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Star Driver Ep. 12: Kiss Through Glass


A spotlight appears over Kanako, in a locker room in the Glittering Crux headquarters. In class, Takuto eats his lunch while a boy asks Kanako if she’s a kiss through the glass type. The two kiss through the glass. Takuto comments to Keito about how she doesn’t criticize Kanako’s behavior anymore; Keito says there is no point. Later, Kanako comments to Takuto on how they have never shared a kiss through the glass, asking why he has never approached her. She says she’s been starting at his back each day. She says the priest at her wedding told her it was a sin to feel desire and asks if she is a sinner for staring at his back and fantasizing about him. Keito says her mere existence is a sin. Takashi comments on Kanako enjoying herself and Simone wonders if she really is. Later at a Glittering Crux meeting Midori discusses the restoration process project. She says they will ignore Marino/Manticore’s Ayingot for now since it has always been broken and will be testing their restoration on another Cybody instead. Midori says it’s risky to regenerate a Cybody and they need its Star Driver’s power. She says the orihalcon restoration process depends on the libido of its Star Driver and if it’s not high enough, the Star Driver could lose their life force. They comment on this impacting previous pilots for Samekh and that it may have already been restored if Sugata was able to recover. Kanako thinks of how if Ayingot is restored, Marino will immediately nullify the Western Shrine Maiden’s seal and battle the Tauburn. She discusses the negative financial effect that Takashi and Simone’s loss to Takuto has had. She is dedicated to ensuring that the Adult Bank’s ownership of the Cybodies is acknowledged. Kanako sits at the pool on her yacht, envious of the fact that her pet alligator doesn’t have a care in the world. She asks Simone for a favor. Takuto looks at a painting in the hall and is told by Benio that Simone has come to see him. Simone delivers him an envelope containing an invitation for him to join Kanako on a date for tea the next day. She says whether he goes is up to him. Takuto questions if this is a joke but Simone says it is not. Simone says Kanako is an extraordinary person, more than he thinks. She says she is not very fond of her but understands why she’d do something like this. She thinks she lacks ordinary, average bliss as someone who has everything. Before coming to Southern Cross high she’d never attended school and the kissing through the glass activity is a way for her to enjoy her life here. Takuto says Simone is really like her and she grows embarrassed as he shows some admiration for her coming. Benio talks to Simone as she leaves about how popular Takuto is. The next day Takuto heads to the Eater cafe where he finds Kanako waiting for him. Takuto joins Kanako at the table and she says she wanted to do something like this since neither of them could do something lovey with their significant others. Takuto comments on him not doing such things with Wako. The cafe owner brings them something. Kanako asks Takuto if he thinks there is something wrong with kissing through the glass and Takuto dismissing it since they can still see the other behind the glass. She asks about if they close their eyes and he says in that case they’re just kissing glass. Kanako puts her finger in her cake and puts it on both of their mouths. Sugata sees Reiji, watching the sunset again, saying he has come to see him painting. Reiji apologizes as he hasn’t started painting and thinks Sugata is interested in him. He thinks the two of them are alike. Reiji says the choices Sugata has before him are beyond common sense.

In class Mizuno asks Wako where she can find Takuto. Kanako says hello to her and asks if she’s the little witch girl. She asks if wizards really exist and Mizuno says everyone could be a wizard as every human may have the ability use magic. Kanako asks if she is able to use magic and Mizuno says it depends on what type of person you are. She says based on a demon king’s doing, hardly anyone can actually use magic right now. That night as Takuto heads home he is confronted by Kanako, dressed in her Glittering Crux President garb. She says she doesn’t want to fight him, but Takuto says that is the Glittering Crux’s doing. Kanako says the power on this island will get out and they’re trying to use it in a responsible manner. Takuto is exacerbating the situation with his actions. Kanako says it is unfortunate and takes off. Joji Honda arrives at Kanako’s yacht. Kanako, at her locker, gets out some boxing gloves. She brings Joji to a boxing ring and says she is looking for a sparring partner. Kanako is quite successful at her attacks and knocks him out after three punches. Surprised it took more than one, she wonders if he is stronger than she thought. Takashi says they made boxing an Olympic event just for her but she says she won’t take part in an amateur event. There also won’t be time by the time they reach the Glittering Crux’s Day of Departure. She says she doesn’t trust herself to fight the Galactic Pretty Boy without killing him and will have to become a demon king to save the world. Simone thinks of how Kanako won’t even allow for the thought that she will lose. Mizuno lays on the roof of a bus, singing as Kanako heads into the Electric Bier and apprivoises with her Cybody Betraida. Zero-Time appears. Takuto apprivoises with the Tauburn and becomes the Galactic Pretty Boy. A beam-like boxing ring appears around the Tauburn and Betraida. Kanako enjoys herself as she punches the Tauburn over and over again, knocking it to the ground. She thinks it’s over, but the Tauburn gets up. Takuto says losing is not an option and he’ll destroy every Cybody on this island. The Tauburn creates a spinning arm and knocks the Betraida in to the air, then attacks with a Pile Crusher attack. The Betraida explodes. Kanako admits there is something unique about Takuto’s power. She gets out of the Electric Bier. Ryousuke says they will not acknowledge Adult Bank’s ownership of the Cybodies and she’s lost her chance to be leader. Kanako doubts anyone will beat Takuto. The next day Kanako passes by Takuto in a limo and asks him to kiss her through the glass via the limo window. Takuto looks around to see that no one is watching and leans in for a kiss. She rolls down the window and kisses him for real. The limo drives off. Simone comments on Kanako enjoying herself and Kanako says she is.


Kanako gets some further development here, and has gotten quite a bit of focus the last two episodes. The character continues to show quite a bit of arrogance, not thinking that Takuto has any chance to defeat her. Then he proceeds to do so very quickly when they battle at episode’s end. This show tends to give us quite a bit of character development in each episode and relatively short fights, which I typically do not mind that much, although it really doesn’t help here considering how confident Kanako portrays herself as being. In fact this might be the most disappointing Cybody fight of the series thus far. Kanako is also portrayed as being such a great boxer (beating Joji with only a few punches) rather out of nowhere. The episode provides some more explanation for her kiss through the glass behavior. Whereas the character has gotten three episodes to this point that have had a lot of focus on her, hopefully we get a bit of a break from her and focus on some others next time. This episode also oddly enough has the opening sequence play halfway through the episode rather than at or near the start.

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Star Driver Info

Takuya Igarashi

Yoji Enokido

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shigeto Koyama
Yasuyuki Kai
Takahiro Shikama

Character Designer(s):
Yoshiyuki Ito
Hiroka Mizuya
Misa Mizuya

Musical Composer(s):
Satoru Kousaki

26 episodes; 1 compilation movie

Japan 10.03.2010 – 04.03.2011

Theatrical Release:
Japan 02.09.2013


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