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Star Driver Ep. 18: Keito’s Morning and Night


Keito sings atop the roof of the school. Later that evening Benio welcomes everyone to the annual dormitory evening barbecue party, celebrating the end of summer, but only her, Takuto and Tetsuya are there. They comment on people still being away for summer vacation but Takuto questions that why more people wouldn’t be here since it’s a tropical island. Takuto asks about Joji and Tetsuya tells him he still hasn’t gotten over mental damage from the part-time job he had. Wako, Sarina and Ruri soon arrive and Takuto says he invited them since he thought turnout would be low. Benio grows angry at him inviting them without permission. Sugata arrives as well, but enamored with him, Benio suddenly becomes cheerful and accepting of their attendance. Later, during a confession game, Wako admits about a loud noise being her stomach growling. Ruri confesses to sending romantic thought vibes into Takuto’s croquettes when making them for him. Various other individuals confess; Sugata admits to having his maids wash his back and Benio confesses to her first kiss being with a cat. Tetsuya confesses to shooting a video of Benio in her swimsuit. At Takuto’s turn the fireworks match each person was holding goes out and he is forced to take off an article of clothing. Madoka and Kou pass by and noticing them come closer. Kou approaches Tetsuya, causing Benio to shoot off a firework at her. Madoka and Kou start shooting fireworks at them and Benio and Tetsuya start doing the same while everyone else tries to avoid it. Sarina tells Takuto to stop it and he grabs Benio’s fireworks. When Tetsuya tries to grab it they fall on the grill and all go off at once. One shoots into Takuto’s dorm room, setting it on fire. Later, after the fire department has arrived the entire group has to stand before the head master. The head master says they need to find Takuto a new home for now and Sugata volunteers. That night Takuto talks to his grandfather about his last adventure of the summer and gets embarrassed when Jaguar stops by outside and offers to wash his back. Takuto later goes to see Sugata and pulls out his pocket watch, the one thing that didn’t get destroyed in the fire. Takuto goes upstairs and sees Wako, saying he’s not too upset about it, which she expects. She says this used to be Sugata’s room years ago, showing him various toy and model vehicles. Takuto is fascinated by some crayon drawings on the wall and Wako admits that it is hers, since she played here often as a child. She pulls out an album of pictures to show Takuto, many of which feature Keito playing alongside Wako and Sugata. She says she used to play with them a lot when they were younger. School starts up and Tiger says hello to Wako, telling her that Madoka and Kou have transferred into her class and have immediately become popular. They see Ruri outside, who has Takasugi kissing her wrist. They think of how lucky she is. Wako mimics it once she returns to class, and Ruri says it was her reward for making him lunch. Ruri asks Wako if she has decided between Sugata and Takuto but she doesn’t respond. Kanako asks Takuto about the fire and how it started. He says he’s in a bind now and needs a part-time job. Kanako says he can come to her house and should play with her if he wants to play with fire. Takuto tells Keito he saw photos of her with Wako and Sugata and asks her about the pop group they wanted to form when kids. She coldly responds to him, saying it was a long time ago and he talks about how different she looked. Keito says Wako is still a bit ridiculous, still wanting to be a singer. That night however, Keito sings at karaoke in secret. She is horrified when Takuto comes in, working here as a waiter part-time. Takuto comments on his mind being blown. Takuto’s boss stops by and comments on Keito being here every day, asking if she’s planning on becoming a singer or something. That night, various members of the Glittering Crux Order of the Cross meet up in their headquarters, talking about regenerating Heigent. Hideki talks about the difficulty of it, as well as all the approval they need to do so. He says at fourth phase they should be able to regenerate at will. Takashi comments on the danger of regenerating to Madoka. Midori thinks to herself whether the world will be in danger when the Cybodies are released. Hideki tells Madoka she can still use her phase one ability even though her Cybody is out of action.

The next day at school various members of the Drama Club stretch and Sarina says they need to find a new member to replace Mizuno. Various girls watch Takuto and Sugata stretch in amazement. Madoka and Kou also watch, and show some displeasure over them being more popular than them. Madoka spots Keito nearby, who is watching,quietly. Keito flashes back to talking to Takuto about him seeing her sing and he says he won’t tell. Madoka and Kou ask if she’s a fan of the Drama Club. She says she has no interest in them and leaves. Kou comments on her likely being the one, but Madoka says for now their priority is to have fun with the other students. That evening Wako stands in the water at her shrine while Sugata and Takuto practice by the beach. Takuto complains about having to practice on the same day as a Drama Club meeting but Sugata gets him to take things seriously. In their Glittering Crux costumes, Madoka and Kou watch from the cliff above. Sugata knocks away one of Takuto’s wooden swords and says he shouldn’t be so much of a wuss. Madoka uses her first phase ability and a large black cloud covers everything around Takuto. Takuto wonders if this is Zero Time. Madoka attacks him with a laser-like sword and then vanishes. She attacks him again from behind. Takuto hears Sugata’s voice, but also Madoka’s, who says this is Window Star’s realm and everyone else he sees looks like her here. She says she’ll attack them both now and to not attack each other. Takuto fights with Madoka, who disappears again. Madoka appears once more and attack him, but simply vanishes when Takuto slashes through her. Sugata comments on how cheap a trick this is and he’ll stop it now. Madoka is doubtful, but Sugata says he only needs to be able to see himself. Light glows from the emblem in his chest and the blackness vanishes around them. Madoka cries out. A worn out Takuto tells Sugata to hold back next time. Kou tends to the heavily bruised Madoka and their room and Kou wonders if Sugata acted this way in fear of his life. Takuto goes out for a drink with Wako and they discuss Sugata, who she says truly is a gentle person. She says as children he always praised her whenever she mimicked a pop singer. Takuto thinks of Keito and realizes that she still has feelings for Sugata. In their lounge, Reiji talks to Ginta about the Eastern Shrine Maiden, saying he’s not making her do it. Keito heads to Sugata’s home and wears kendo garbs, being thanked by Tiger and Jaguar, who says Sugata has fallen into another abyss of sleep tonight. Keito heads into his room and removes her robe once before him.


A bit of a let down from the recent episodes, this episode feels a bit more like filler and drawn out. We once again have a rather long, unserious scene at the start of the episode, this time the barbecue. Keito does get a bit more focus in this episode, as one would think based on the episode’s title, although not as much as I would have initially thought. Her being in love with Sugata isn’t the biggest surprise, since in this show pretty much everyone is in love with Takuto and Sugata. Takuto finding out Keito’s secret makes for a funny scene, particularly given how deadpan and serious she has been the entire series. Although I did think that the singing sequence went on a bit too long. A few rarities here in there being no Cybody fight and Takuto taking on the same individual for the second straight episode. I figured we would have gotten a fight with Kou and her Cybody, although that will probably come soon. There is a brief shot of a photo of a woman in Takuto’s pocket watch, and I wonder who it is. I also wonder whether the destruction of all his other belongings will have any long term impact on the plot; if so then I’ll be a bit more forgiving of the episode. The ending of the episode is an interesting one; has Sugata fallen into another coma? It didn’t seem that way after Takuto and he took on Madoka, although Tiger and Jaguar treated it pretty seriously at episode’s end.

Overall Rating
Star Driver Info

Takuya Igarashi

Yoji Enokido

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shigeto Koyama
Yasuyuki Kai
Takahiro Shikama

Character Designer(s):
Yoshiyuki Ito
Hiroka Mizuya
Misa Mizuya

Musical Composer(s):
Satoru Kousaki

26 episodes; 1 compilation movie

Japan 10.03.2010 – 04.03.2011

Theatrical Release:
Japan 02.09.2013


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