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Star Driver Ep. 10: And Now Marino’s First Love


Marino thinks of how the spells Mizuno taught her made her what she is. The headmaster announces the first day of sporting events for the school. Takuto and various others play a baseball game. Takuto is successful at striking out someone, exciting the crowd, Tiger and Mizuno. Takeo, Ginta and Tsukihiko look at Marino as she gets in the batter’s box, convinced she is Manticore. Mizuno gleefully looks at Takuto, not even swinging as she is called out on three pitches. Marino tells her she’ll avenge her and hits a home run on the first pitch. Takeo gets up to bat and hits the ball right to Sugata. The girls in the crowd continue to be impressed at the boys. In the bottom half of the inning Takeo pitches to Takuto. Takuto’s team cheers for him, except for Kanako who is getting her hair and nails done in the dugout. Noticing that she’s sitting next to Sugata and Keito, Wako says it’s been a while since the three of them have been together. There is a flashback to the three of them putting in place a totem pole when kids. Takuto hits the ball and crashes into Marino, who is playing first base. He gets up in embarrassing fashion with his face in her breasts. Wako offers to help her up but she gets up on her own. Takeo looks on angrily. Marino tells Takuto she is familiar with him as her sister talks about him a lot. Takuto comments on how much she looks like her sister and Takeo repeatedly throws the ball to first. Kanako heads up to bat and Sugata hands Keito her bat. Kanako hits a fly ball to the outfield which is caught. Keito strikes out on three pitches.

Later, it’s the ninth inning and Takuto is up with the bases loaded. Takuto hits multiple foul balls and Takeo uses his ability to cause the ball to move, striking Takuto out. Takuto’s team loses the game. Afterwards, Mizuno comes to see him, saying it was too bad about his last at bat. She whispers into his ears words that Marino said when she was at bat. Mizuno says it’s the “It’ll be okay” spell and that if he uses it he should be able to get a hit. Ruri comments to Takuto on being a player with both Marino and Mizuno, which he dismisses. Wako gets upset over her calling her a rival. Later Marino gets water from a bubbler and Takeo walks up to her. They use the Glittering Crux symbols on each other, realizing that they are both members of the Glittering Crux Order of the Cross. Takeo confirms that he used his Phase One ability to strike out Takuto so he wouldn’t lose to him. He comments on Mizuno really being into Takuto and how Marino must have her hands full with her. Later Takuto sits next to Sugata and Wako on a bench, apologizing for not doing better in the game. Sugata thinks there was something odd about that last pitch. Mizuno lays in her room drawing another picture of Takuto. Marino comes in with ice cream bringing them both chocolate mint flavor. Mizuno tells Marino she taught Takuto a spell. Marino tells her she should stop it as no one really believes her and they’re secretly laughing at her. Mizuno thinks Takuto isn’t like that. Marino says she believes her. They flash back to their mother talking about looking for their father and getting upset for not calling him that since he isn’t their true father. She blames him leaving on him being tired of the island. She leaves Mizuno and Marino with their aunt. The two walk across a bridge at night and Marino cries about now hating her mother so Mizuno teaches her the It’ll Be Okay spell. Back in the present, Mizuno sleeps on Marino’s lap. In their lounge in the Glittering Crux headquarters, Ginta and Tsukihiko talk about Takeo’s crush on Marino and wonder whatever happened to her finding the Western Shrine Maiden. Takeo and Ginta throw darts to determine who will fight Takuto next. Later, Mizuno gets up, feeling the breeze through the window. She jumps out the window, once again onto the roof of a moving bus and starts singing. Takeo heads into the electric bier and activates his Cybody Zaynith. Wako senses that Zero-Time is arriving again and finds herself there along with Sugata and Takuto. Takuto calls out for the Tauburn, which appears and he turns into the Galactic Pretty Boy. Takuto calls for the Emerald and Sapphire Star Swords to appear, which they do. The Zaynith launches itself at the Tauburn and causes a Zayinsphere to appear, which he fires at the Tauburn, knocking it over. Wako warns Sugata to not use the King’s Pillar. The Tauburn has a hard time with the Zayinsphere, which soon multiplies. Takuto starts saying the words that Mizuno taught him. Marino, watching as Manticore recognizes the words. The Tauburn attacks destroys the Zayinspheres with devices from its waist and attacks with the Dynamic Galactic Cross-Slash, destroying the Zaynith. Time returns to normal. Takeo departs the electric bier and angrily yells at Ryousuke to shut up when he tells him its game over. Sugata comments on only being able to back up Takuto in baseball. Wako ponders the words Takuto was saying. In the tub, Marino starts saying the words and thinks about Takuto and his comments to her earlier. Mizuno talks about the two of them always liking the same thing.


A dip compared to the previous episode, with a bit too much time taken up by the baseball game. Still, the episode gives us some more development, in particular fleshing out Marino a bit more after Mizuno got much of the focus in the previous episode. It’s pretty clear by episode end that she likes Takuto as well, so the list of possible love interests for him just continues to grow. The episode leaves it rather ambiguous whether Mizuno’s ‘spell’ is in fact real, or if it’s simply giving the user the self-confidence to do well. Mizuno singing during the start of the Cybody fight is reminiscent of Sakana doing the same for the early episodes and I wonder if they will continue with that here. Takeo being Takuto’s latest opponent was no surprise, although I expected them to incorporate the baseball theme a bit more in the fight than they actually did. The episode also hints at a relationship amongst Sugata, Wako and Keito and I wonder where they will go with that. Speaking of Sugata, he’s seemed a bit too active to try and use his King’s Pillar in both this episode and the previous one, which doesn’t make much sense since Takuto seems to be able to get out of his predicaments without too much of a problem.

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Star Driver Info

Takuya Igarashi

Yoji Enokido

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shigeto Koyama
Yasuyuki Kai
Takahiro Shikama

Character Designer(s):
Yoshiyuki Ito
Hiroka Mizuya
Misa Mizuya

Musical Composer(s):
Satoru Kousaki

26 episodes; 1 compilation movie

Japan 10.03.2010 – 04.03.2011

Theatrical Release:
Japan 02.09.2013


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