Gundam SEED MSV ASTRAY: Blue Frame


In space, Earth Alliance ace pilot Edward Harrelson destroys several GuAIZs with his Sword Calamity. After fighting off the GuAIZs, he uses his anti-ship swords to slice the bridge off a Nazca class ship. He feels something in his nerves and wonders what it is. Nearby, a GINN High Maneuver Type piloted by Mikhail Coast destroys an Alliance ship and is shot at from above. It turns and spots the Gundam Astray Blue Frame Second L, piloted by Serpent Tail mercenary Gai Murakumo. Mikhail gives chase, and Gai leads him into an abandoned space colony. On a nearby Laurasia class ship, Serpent Tail member Kazahana Adja monitors the GINN HM Type. Reed Weller signals pilot Elijah Kiel that the target is moving towards the colony. Elijah then gets into position in his custom GINN. In a narrow corridor, Gai and Loretta Adja set a trap for Mikhail involving explosive wires. Mikhail walks through the corridor and stops when it sees the wire. He uses the bayonet tip of his rifle to trip the wire and set off the explosives from a distance. He then flies into a nearby corridor and chases after Gai. Gai dodges Mikhail’s attacks and fires back with his Gatling gun. Mikhail then crashes into a net and is surrounded by Gai and Elijah. Mikhail attempts to break free of the net, so Gai detaches the Tactical Arms backpack to use the Gatling gun and destroy Mikhail’s right arm. Gai says to himself that fighting is impossible for reckless pilots. Afterwards, Gai and Elijah leave the colony and join up with the Serpent Tail ship. Reed is glad they’ll be able to sell the GINN to the Alliance, and Elijah picks up something on his sensors. Waiting ahead of the ship and blocking its path is Edward. Gai tells Elijah to stay with the ship and says he will fight Edward only until the ship is clear. He then detaches the Tactical Arms and transforms it into a sword. Edward pulls out both of his swords, and the two rush towards each other and attack. Their swords clash against each other, and Edward feels an adrenaline rush.


Well, there’s another short but interesting ASTRAY OVA promo. Aside from manga characters such as the Serpent Tail crew, we also see SEED-MSV ace pilot Edward Harrelson in action with his Sword Calamity. He has a bloody effectiveness with his two swords and seems far more deadly than Orga Sabnak’s Calamity Gundam. In fact, he’s probably the only SEED character who actually uses an anti-ship sword on a ship. In the manga, Gai comes across as a great pilot and tactician, and that carries through here in his capture of the GINN HM Type. It’s too bad this is only a promotional clip that ends on a cliffhanger, because I really would have liked to see the fight between Gai and Edward.

No Rating

Katsuyoshi Yatabe

Tomohiro Chiba

Mechanical Designer(s):
Junichi Akutsu
Kunio Okawara
Kimitoshi Yamane
Takahiro Yamada

Character Designer:
Yooichi Ueda

Musical Composer:

2 shorts

Video Release:
Japan 11.24.2006


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