Uraga class (Saratoga II)


Class: Uraga
Name: CV-565 Saratoga II
Ships of the line: CV-404 Uraga, CV-406 Brampton, CV-412 Aberdeen, CV-417 Keflavik, CV-565 Saratoga II, CVS-670 Rakayou, CVS-707 Velagulf, CVS-720 Fahrion, CVS-761 VandegliftKeigaMagellanShanghai III
Unit type:
 stealth space attack carrier
Manufacturer: unknown
Operator: U.N. Spacy
First deployment: unknown
Dimensions: unknown
Weight: unknown
Powerplant: OverTechnology heat pile system cluster, power output rating unknown
Propulsion: OverTechnology main engine thruster; many x OverTechnology vernier thruster; OverTechnology fold system
Performance: unknown
Equipment and design features: sensors, range unknown; stealth composition; OverTechnology gravity control system
Fixed armaments: many x anti-ship/fighter weapon, mounted on hull
Mecha/aircraft: 6 variable fighters

The Saratoga II was an Uraga class space carrier operated by U.N. Spacy. From 2050-1, the Saratoga II served as the headquarters for the U.N. Spacy’s 727th Independent Special Command VF-X Ravens, led by Capt. Aegis Focker. In late 2050, the VF-X Ravens were tasked with combating the Vindirance terrorist group. After multiple battles, Focker learned that Vindirance was fighting against Wilbur Garland, the U.N. Spacy general whom the VF-X Ravens reported to and who was planning a coup d’etat.

First appearance: Macross VF-X2
Original mechanical designer: Kazutaka Miyatake



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