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Star Driver Ep. 25: Our Apprivoiser


Reiji uses his Sinpathy cybody to attack Keito’s Cybody Hethna, shattering her seal. Samekh rises from the ground and Reiji says it shall be resurrected. Takuto shouts out apprivoiser. Reiji proclaims that the final festivities are to begin as the Tauburn appears. Benio wonders if the gigantic Samekh can actually be controlled by a human. Wako asks Keito if she is alright and she says she has been waiting for this moment. She has been keeping Samekh sealed all this time. Sugata apprivoises with the Samekh. Wako heads toward it, but Takuto grabs her with the Tauburn. Keito says Sugata doesn’t belong to anyone anymore. Once Wako’s seal is broken, Samekh will leave Zero-Time and Sugata will become king of the planet. She tells Reiji this is what he has been waiting for, but his ambition of ruling the planet with Cybodies will all be for nothing. Reiji chuckles and asks her why she thinks he has obsessed over this Cybody for so long. Apprivoising with the Sinpathy, he sends a blast into the Samekh and is able to control it. He reveals that the Sinpathy’s ability is to apprivoise with other Cybodies. While Samekh can only be apprivoised by Sugata, he is able to take control of him. He’ll live forever, but as a component of his manipulation. Keito curses him. Takuto attacks him with the Tauburn. Reiji tells him they were taught the dual sword technique by the same person and asks if they should end it once and for all. He calls for the star sword Diamant and the two clash with each other. Takuto calls for the Galactic Cross Slash but is simply knocked to the ground. Reiji says by fighting him he is fighting Samekh and they don’t even know its true power. Samekh desires to absorb the libido it needs to be fully resurrected and the only thing standing in the way is the cage of Zero-Time. If Zero-Time is nullified, then Samekh will absorb the libido of the entire planet. Wako says this will destroy the Earth. The Glittering Crux members are surprised by this and Midori says it is possible. Takuto asks what will happen to Reiji if this happens. Reiji says he will be able to travel in time and relive the past over and over. Ryousuke says there will be no future if he does this and Reiji replies that he’ll be able to regain everything he’s lost. Kanako proclaims that Reiji is in violation of Glittering Crux rules and should be dismissed. Reiji says the Day of Departure will happen only for him and everyone else was a disposable pawn used to acquire Samekh. Takuto shouts at him to shut up and Reiji blasts him, then attacks with his swords. Wako blocks this and apprivoises with her Cybody, Wauna, Reiji is surprised, but still thinks this will work perfectly for him and grabs it with the Samekh. Reiji causes all the defeated Cybodies to appear around the Tauburn, now his slaves. Reiji orders them to kill him. The Tauburn immediately slices in half a Cybody that attacks it and blocks two others that attack. Wako tries to hold back the Sinpathy’s attack with her Cybody and the glowing seal around it while Takuto is blocked from interfering by the other Cybodies.

