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SRW OG: The Inspector Stage 7: Black Infiltrator


Kyosuke, Excellen, Latooni, and Rai disembark at the Dukedom of Riksent where they are welcomed by princess Shine Hausen and her butler Joyce L’Dhal. Earlier when the Hagane was at the Aviano Base, Kyosuke watches the Alteisen get repaired and he thinks about Axel. Lamia tells him that Kai wants to see him. Kyosuke asks Lamia if she knows anything about Soulgain’s pilot. When she asks why he thinks she’d know that, he says it’s intuition. Lamia thinks she’ll need to keep a closer eye on Kyosuke. Kai tells Kyosuke, Excellen, Rai, and Latooni about an environmental summit going on in Riksent, and that they’ll provide security with their Personal Troopers. Kyosuke points out there’s already Federation forces in Riksent, but Kai says it’s politics because their units are well known. Because the Alteisen is being repaired, Kai has prepared the Gespenst Mark II Type SA, which has been made to look like the Alteisen. Rai asks why he and Latooni are going and Excellen says it’s because Shine wants to see them. Kai adds that since the Federation failed to prevent Shine’s kidnapping in the DC War, they’d like to listen to her request. Kai says they can’t continue their mission until the Hagane is resupplied and tells Latooni that they won’t be able to let Arado out of the brig for a while. He adds that she shouldn’t worry about it and just go to Riksent. In the present, Joyce explains that Riksent has seen a decline in its tourist revenues, so Shine is making public appearances. Shine is busy with preparations so Joyce takes the others to a changing room where the staff helps them pick out clothes. Joyce tries to get Rai to wear a shiny outfit, but he declines, saying he doesn’t think they should appear at the party. Joyce insists, telling him of the bad visions Shine has been having. Rai agrees to accompany her as security personnel, but still declines the shiny outfit. Back on the Hagane, Ryusei, Bullet, Kai and Irm contact Ryoto Hikawa on the Moon. Ryusei apologizes for interrupting him, but Ryoto tells him that the EX is finished and the brass have cancelled the Mark III, much to Ryusei’s disappointment. Ryoto brings up images of the R-Eins, saying there were no apparent leaks at Mao Industries and even if it was it would take time to develop them. Irm says those machines shouldn’t exist in the world, and outside the door, Lamia agrees. Irm goes on to say that the R-Eins are more like the mass produced R-Schneide, which is still being designed. Irm says that the Chokijin and Einst are worrisome too, Bullet adding that neither has been seen since the incident in China. Irm also says the Thrudgelmir bothers him and Ryoto points out that it seems to have self repairing armor. Irm believes it’s an evolved version of the Grungust Type 3. Ryoto suggests that these units come from the future. Lamia walks away acknowledging that on this side she and her comrades are strange. At night in Riksent, Kyosuke and Excellen skip the party to watch a parade. Excellen says it’s been a while since the two of them were alone, and Kyosuke brings up the Einst’s voice that only they heard. When considering what they have in common, Kyosuke can only think of the shuttle accident they were the only survivors of. Excellen wonders if they’re going to awaken super psychic powers of love, and Kyosuke realizes she wanted to skip the party so they could go on a date. Excellen gets all embarrassed and runs off.

At the party, Shine compliments Latooni on her dress and says she wants to show her something Tesla Leich is developing. Rai enters, and Shine gushes over how hot he is in his suit before she has a vision and stumbles. Excellen asks Kyosuke if he’s enjoying himself, and he says he is, wondering if it doesn’t look like he is. Explosions rocks the city and Archibald takes over the party. Latooni and Rai take down some armed men while Shine fails to contact Joyce. Archibald arrives and suggests Shine surrenders, introducing himself at Rai’s request. Rai recognizes his name as the one behind the Elpis Incident and confronts him. Rai says his name and Archibald is amused that he’s Elzam’s brother. Rai says how Archibald killed his sister-in-law and opens fire, but Archibald is protected by cloaked W-Series androids. An android restrains Rai, only to have its head blown off as smoke grenades arrive. Over the headset, Rai is told to escape by Gilliam Yager who will provide cover. Archibald shoots at Rai, but Rai blocks with his artificial hand before picking up Shine and running away. They meet up with Gilliam and head to the balcony where they are cornered by Archibald. Gilliam jumps off the balcony and calls his Gespenst Type R that was hiding behind a flag. The Gespenst fires its beam rifle at the ceiling and blocks Archibald’s path before grabbing the others and flying away. Shine doesn’t wish to flee, but Gilliam tells her retaking the castle would be impossible. They encounter several Lions and Killer Whales, but Gilliam can’t do much since he’s carrying the others. Excellen arrives and shoots down a Lion, but can’t fire further since Gilliam is in the way. Kyosuke says he’ll handle it and destroys a Lion with the Ultimate Gespenst Kick attack. They’re able to escape, and Gilliam received a broken transmission before they see an attack from space streak through the sky. Gilliam wonders if it’s “them.”


This was a really cool episode. It’s nice to see Shine again, and she’s as adorable as ever. At the same time we get to see that she’s also a responsible young monarch that is active in the running of her country. Ryusei and the others discuss all the weird mecha they’ve been encountering, and the only explanation Ryoto can think of is that they come from the future. He isn’t exactly wrong. Excellen and Kyosuke go on a date, and I must say their relationship is an interesting one. Kyosuke rarely appears to have any interest in Excellen, there’s no moment they officially become a couple, or even exchange words of love, yet there’s never any doubt that they’re an item and everyone knows it. Too bad for them Archibald crashes the party, but secret agent Gilliam is there to save the day! He was pretty awesome, especially the way he called out his Gespenst like that. Rai has a serious bone to pick with Archibald, but that will have to wait as they’re forced to escape. This leads to another crazy awesome moment in the episode. Three words: Ultimate. Gespenst. Kick. Hearing the usually stoic Kyosuke scream that at the top of his lungs… priceless. The episode ends out with a mysterious attack from outer space. Like our heroes didn’t have enough to deal with already!

Overall Rating
SRW OG: The Inspector Info


Masami Obari

Yuichiro Takeda
Tatsunosuke Yatsufusa
Takanobu Terada

Mechanical Designer(s):
Hajime Katoki
Masami Obari
Kazutaka Miyatake
Tsukasa Kotobuki
Mika Akitaka
Masahiro Yamane
Kazue Saito

Character Designer(s):
Keni’chi Hamazaki
Risa Ebata
Masahiro Yamane
Yukihito Ogomori

Musical Composer:

26 episodes

Japan 10.01.2010 – 04.01.2011
Streaming 10.01.2010 – 04.01.2011


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