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Star Driver Ep. 19: The Trio’s Sunday


Wako sings as she walks down the hallway of the school and when she gets to her classroom sees Ruri there kissing her boyfriend through the glass. Wako comes in and says good morning, asking Ruri about the racket she was given by Takasugi for her birthday. She says he is teaching her how to play tennis. Ruri says they’ve only been kissing through the glass, but Kanako suddenly appears with Simone and comments on the hickey on her neck, showing it must have gone further than that. She says he invited her over to his home to meet his parents. Simone speculates on the possibility of the house being deserted then, leaving the two of them alone. Kanako comments on how school life is all about having a boyfriend. Ruri says she won’t be able to make it to Wako’s birthday that Sunday. Takuto and Sugata show up to class. Later, Wako eats some bread in the hall and thinks about Ruri and her boyfriend. Takuto appears beside her and she offers him her bread. Takuto tells her to keep Sunday open, and that they will celebrate at Sugata’s home. In Sugata’s kitchen, he and Takuto put on aprons to make curry. While they make it, Sugata asks Takuto if he went out with anyone in junior high and he says no. Despite his answer, Wako still speculates on there being someone. Sugata’s eyes water based on the onions and Takuto takes a photo of it after Wako says she’s never seen him cry. Sugata puts the onions in the pot first, whole, after they made him cry. Wako thinks of the three of them being together like this is like a dream she doesn’t want to wake up from. Later, once the curry is done, Takuto and Sugata serve Wako her fourth helping. Takuto gives her his pocket watch, saying he doesn’t have any money right now. Wako opens it and sees a photo of a woman Takuto says is his mother inside. Wako asks if the pocket watch is precious to him and he says that’s why he is giving it to her. Sugata tells Takuto he’s never given her a present, causing Takuto to put on the table the knife that he’s always used to protect Wako. Wako takes it. Sugata jokes about them being bad presents, but Wako is very happy with them. Takuto proposes they visit the town, which they do. The trio gets their pictures taken in a booth then goes to see a movie where both Wako and Takuto start sobbing. They then share a drink on a boat and walk the beach. Madoka and Kou watch them from a restaurant nearby. Kou decides to have something stimulating when asked about dessert by the waiter. The trio head to karaoke and are waited upon Keito, who is working there. Takuto gets embarrassed but remains silent. Wako leaves the two. Kou and Madoka talk on the roof and Kou says this is her chance. The two stare through the eye of a needle together, which enables them, via Kou’s first phase ability to see through the roof, to Sugata and Takuto below them. Madoka decides upon Takuto, and Kou upon Sugata. A pink light flashes between the two of them and Madoka falls to the ground. Wako goes to see Keito and asks her if she has stopped singing, saying it’s been a while since she sang karaoke and this reminded her of how they used to sing together. Keito thinks of when Takuto promised he wouldn’t tell on her. She realizes Takuto is indeed keeping things a secret. Madoka and Kou have taken over Takuto and Sugata’s bodies and discuss how this is the first time they’ve used it to take over the body of boys. Wako steps in the room and Kou/Sugata heads out, saying he needs to use the toilet. Kou/Sugata walks up to Keito and holds her cheek. Meanwhile Madoka/Takuto moves in close to Wako on the seat cushion and leans in to kiss her. Keito slaps Kou/Sugata and she asks who he is. Wako hold outs a knife to Madoka/Takuto’s throat, saying Takuto would never do such a thing and asking who he is. She realizes it is someone’s phase one ability and they have done the same thing to Sugata. She asks to stop this nonsense and give them back to her. Madoka/Takuto is confident she won’t harm Takuto’s body, but Wako shows a willingness to do so and pricks his neck with her knife. Madoka/Takuto realizes Wako is serious and backs off and leaves the room. Madoka/Takuto and Kou/Sugata head to the roof where their real, passed out bodies are. Kou/Sugata comments on them having Takuto’s emblem in their hands, but Madoka/Takuto says it wouldn’t be any fun doing it this way. Wako senses that they are on the roof where Takuto and Sugata are, back to normal. Madoka and Kou are nowhere to be seen.

Takuto and Sugata discuss how they took over their bodies and Wako complains about them ruining her birthday and how she hates the Glittering Crux Order of Cross. Takuto says they should go get cake. Suddenly time stops and they appear in Zero Time, with Kou’s Cybody Qophlite appearing in front of Takuto. Kou transforms into a Galactic Pretty Girl. Takuto apprivoises with the Tauburn, which appears and he becomes the Galactic Pretty Boy. Kou pulls out the star sword Opal, and Takuto responds by pulling out both his star swords. The Qophlite and Tauburn attack each other and Kou asks Takuto to forgive her for what she pulled before, saying a boy’s body is interesting in many ways. Takuto realizes it was her who took over his body, as does Keito. Takuto says he is mad about her ruining Wako’s birthday and knocks away the opal star sword. Takuto summons a new attack but the Qophlite transforms into a jet like form and flies around, shooting at the Tauburn from the air. The Qophlite launches itself towards the Tauburn and Takuto preps his pile jet attack, flying itself. The Tauburn pursues the Qophlite and zeros in on it, launching the tau missile attack. The Tauburn flies right through the Qophlite, which explodes. Madoka comments on how marvelous the Tauburn is and that she has goosebumps. Time returns to normal. Kou says she underestimated Takuto and Madoka says no boy has ever excited her this much before. Wako talks to Ruri on the phone, who apologizes for not being able to make it. Wako asked how it was at Takasugi’s parents’ house and she says she really got to meet his parents and realized he truly does care for her. Wako says she’s lucky. Ruri asks her if she has decided on someone between Takuto and Sugata and Wako says it’s a secret.


Another rather mediocre episode which comes off as filler. Nothing of consequence whatsoever was accomplished by this episode. Wako, Takuto and Sugata have gotten plenty of development to this point, having an episode with them celebrating Wako’s birthday wasn’t really necessary. Maybe it would be if Wako actually decided amongst the two of them, but that’s either been delayed another episode or she still hasn’t decided. Like I speculated last episode, the women in his pocket watch photo is indeed Takuto’s mother. Madoka and Kou have been Takuto’s opponents for three straight episodes now, and hopefully we move on next episode. Since we got Kou both using her phase one ability and fighting Takuto in her Cybody, when we got two episodes of this for Madoka gives me hope. The concept of Kou enabling them to take over Takuto and Sugata’s bodies was an interesting one, and dropped too quickly. Heck, wouldn’t it be easy for Madoka to have Takuto commit suicide while in his body, eliminating Glittering Crux’s biggest obstacle? Wako and Keito sure know the two of them well enough so as to be able to quickly determine they weren’t truly Takuto and Sugata. I also expected a follow up from last episode’s ending, but we didn’t get any here. The only notable Sugata – Keito scene happens while Kou is in control of his body.

Overall Rating
Star Driver Info

Takuya Igarashi

Yoji Enokido

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shigeto Koyama
Yasuyuki Kai
Takahiro Shikama

Character Designer(s):
Yoshiyuki Ito
Hiroka Mizuya
Misa Mizuya

Musical Composer(s):
Satoru Kousaki

26 episodes; 1 compilation movie

Japan 10.03.2010 – 04.03.2011

Theatrical Release:
Japan 02.09.2013


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