Wako continues to hold off the Sinpathy’s attack, but things star to crack. The various Glittering Crux members watch, concerned, as the Tauburn is tossed about. It grabs the sword of its attacker however and punches it out of the way. Takashi says it was a mistake to get involved with the Cybodies, but Simone thinks he is wrong, they were one possibility of the future they were meant to strive for. But at this time Reiji is using them and the Samekh for the wrong purpose. She says Daletos is seeking her, and she it. The emblems glow on everyone’s chests and are restored. Everyone’s masks shatter as their emblems return. Everyone makes the Glittering Crux sign and apprivoise with their Cybodies. The Tauburn is about to be defeated when it is helped out by the others, who destroy the various remaining Cybodies who remain in their current state. Kanako and Benio tell Takuto they will settle this since they bear responsibility for what is happening. Everyone’s Cybodies launch towards the Samekh. A blue column, the King’s Pillar appears around it, knocking back their Cybodies. Reiji proclaims for them to sit back and watch the end of the world, renewing his attack on Wako’s Cybody. Takuto says he can still see it and launches the Tauburn at the King’s Pillar. Reiji calls him a foolish youth and that he will be smashed to pieces. Part of the Tauburn’s cockpit shatters, but Takuto says he can still see it, thinking of himself, Sugata and Wako. Wako’s protective barrier shatters but the Tauburn and Takuto are able to arrive and punch the Sinpathy, destroying it. The King’s Pillar disappears and Samekh appears to return to normal. It starts descending and Takuto wonders what is going on. Keito says Sugata is trying to seal away Samekh and starts sobbing. Benio realizes Sugata boarded the Samekh in order to seal it and save the Earth. Takuto thinks of Sugata saying he is able to play what role he is given and asking if Takuto can protect Wako. Takuto realizes that he was planning this action the entire time. Ryousuke tells Reiji that his son is just like him and can see what no other person can. Reiji asks what he’s seeing and Ryousuke says it’s something neither of them can see anymore. Keito thinks of Sugata telling her to survive. She says that Sugata belongs to Wako after all. Takuto silently looks at Wako and generates his star swords. He attacks the Wauna and shatters Wako’s seal. The last remaining symbol in the sky breaks away and Zero-Time starts collapsing. Samekh starts rising again. Wako calls for Takuto to go and he blasts into space as the Samekh starts absorbing the Earth’s libido. Wako thinks of how she was stunned, but realizes there’s no way he’d let Sugata do that. Since they first met he’s put a smile on their face and that may be his first phase ability. The Tauburn launches itself after the Samekh and is punched back by it. The Samekh tries catching it and grabs the Tauburn in its hand. Wako asks Takuto if he knows how much pain a girl goes through being in love with two boys. The Tauburn breaks itself out of the Samekh’s hand and launches itself at its face, blasting through it, into its core where Takuto sees numerous Samekh masks. The Tauburn emits a blast that destroys the Samekh. Sugata wakes up, being held in an orb in the hand of the heavily damaged Tauburn. Takuto tells Sugata he doesn’t have to say anything, his family’s motto is protect the weak. Sugata comments on how glorious the sky looks below them. Takuto says they are bound to see skies different from this, even more glorious. The sun rises over the Earth.


A fairly strong final episode for the show, with a lot of action to it. Whereas most episodes gave us relatively short battles in Zero-Time, this entire episode is dedicated to it, as Tauburn, and gradually everyone in Glittering Crux join with him for their final battle with Reiji. It resulted in quite an exciting episode, and it was good to see so many Cybodies fighting at once, all on the same side. The main purpose of both Reiji and Sugata finally become clear with the finale. Takuto manages to save Sugata and the Earth as expected, giving us a fairly upbeat ending. In fact this has got to be one of the most upbeat endings to any show I’ve covered on MAHQ; even Reiji, the show’s main villain survives. I was fairly concerned in the latter part of the series about how much time they were wasting which would lead to a rushed finale and I do think we get a bit of that here. For example a lot of the magical things which suddenly happen in this episode, such as the emblems coming back or the Tauburn suddenly having the ability to break through the King’s Pillar and defeat the Sinpathy (and later the Samekh) are not explained. And we end the series without finding out who Wako will choose, Takuto or Sugata. My guess up to this point would have been Takuto, with Sugata ending up with Keito. Overall this was a fairly strong series, with its biggest flaw being its pacing. Certain early episodes dragged a bit or felt too insignificant and I think the show would have been better off had it not included the Kou and Madoka characters but rather spent all the episodes focused on them to better develop some of the other characters and afford more time for the ending of the show. The other notable complaint I would have with the show is that Takuto comes off as too perfect a hero. Otherwise though there is a lot to enjoy here, especially the mecha design and concepts surrounding them.

Overall Rating
Star Driver Info

Takuya Igarashi

Yoji Enokido

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shigeto Koyama
Yasuyuki Kai
Takahiro Shikama

Character Designer(s):
Yoshiyuki Ito
Hiroka Mizuya
Misa Mizuya

Musical Composer(s):
Satoru Kousaki

26 episodes; 1 compilation movie

Japan 10.03.2010 – 04.03.2011

Theatrical Release:
Japan 02.09.2013


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