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Star Driver Ep. 21: The Libidinal Age


The Tauburn battles Kou’s Cybody Qophlite, who pulls out the star sword Opal. Takuto blasts his way right through the Qophlite with the Tauburn, causing it to blow up. Madoka says she doesn’t approve of the way Takuto fights. Afterwards, outside of Zero Time, Kou demands for her Cybody to undergo the regeneration process immediately. Takashi thinks of the danger this poses, but she isn’t afraid of it at all. Madoka comments on how the Tauburn always fights with its enemy’s safety in mind and how good that makes him. Kanako and Simone show up. Kanako comments on the overphase system being produced by Hideki. She tells Madoka she wish she stayed with her group, Adult Bank, although Madoka comments on her ending things. Later on Kanako’s yacht, Simone asks Kanako about Madoka and Kanako says Madoka viewed her as nothing but a new expensive toy. She comments on the irrational greed and dangerous libido she has, which could lead her to self-destruction. Simone asks if Takashi will be alright in that same group as her. Kanako points out a fruit basket and letter from Takashi’s family asking her to keep him safe. In the Vanishing Age lounge, Madoka and Kou sit while Takashi prepares drinks. Kou throws darts, shattering one of the glasses. Takashi asks her if she is worried at all about the regeneration process. Madoka says they are part of the reckless Vanishing age, purposely throwing at another glass. The next day, Wako eats lunch with Sugata and notices Takuto thanking Keito. Takuto sits down at their table and Sugata comments on him working part-time at the Karaoke place. Takuto is thankful for her helping with the snake venom before. Madoka and Kou ask to sit with them. They comment on being excited about the upcoming play from the Drama Club and the kiss that will be featured. Sugata says Takuto is the one who will be doing the kissing and Kou calls him Mascot Boy. Wako says who he’ll be kissing hasn’t been determined yet. This makes Madoka comment on whether she should join. Meanwhile Reiji, in a room with Hideki and Shingo, in a coma, talks with Hideki about an upcoming test they’ll be using the Heigent Cybody for. Even if it is successful, Reiji thinks it won’t bring them to fourth phase, which is only possible if they nullify a Shrine Maiden’s seal. Hideki comments on it still being better than the third phase though. Reiji is willing to let Madoka do what she wants even though she is putting herself in danger. Reiji says they are drawn to immense power which is why she is doing this. He says he’s the same way himself, with his one goal being to gain such immense power although he’s lost a lot along the way. He flashes back to painting Sora, saying he’s going to do so at her most beautiful, causing her to take off her clothes. He flashes back to the Northern Shrine Maiden being excited at seeing ash, thinking it was snow. He says the snow tucks them away to a room where it is just the two of them. Back in the present, he thinks about how he’ll be able to regain what he’s lost once he has that power. At school, Madoka and Kou talk about whether she is serious about joining the Drama Club in order to kiss Takuto. She says it won’t happen though since she’s about to use her new toy. Keito heads to her lab and is shown heading down to the Glittering Crux Headquarters. She watches as Madoka heads into the electric bier, ready to test out the overphase ability. She proclaims she is going to kill the Galactic Pretty Boy.

The overphase process is initiated. Hideki is about to inject Madoka with a formula and Madoka says to go ahead with it when Kou asks stops them. Hideki goes through with the injection. Madoka’s body starts shaking and she shouts out Apprivoiser, causing the stone golem representing her Cybody to appear. It is then encompasses by a coffin-like form. The entire room starts glowing as the process continues. Takuto, Sugata and Wako find themselves in Zero Time. Takuto shouts out Apprivoiser and the Tauburn appears. The coffin-like form goes away, revealing a Cybody that looks like a cross between Madoka and her Heigent Cybody. Hideki says she has transcended third phase. She comments on her libido and how good it feels. She announces her overphase gorgeous entrance and pulls out the star sword Pearl. Madoka charges at the Tauburn which dodges. Sugata comments on the fact that if Takuto uses the Tau missile he’ll kill her. She tells Tauburn he has no choice but to kill her. The Tauburn charges but is knocked down by Madoka. He dodges her next attack. Madoka knocks away one of the Tauburn’s star swords. She says this is the ultimate stimulation game and knocks away his other star sword. She grabs the Tauburn by the neck and holds it to the ground. A fearful Wako’s chest starts glowing. Suddenly the seals in the sky start glowing. Madoka plunges her sword at the Tauburn, which gets the strength to dodge it. A glowing red pillar from the sky envelops the Heigent, which reverts back to its usual form. Takuto proclaims that this is now his chance and launches his tau missile attack, blasting right through the Heigent, pulling Madoka out as he does so. Benio, Midori and Kanako comment on what has happened and how Wako was able to interfere. Time reverts to normal. Takuto asks if it was Wako who helped him out, in the Drama Club’s area. Sarina walks in and Wako volunteers for the role in the kissing scene. Madoka comments to Kou about how she didn’t think anyone could outdo her libido. She says with her cover now blown, it is time for her to leave the island. Simone walks in on Kanako ending a phone call with Takashi. She says Takashi wants to leave Vanishing Age and return to Adult Bank. Simone doesn’t like him going back on things. She comments on Madoka and how she wants to be strong herself. Kanako says she wants her to become someone who is truly strong and forgive those who betrayed her, something only the truly strong can do.


Quite a dip in comparison to the last episode. Which I suppose was to be expected after all the revelations we got last time. Still, having Madoka and Kou be such a dominant part of the narrative, with them both fighting Takuto yet again in this episode was a bit tiring. With only 4 episodes after this one, I question if they have wasted too much time focusing on these characters to give us enough time to properly conclude the show. Thankfully it seems like their part in the storyline has finally come to an end if their conversation at the end of the episode is to be believed. It was an interesting design choice with the melding of Madoka and her Heigent Cybody when using the overphase ability. But then the design work in this series has always been fairly strong. The remaining developments in this episode are pretty slight; Wako wants to kiss Takuto in the upcoming Drama Club play, which was to be expected and we have a pair of short flashbacks for Reiji. Still, Madoka and Kou largely dominate the episode yet again.

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Star Driver Info

Takuya Igarashi

Yoji Enokido

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shigeto Koyama
Yasuyuki Kai
Takahiro Shikama

Character Designer(s):
Yoshiyuki Ito
Hiroka Mizuya
Misa Mizuya

Musical Composer(s):
Satoru Kousaki

26 episodes; 1 compilation movie

Japan 10.03.2010 – 04.03.2011

Theatrical Release:
Japan 02.09.2013


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