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Star Driver Ep. 17: Vanshing Age


Reiji stands over someone in a hospital bed and is told that a slight change in his brainwaves was detected and that he may awaken soon by a doctor. Reiji leaves the hospital and his picture is taken. A girl standing at a pedestal discusses photos of him, Wako, Sugata and Takuto. It is discussed how they are bound to keep the existence of the Cybodies a secret. The old man she is speaking to talks about how soon the world will know of the Cybodies, and comments on how dazzling these people at the center of it appear to be. On the beach, many girls rave as they see Sugata surfing. Wako and Jaguar are buried in the sand by Ruri and Tiger. Takuto applies sunscreen to Sarina’s back and tells her Sugata will be teaching her how to surf. Sarina asks if he is trying to become even more popular. Ruri tells Wako and the others about going on a date with fellow student Takasugi and whispers something to Wako that gets her very embarrassed. She comments on how lucky Ruri is and Ruri tells her to make a choice. Sugata falls off of his surfboard. Two girls, Madoka Kei and Kou Atari walk by Takuto and Sarina and she says as their mascot boy she can’t rent him out. Madoka and Kou notice a beach volleyball net and ask for them to play, with the usage of Takuto being the wager. Ruri and Wako quickly get angry about this and their taunting of them. The game starts; Madoka and Kou quickly get a big lead. Madoka tells Takuto to get ready for them, getting Wako angry and she scores their first point. Wako and Ruri soon pull ahead. Madoka and Kou score the remaining points though and win. Takuto is forced to apply sunscreen on the backs of Madoka and Kou and Ruri gets all bent out of shape, causing Wako to ask about her supposed boyfriend Takasugi. Later, a meeting of the Glittering Crux Order of Cross is held where the breaking of the seal of the Western Shrine maiden and being in third phase is discussed. Midori says they must next focus on nullifying the seal of the Eastern Shrine Maiden and the group wonders who she could be. Reiji says her identity and location is known to him but he has no intention of divulging that information. He says at fourth phase the driver becomes the Cybody himself, as if evolved to a new human being. Since Cybodies can’t leave Zero Time and they become trapped after apprivoising, he says they must be ready to break the seal of the Southern Shrine Maiden’s seal at the same time. The fellow Brigade heads aren’t too happy about this and Reiji comments on the second Brigade’s past attempt to break her seal on her own. Reiji says they must focus on defeating the Tauburn since it is protecting the Southern Shrine Maiden. Benio asks about the seal she saw on his head during the last battle and he reveals a video of the electric bier being blown up, saying they’ve overgrown their need for it. Hideki says that the only ones capable of piloting a Cybody at third phase and beyond are those drivers with true emblems on their bodies so mechanical emblems can no longer be used. The ground opens up and rises Takeo, Ginta and Tsukihiko. Reiji says all the drivers in Vanishing Age have true emblems. Also rising up are three individuals from Adult Bank, Window Star (Madoka), Needle Star (Kou) and Banker (Takashi) which he says also possess true emblems. Reiji says these three will now be a part of Vanishing Age. Midori and Kanako wonder if this is a coup he has planned all along. Reiji says once the Day of Departure has arrived things will belong to all of Glittering Crux. Later in the lounge, the Vanishing age members gather. Reiji is asked how long he has known of the existence of the Eastern Shrine Maiden and he says he will be keeping her safe until she performs a crucial task. Madoka asks if she can be the first to battle Takuto. On her boat, Kanako looks into Madoka and Kou and comments on how dangerous they are, especially Madoka. She planned on keeping an eye on her but has been beaten to the punch. Simone comments on how surprised she was to find out that Takashi has a true emblem.

The sun rises on the island and Kou comments on this to Madoka. They discuss how fun it is here on this island and hold each other’s hands. Keito sits atop the roof of the school and sings. Wako heads out of the water at her shrine but her chest starts glowing and Zero Time appears. Takuto comments on how cold his bed is and realizes he is in Zero Time, with the Heigent Cybody standing before him. Members of Vanishing Age comment on how things seem different in Zero Time now that they are in third phase, and of the control system for it being in the sky. Madoka transforms into a dazzling costume, calling herself a Galactic Pretty Girl. Midori and Kanako discuss her becoming one with her Cybody. Kanako comments on her willing to take any action necessary. Takuto apprivoises with the Tauburn, which appears out of the sky and he becomes the Galactic Pretty Boy. Madoka pulls out the star sword Pearl and attacks the Tauburn, which blocks with its two star swords. The two attack and defend against the other, but the Tauburn quickly has its sword pinned against the Heigent’s chest. When he holds back, she is able to recover her position and keeps attacking. Kanako comments on how it has been sheer luck to this point that Takuto hasn’t injured anyone in his battles. She wonders if he’ll be able to go through with it when he’s in a position where he needs to kill his opponent. The Heigent launches a new attack out of its arms, knocking the Tauburn over. Sugata calls the Kings Pillar, but it doesn’t do any damage to the Heigent causing him to realize that it won’t work at the third phase. Keito comments on the power displayed by the Cybodies at third phase. Takuto claims that now near defeat, he will win and calls for the radiance of the galaxy to appear inside him. He launches the Tau missile, a beam of light from the Tauburn’s chest, with Takuto at its head. The Tauburn smashes its way through the Heigent, grabbing Madoka from it. Madoka comments on how they’ll fight again soon. Kanako and the others are impressed, including on the fact that he hasn’t harmed his opponent as the Heigent explodes. Members of Vanishing Age discuss with Hideki about if they can regenerate their defeated Cybodies and he says there is a fifty-fifty chance at being able to do so. Kou talks to Madoka about how there is a high risk of death during the regeneration process and Madoka excitingly says it gives her goose bumps.


With the previous episode being the best of the series thus far, and the conclusion of one of the major phases of the storyline I expected a bit of a comedown here. And we had that for the first third or so of the episode with the goofy and drawn out beach sequence. That said, things recover quite a bit for the rest of the episode and this is a fairly strong episode. Madoka and Kou are introduced as two new opponents for Takuto, with him taking on one of them in Cybodies before episode’s end. Reiji/Head also appears to be taking over a much more direct role over the Glittering Crux Order of the Cross with him recruiting them to his Brigade as well as keeping secret the identity of the Eastern Shrine Maiden (Keito). Speaking of Keito, she’s the latest Shrine Maiden to start singing as Zero Time appears, keeping up a tradition. Sugata continues to be way too willing to use his King’s Pillar power and it ends up having no effect at all here. Overall though it was a somewhat decent battle with Takuto pulling out a new attack in order to win. Those paying close attention will notice that the Heigent Cybody was the mysterious one that appeared (but was not fought) way back in episode 4. Not explained is who the individuals were at the start of the episode, both the individual in the hospital bed as well as the old man listening to the presentation. Given his age I’m wondering if he’s Kanako’s husband.

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Star Driver Info

Takuya Igarashi

Yoji Enokido

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shigeto Koyama
Yasuyuki Kai
Takahiro Shikama

Character Designer(s):
Yoshiyuki Ito
Hiroka Mizuya
Misa Mizuya

Musical Composer(s):
Satoru Kousaki

26 episodes; 1 compilation movie

Japan 10.03.2010 – 04.03.2011

Theatrical Release:
Japan 02.09.2013


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