’ll meet very soon. Hikaru wakes up and Rayearth explains that he returned to his dimension when she passed out. Hikaru is glad he isn’t hurt and he reminds her to call his name when there’s danger. Zazu enters and explains they changed her clothes because they’re analyzing her uniform. Zazu takes her to meet Eagle and Geo and when she recognizes the former she goes on guard. Her head starts hurting and Eagle explains the FTO gave her a shock to her nervous system. He assures her she’ll get better soon and apologizes for being so rough.

Geo and Zazu introduce themselves and wonder how old Hikaru really is since people of Cephiro don’t always look their age. She says she’s not from Cephiro but from Tokyo and Eagle confirms that the legend of the Magic Knights is true. Hikaru wonders why he knows that and Eagle motions for Geo to take Zazu away. He does so and Eagle offers Hikaru some sweets. Umi and Fuu discuss how weird Hikaru has been acting lately. Umi wants to know what’s troubling Hikaru so they can be there for her even if they can’t help. Eagle asks about Lantis and explains that he was the first one to defeat the FTO. Eagle mutters that he betrayed Lantis but doesn’t elaborate. Hikaru asks why Autozam is invading Cephiro. Eagle explains that Autozam is a mechanized world that relies on mental energy, which it takes from its people. Eagle wants to use the Pillar system to provide more mental energy and prevent Autozam from falling to ruin. Eagle returns her clothes and makes to leave so she can change. She tells him being the Pillar is lonely and unable to think about themselves, but Eagle knows this. Lantis blows a hole in the ceiling and demands Hikaru back. He clashes swords with Eagle and Eagle explains why he needs the Pillar system. Hikaru hears Nova’s voice and she disappears. Hikaru finds herself outside in her armor where she meets Nova. Nova says she is the one who will kill Hikaru.


Ignoring the question of who, on a ship full of guys, changed Hikaru’s clothes, this episode reinforces the fact that the gang from Autozam are pretty good guys. Eagle reveals Autozam is also dying and he wants the Pillar system to save it. This is probably something he could have told the girls at their first meeting, but it really doesn’t change much. Eagle knows what being the Pillar entails but he won’t let anything stop him from saving his world. Lantis gallantly rides in on his horse to save Hikaru, but Nova beats him to it. We finally see Nova and it looks like she just walked out of an Iczer installment. I’m glad they’ve finally met so now Nova can shut up about it.

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Rayearth Info

Toshihiro Hirano

Nanase Ohkawa (CLAMP)
Keiko Maruo
Osamu Nakamura

Mechanical Designer:
Masahiro Yamane

Character Designer(s):
Atsuko Ishida
CLAMP (manga)

Musical Composer:
Hayato Matsuo

49 episodes

Japan 10.17.1994 – 11.27.1995


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