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Star Driver Ep. 22: On the Eve of the Legend


The Drama Club starts performing its play, On the Eve of the Legend. Wako begins the play with a song. The spotlight then appears on Takuto, playing a character named Marc, and Sarina. Marc is unfamiliar with Sarina’s hair and clothes and wonders if she is the avatar of the Squid King. She says she came from far away to see him and asks if he is in love, with a girl named Crace. She says she is here to tell of the story of Crace and the ship. Sarina explains that while born beautiful, Crace was invisible to the eyes of normal people and couldn’t be touched. She wasn’t lonely though, because she met Columna, played by Sugata. Crace is surprised that Columna can see her. She believes he must have some special aura. She introduces herself to him and explains that he’s the first man who has ever been able to see her. He says that makes him the happiest man in the world since her smile belongs to him alone. He moves forward to hold her but passes right through her. She says her body is a mirage and it’s a miracle he can even see her. She asks him to forget that they ever met and she’ll never appear to him again. Columna calls for her to stop and says he wants to gaze upon her smile every day. Crace cries tears of happiness. Girls in the crowd are excited about Sugata. The narrative changes to Sugata passing through the city. Tiger appears before him, with a large jewel around her chest. She claims he is the talk of the town in all the bars, living with a girl in a dream who doesn’t really exist. She successfully describes Crace’s clothes, causing him to realize that she could see her as well. She says she is able to do so through the eyes of magic. Believing her to be a witch, Columna pulls out a knife. She talks of how sad it is that he and Crace can never touch. She holds a strand of Crace’s hair on her finger. She says she is Ayin the Witch and she holds the jewel of the night. If he holds this jewel he would be able to touch Crace. She says she can give it to him, although not for nothing. Columna wonders what he should do. Ayin says she has been crying about him all night. Columna ponders what he can give up in exchange for the jewel. Ayin says she will trade the jewel for him piloting a ship in the North Sea. The silhouette of a giant cybody briefly appears. Takuto stares at the crowd, noticing a brown haired woman in the crowd. Sarina tells him and Wako they’ll be on the stage again soon. The play continues. Columna pilots the ship, which is able to fly. He becomes intoxicated with the power of being able to fly it. He proclaims how he is not the same as he was before. He piloted around the sky, but flying was taboo on the Fish planet. The Queen of the Fish planet, played by Jaguar is upset at Columna for flying and wants him fed to the sharks. She is stabbed from behind by Columna, who proclaims himself the new king of the fish planet. The Queen dies. He says that whoever can reach this lofty height will become king. Marc asks what became of Crace. Sarina’s character explains that he forgot about Crace over time, or perhaps he was not able to see her anymore. Marc questions Columna on this. Columna says as long as he has this ship he can do anything. Ayin’s voice sounds out and says that the ship belongs to her and he is that ship now. Again the cybody briefly appears. The play pauses for an intermission and the lights turn on. Kanako asks Keito what she thinks of the play. Keito calls it interesting. Kanako says Columna chose ambition over love and asks Keito if she finds it more convincing to live such a business-like life. Keito says Crace is happy regardless. The brown haired woman from the crowd tells Wako her singing was beautiful. The woman says she came to the island to see Wako, wanting to see what kind of girl Takuto has fallen in love with.

