RX-78-2 Solomon Express G-2

General Information

Unit type: anti-fortress assault use mobile suit
Armament: 60mm vulcan gun x 2, beam saber x 2, large beam rifle x 1, large shield x 1, large thermonuclear missile x 2
Original mechanical designer: Makoto Kobayashi
Note: During the final stages of the One Year War, Earth Federation Forces promoted in absolute secrecy a project named “Solomon Express” to develop anti-fortress weapons for the forthcoming battles of Solomon and A Baoa Qu. Within this project, the plan labeled “Solomon Express G-2” was intended to refine the RX-78-2 Gundam by adding some armor modules on its bust and two liquid hydrogen-propelled high mobility boosters on its back. In open violation of the Antarctic Treaty, its main armaments would be represented by thermonuclear warheads. Other improvements included a special targeting sensor on the right eye camera, able to follow fast-moving objects. Featured in the March and July 1999 issue of Dengeki Hobby Magazine.


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