Rayearth Ep. 34: Hikaru and Friendships Torn Apart


Presea calls out to Hikaru but receives no answer. Nova hugs Hikaru and tells her she doesn’t have to worry about anything anymore. Hikaru calls out Umi and Fuu’s names and Nova asks if those two were really nice to Hikaru. She suggests Hikaru is remembering things wrong and Hikaru recalls the other two blaming her for what happened in Cephiro. Hikaru says they promised to fight together, but now Umi and Fuu refuse. Umi says they wouldn’t have been summoned if the three of them weren’t together. Fuu wonders why they have to fight for Cephiro when it’s not their world. Hikaru declares that it’s wrong and the crown responds to her. Hikaru says they could never forget their struggles, which is why they promised to fight together. She knows her friends wouldn’t break that promise. Nova acknowledges Hikaru’s belief in her friends and summons an image of Lantis. Nova claims that Hikaru is in love with him and asks ‘Lantis’ what he thinks. He says the Magic Knights killed his brother and when asked if he loves Hikaru, Hikaru blocks her ears before she can hear the answer. The ground beneath her breaks and she falls into darkness as Nova laughs. Both the real Lantis and Clef can feel what’s going on and Clef is surprised that the evil presence he feels is the same as Hikaru’s. Primera and Mira find Lantis and he says something’s happening to Hikaru. He assures Mira that Hikaru will be okay because she has a strong heart. Mira shows Lantis the flower crown and he’s happy to see that flowers bloom without the Pillar. Lantis says he’ll make sure Hikaru gets it. Presea sees a light on Hikaru’s chest and knows she hasn’t succumbed to the shadows yet. Presea says she’ll go into Hikaru’s heart to bring her back. She assures Mokona that they’ll be able to come back and Hikaru will revive her sword with her own will. ‘Presea’ prays for her sister to protect Hikaru.

Lafarga enters Caldina’s room and tells her Ascot is sleeping. Caldina notes how Ascot’s heart has matured too and Lafarga says it’s because he has some one to care about. Caldina asks Lafarga if he’s changed after falling for her and sits in his lap. She admits that since she’s from Chizeta what happens to Cephiro doesn’t have anything to do with her, but she fell for Lafarga after seeing him save people despite the land crumbling around him. Lafarga says after being controlled by Zagato previously he wants to do something now to protect both Cephiro and Caldina. Umi wakes up after having a nightmare about the djinn and remembers what happened to her. Selece tells her she’s on the Bravada and reminds her to call him when there’s danger. Umi admits she once found Selece scary but she knows now that he’s kind and she wants to know more about him. He agrees and Umi tells him to start calling her by name. Guards enter and grab Umi. Fuu tries to escape the room she’s been locked in and remembers what happened to her. Fuu deduces that she’s on the Fahren ship and Windam speaks to her. He tells her to remain calm and to call him if there’s danger. Fuu wonders if it’s okay to just call him Windam with no honorific but he says it’s fine. She asks that he use her name as well. Some attendants enter and Fuu greets them. On the NSX Eagle confirms the location of the Knights and says now is the time to invade the castle to get the proof of the Pillar. Geo asks if it’s really all right because of how close Eagle and Lantis were, but Eagle says it doesn’t matter anymore. Eagle starts coughing up blood and prevents Geo from calling for help. Eagle muses that if he had died from this disease earlier he wouldn’t have had to betray Lantis. Since he’s going to die anyway it doesn’t matter what Lantis thinks. The glow of Emeraude’s crown begins to fade.


The first half of the episode is quite good but unfortunately the second half moves away from Hikaru’s struggles to less interesting ones. Hikaru’s belief in her friends prevails, but she gets blind sided by her feelings for Lantis which she wasn’t even aware of. She still hasn’t given up, though, and Presea is going in to help. We find out that Caldina and Lafarga are in a relationship which, while unexpected, is kind of cute. Umi and Fuu have a heart to heart with their Rune-Gods and become a bit closer to them. I have to wonder if there some sort of Rune-God hive mind because all three of them say the exact same things to their Knights. Finally, we find out Eagle has cough up blood disease because apparently there wasn’t enough drama. It does add to his desperation so he’ll probably make his move very soon.

Overall Rating
Rayearth Info

Toshihiro Hirano

Nanase Ohkawa (CLAMP)
Keiko Maruo
Osamu Nakamura

Mechanical Designer:
Masahiro Yamane

Character Designer(s):
Atsuko Ishida
CLAMP (manga)

Musical Composer:
Hayato Matsuo

49 episodes

Japan 10.17.1994 – 11.27.1995


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