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Star Driver Ep. 2: The Challenge of the Glittering Crux Brigade


In class, Ruri talks to Wako about how they are sitting close together but Takuto is on the other side of the room. Wako thinks of their encounter from the night before as Ruri talks about sparks going on between the two of them. Sugata and Takuto laugh at this. Takuto sees a green haired girl, Kanako Watanabe, sitting behind him kiss a fellow student, but total stranger on the glass window. Science Club president Keito Nichi, sitting in front of them, says she doesn’t like such things but Kanako says there is no harm. Kanako introduces herself to Takuto and asks if he’s a through the glass type. She says she is married and shows him her wedding ring. Sugata comes over to ask Takuto if he is free after class as he wants them to get together. Kanako wonders if Sugata is a through the glass type as well. After school, Sugata walks Takuto over to a room with a stage where a girl is rehearsing. Sugata introduces Takuto to the Drama Club president, Sarina Endo. Also there are Jaguar Yamasugata and Tiger Sugatame, the maids from Sugata’s home and Wako. Takuto also meets the club’s “Vice President,” a small yellow fox. Sarina says she already senses a strong stage presence from Takuto and asks if he can pilot a Cybody. Takuto opens his shirt, showing them the scar-like emblem on his chest, which Tiger and Jaguar are very impressed by. Sarina says she is aware of Takuto fighting for Wako last night and asks if he recalls what the world was like when he fought. Sarina says that Cybodies can only fight in that world, which is called Zero-Time space. In real time they are only dolls. If it were possible to pilot them in real time, the world’s military, political and economic landscape would change. She says there are people fighting on this island for that goal. Later, underground, leadership of the various Glittering Crux brigades meet. This includes Head (Reiji), Ivrogne (Keito), President (Kanako), Scarlet Kiss (Benio) and Professor Green (school nurse Midori Okamoto). They speak of breaking the northern shrine maiden’s seal and being able to pilot a Cybody as a result. They talk about Takuto and Tauburn and wonder how he is able to fight at Phase 3. Kanako complains about how they broke the seal of the Southern Shrine maiden too soon. Not currently having a leader, Head proposes that whoever is able to defeat the Tauburn will become the acting leader. They all agree and say “Glittering Crux” to each other.

That night Takuto sits in a hot spring. He becomes shocked upon finding that Benio has entered the hot spring through a secret entrance. She asks if he wants to do it, in particular kissing through the glass without the glass. She leans forward about to kiss him, but disappears when some other guys enter the hot spring. Benio heads outside and talks to Tetsuya about Joji, who has stayed in his room exercising since losing to Takuto. Tetsuya plans on getting revenge. Benio kisses him. Sugata, Wako and Sarina are sitting outside at the Eater Cafe. Sugata wonders if Takuto is a spy but Sarina says he is different, and the Vice President took a liking to him. Sarina comments on Sugata being able to use the ultimate Cybody, but Wako won’t let him do it. They discuss Takuto knowing that they are engaged. Takuto heads to the beach, and notices Tetsuya rushing by on his motorcycle. Reiji comments on how Benio has the ability to manipulate any man she kisses, but hasn’t done it to Sugata. He has a hard time sleeping and asks Sakana to tell him a story. Earlier, Takuto wondered if he is here to fight the Glittering Crux Order of Cross. Sarina commented on there being another Star Driver around from outside the island with a strong sense of justice. Wako doesn’t want Takuto to fight and thinks he should transfer out. In the present, the waiter brings some drinks, but Wako says she isn’t thirsty. Sakana tells a story of a boy, Sam, on the fish planet who fell in love with a young girl he found on the beach. Sam dreamed of taking the girl on a boat with him and sailing into the galaxy. She questions whether Sam was in love with the girl or the galaxy though. Tetsuya, in the gold mine, demands the electric bier open and he heads inside. He shouts out Apprivoiser, placing his mask in front of him. One of the dolls transforms into a Cybody, the Teriauto. Sakana starts singing and the emblem on Wako and Takuto’s chests glows. Wako is transported to Zero-Time as is Takuto. Takuto shouts out Apprivoiser and the Tauburn appears from a shattered sky. Takuto appears in the Tauburn’s cockpit and transforms again into the Galactic Pretty Boy. Tetsuya attacks him with the Teriauto. Kanako comments on what grace the Tauburn fights with and what a shame it is that they have to destroy it. The Tauburn knocks the Teriauto away with an uppercut. Takuto says he won’t let him lay a hand on the Shrine Maiden again. The Teriauto gets up and transforms into a motorcycle like form, driving at the Tauburn. The Teriauto manages to strike the Tauburn a few times, bringing it to its knees. It then throws its wheels at the Tauburn. Takuto remembers his grandfather’s words to let go of his fears. The Teriauto transforms into its Motorcycle form again and charges. The Tauburn forms its Tau Galaxy Beam in its hands and fires it at the Teriauto, which explodes. Time returns to normal and Takuto appears on the beach once again. Tetsuya falls out of the electric bier and is told by Benio that she will avenge him. Wako’s stomach growls and she asks for food at the cafe.


This episode introduces many additional characters, including the various Drama Club members, Kanako and Keito. Kanako’s introduction includes the rather ridiculous kiss through the glass activity. Much of Takuto’s classmates appear to be in the Glittering Crux Order of Cross and we get a better idea of their hierarchy, including their lack of a leader. We also find that Sugata has his own Cybody, although he refuses to fight. Wako appears very concerned about both him and Takuto, wanting him to transfer off the island even though he appears to be the only one capable of defeating Glittering Crux. Another fairly well animated fight appears here, with Tetsuya’s motorcycle riding coming into play with his Cybody as well. Thus far in this show the animation and design is considerably better than the fights themselves if only because they have been rather short and simple.

Overall Rating
Star Driver Info

Takuya Igarashi

Yoji Enokido

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shigeto Koyama
Yasuyuki Kai
Takahiro Shikama

Character Designer(s):
Yoshiyuki Ito
Hiroka Mizuya
Misa Mizuya

Musical Composer(s):
Satoru Kousaki

26 episodes; 1 compilation movie

Japan 10.03.2010 – 04.03.2011

Theatrical Release:
Japan 02.09.2013


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