The play starts up again. Ayin appears on the ship and says to hand the ship over to her as it contains the greatest magical power on the planet. She has been waiting 7,000 years for it to sail. She casts a spell that makes Columna frozen. She talks about giving him the jewel but says there is now no need since he isn’t in love with Crace anymore. Columna is still able to move though and stabs her in the back, saying now that he has become part of the ship he has stronger magical power than her. The image of a cybody hand crushing the Ayingot cybody briefly appears. Ayin says he’ll now be part of the ship and dies. Sarina explains that Columna gained immortality and ruled as king of the fish planet, but remained in his tower, never appearing before the public. Reiji watches the play from above the crowd. Sarina explains that the ship was sealed. Now in the present, Marc asks why she has told him the story and wonders if she is a witch herself. She says they are the entropeople and don’t use magical power. She says he possesses the same magical aura Columna once had and he is able to see Crace. She says that he too is able to move the ship. Sarina says that because the entropeople swore not to use magic, they have never had the authority to destroy the ship’s magical powers nor have they had the power of life or death over those who have come into contact with it. They can only watch what he does with the ship. From the side of the stage, Tiger and Jaguar comment on the kiss scene coming up and that Sarina is using lines not in the script. Sarina says nonetheless she wanted him to know about the ship and ask what he plans to do as he has the power to pilot it. Marc says if he has that aura, it is to enable him to see Crace, not to pilot the ship and he would use his strength only to protect her. Marc steps up onto the ship and promises Crace to protect everything she holds dear. The two kiss. The curtain lowers. Later, Tiger and Jaguar talk to a crowd of people. Reiji asks Sarina if she wrote the play herself and that she ended it at the right place. He says that Marc would have been the next to be consumed by the magical power had the play gone on longer. Sarina thinks it is up to the viewer’s interpretation. Takuto introduces the brown haired girl to Wako as Hana Okada, his friend from the mainland. He is surprised to realize they already met. Wako asks her if she wants to stay the night, but Hana says she is taking the ferry that night. Takuto wants to take her there but she says he has the after party. She says he seems really radiant now and he can hear the voice of the world. Wako asks Takuto if she was his first love and he says he thinks so. Wako says she is a totally different type of girl than her. Hana passes by Sugata as she leaves, thinking to herself that he’s a catch as well. Reiji hands Sarina his card saying he’d like to paint her sometime and leaves. Sarina crumbles it up, thinking of how she isn’t into an older guy. She looks at Takuto, Sugata and Wako, thinking of how their fate is in their hands and she and the others can do nothing but watch. The Vice President, suddenly speaking, says the Tauburn was a cybody created for earthlings, revealing them to be aliens. Later that night Keito comes to see Tiger and Jaguar who says that Sugata has fallen into a deep sleep again despite there being no Zero-Time. Keito heads into the room and takes off her robe. She holds him in her arms, the emblem on her chest glowing. The emblem on Sugata’s chest glows as well. He asks her if she is always the one who has done this for her. Sugata realizes she is the Eastern Shrine Maiden.


With so much build up for the Drama Club’s play throughout the series, it is fitting that they give us practically an entire episode dedicated to it, although I will admit being surprised at how late in the show they did it. We now only have 3 episodes to wrap things up and I’m concerned about whether that gives us enough time. In any case the play does tie in fairly well to the main storyline and is an allusion to the Cybodies and Takuto’s ability. It also ties back somewhat to Sakana’s story from the early episodes. The Columna character is most likely a reference to Reiji. We see the silhouette of a giant cybody several times throughout the episode (appearing to be the one from the second opening sequence) and I believe this most likely to be Sugata’s cybody Samekh. Speaking of the opening sequence we once again get it in the middle of the episode, although using it during the intermission of the play kind of fits. The revelation at the end of the episode that Sarina and the Vice President are aliens (and that the Vice President can talk) comes completely out of left field. Although she is one of only two characters on the island (the other being Wako’s friend Ruri) who is neither a member of Glittering Crux, a cybody pilot nor a Shrine Maiden, so the role of observer is a logical one for her. I’ll be interested in seeing how they utilize this fact in the remaining few episodes. Likewise I wonder if the appearance of Takuto’s old friend Hana is just a cameo or will have any bearing on the plot the rest of the way.

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Star Driver Info

Takuya Igarashi

Yoji Enokido

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shigeto Koyama
Yasuyuki Kai
Takahiro Shikama

Character Designer(s):
Yoshiyuki Ito
Hiroka Mizuya
Misa Mizuya

Musical Composer(s):
Satoru Kousaki

26 episodes; 1 compilation movie

Japan 10.03.2010 – 04.03.2011

Theatrical Release:
Japan 02.09.2013


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