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SRW OG: The Inspector Stage 1: Red Shock


The Gespenst Mark III finishes off the fallen SRX, killing its pilot, Ryusei Date. Elsewhere, Axel Almer stands at the ready in his mecha Soulgain. He tells someone named Lemon to take the others and go ahead and she reminds him that the other side will be different. The Gespenst Mark III arrives and its pilot, known as Beowulf, speaks of creation and destruction. The mechs clash and Axel destroys one of the Gespenst Mark III’s arms, but it just regenerates before mutating into a large creature. It fires a beam that Axel manages to dodge, but it strikes the building behind him. Axel reminds himself of when he needs to jump before he leaps into the air. Beowulf fires a blast at him, but Axel dodges and pushes the Gespenst Mark III into the facility. Beowulf asks where the ark that disturbs the silence is, and Axel tells him it’s already jumped. Axel says he’s going too and activates Soulgain’s Code Kirin. Soulgain takes damage from the Gespenst Mark III’s claymore launchers, but Axel’s attack hits, letting him land on the Lykeios transfer system in the process. It activates and Beowulf charges, but Soulgain fires its fist into the Gespenst Mark III’s chest. Axel disappears and the entire facility self destructs with Beowulf inside. At the Earth Federation Government Diet Hall in Japan, the newly appointed President Brian Midcrid addresses the world. He speaks of Bian Zoldark and the DC War before publicly acknowledging the existence of aliens and the war fought against them known as the L5 Campaign. Meanwhile, Government tanks belonging to the Federation and DC remnants do battle before Gespensts and Lions arrive. The Lions gain the upper hand until Excellen Browning launches in the Weissritter and snipes them. Brian continues his speech and says that to combat further alien threats the Federation will begin a militarization project known as Aegis. Some Barrelions fire at Excellen Browning’s Weissritter, but she easily dodges them. Kyosuke Nanbu arrives in his Alteisen and takes out one of the Barrelions.

Brian exists to thunderous applause, but Graien Grusman notes that Brian disagreed with the content of the speech. Brian admits that while military expansion may be necessary, he’s not going to give up on the diplomatic approach. Excellen shoots down more Lions while Kyosuke unloads his claymores into the remaining Barrelions. Brooklyn “Bullet” Luckfield destroys some tanks with his mass produced Wildschwein M as other soldiers marvel at the power of the ATX team. Kyosuke and Bullet head for the DC ship. Onboard the battleship Shirogane, Captain Lee Linjun mocks the ATX team for taking so long. He gets a message from Commander Kenneth Garret, who berates Lee for not taking part in the battle before sending him new orders. The ATX team presses on to the DC carrier before they are surrounded. On the carrier, Archibald Grims has Yuuki Jaggar and Carla Borgnine launch in their Guarlions and tells them distracting the ATX team for time is fine. On the way to the hangar, Yuuki asks Carla why she didn’t leave the ship and she says it’s because she owes him for saving her and that she likes him. Yuuki tells her not to lie and says she must want revenge for her family. They attack Bullet and Excellen and quickly discover how good they are. Kyosuke moves to help Bullet but is stopped by the arrival of the Thrudgelmir, which heads towards the Shirogane and destroys an escort ship. Kyosuke and Bullet give chase, but Excellen is pinned down by some Lions. The Lions are destroyed by an attack from above. From the sky descends the Angelg and its pilot, Lamia Loveless.


What we’ve been waiting for is finally here! With (mostly) 2D mecha even! Masami Obari is the director this time around and I’ve always been a fan of his work. With shadowed out faces with a single glowing eye and ample amounts of boobage, it has Obari written all over it. The man knows how to do mecha right, so this is glorious. Onto the episode itself, the opening with Ryusei getting killed by Kyosuke is actually quite fitting. Ryusei was the lead character of Divine Wars, but here in The Inspector, Kyosuke is the main man. The rest of the cold opening was also awesome and better than Divine Wars’. I’m not going to spend time comparing it to the game, but this adaptation draws more from the PS2 Original Generations remake. The absence of Huckebeins is also the same here as it was in Divine Wars. Bullet now uses a unit that looks like the Huckebein Mark II M, but it’s based on Ingram’s Wildschwein instead. The episode is pretty much all fighting with Brian’s speech breaking things up a little and giving us a bit of a recap of Divine Wars. It was pretty well done, but it felt a little rushed with a lot of stuff thrown in at the end. If they had removed the bit with the Thrudgelmir, I think it would have helped that.

Overall Rating
SRW OG: The Inspector Info


Masami Obari

Yuichiro Takeda
Tatsunosuke Yatsufusa
Takanobu Terada

Mechanical Designer(s):
Hajime Katoki
Masami Obari
Kazutaka Miyatake
Tsukasa Kotobuki
Mika Akitaka
Masahiro Yamane
Kazue Saito

Character Designer(s):
Keni’chi Hamazaki
Risa Ebata
Masahiro Yamane
Yukihito Ogomori

Musical Composer:

26 episodes

Japan 10.01.2010 – 04.01.2011
Streaming 10.01.2010 – 04.01.2011


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