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Star Driver Ep. 3: Adult Bank


In class, Kanako stares out the window and asks what Takuto thinks of her being a married high school girl. She says her husband is Leon Watanabe, head of the Grand Tonnerre Foundation. Nearly 65, he has a lifestyle that prevents him from leaving Paris, so the two are always apart. Takuto starts getting uncomfortable. Keito tells Kanako that they are in class and to be quiet. Later during lunch, Takuto lays sleepily over his desk. Ruri asks him where his lunch is and he says he lost his money while swimming over here. She gives him her lunch and offers to make him croquettes for lunch each day. Meanwhile, Kanako is having her hair cut at the back of the class by her maid Simone, causing Keito to be further annoyed at her. Kanako asks Takuto if he’d be interested in part-time work cleaning her pool. She invites several others to come, and Sugata asks if he can come over as well. Kanako’s house is revealed to be a luxury cruise ship parked in the harbor, the Thunder Girl. Takuto, Sugata, Wako, Ruri head there, bringing the Vice President with them. