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Super Robot Wars Original Generation Gaiden

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Super Robot Wars Original Generation Gaiden is a video game released exclusively in Japan for the Sony PlayStation 2 in 2007. Developed and published by Banpresto, it is set in the Original Generation continuity of the Super Robot Wars strategy RPG franchise. The game is a sequel to Super Robot Wars Original Generations and expands upon the Original Generation 2.5 bonus content featured in that title.


AGX-05 Cybuster
ART-1 Advanced Real Personal Trooper Test Type-1
ASK-AD02 Ashsaviour
Compatible Kaiser
DCAM-00 Granzon
DCAM-006C Guarlion Custom
DCSMH-02 Valsione
DGG-XAM1 Dygenguar
DGG-XAM2 Aussenseiter
EG-X Soulgain
EXF-02C Excellence Cosmo Driver
EXF-02E Excellence Eternal
EXF-02F Excellence Flyer
EXF-02L Excellence Lightning
EXF-02S Excellence Striker
G Compatible Kaiser
GS-1D Giganscudo Duro
Ialdabaoth (Apotheosized)
PTX-001RV Gespenst Type RV
PTX-003C Alteisen (Gespenst Mark III)
PTX-003C-SP1 Alteisen Riese (Gespenst Mark III)
PTX-004 Schutzwald
PTX-005 Wildschwein
PTX-006 Wildraubtier
PTX-007-01 Gespenst Mark II Type R
PTX-007-02 Gespenst Mark II Type S
PTX-007-03UN Rein Weissritter
PTX-014 Arblade
PTX-015 Wildwurger
PTX-016 Wildfalken
R-1 Real Personal Trooper Type-1
R-2P Real Personal Trooper Type-2 Powered
R-3P Real Personal Trooper Type-3 Powered
RGC-034 Razangriff
RGC-034RV Razangriff Raven
RGV-30 Randgriff
RGV-30RV Randgriff Raven
RPT-007 Gespenst Mark II Mass Produced Version
RPT-007K-P1 Gespenst Mark II Custom
RPT-010 Huckebein Mark II M
RTX-008 Huckebein
RTX-010 Huckebein Mark II
RTX-011AMB Huckebein Boxer
RTX-011L Huckebein Mark III
RTX-011R Huckebain Mark III Trombe
RW-01 R-Gun
RW-1P R-Gun Powered
SMSC Angelg
SRG-00 Grungust Type 0
SRG-01 Grungust
SRG-01-2 Grungust Unit 2
SRG-02 Grungust Type 2
SRG-03 Grungust Type 3
SRG-03D Ryukooh
SRG-03T Koryuoh
SRX-00 Super Robot X-Type
Swordian Dagger
VR-02 Vaisaga
VTX-000 Mironga
XAM-007 Fairlion
XRAM-004FA Armorlion
XRAM-006VC Siegerlion
YAM-007-1AX Astelion AX
* Y??-01 Telgum
* Y??-02 Flonnes

Vehicles and Support Units
AMG-01 AM Gunner
G-Thunder Gate
Hiryu Kai
Space Noah class (Hagane)
Space Noah class (Kurogane)

NOTE: Units indicated with an asterisk (*) are available in Burke’s All the World’s Mecha or Burke’s Fighting Ships & Vehicles format.


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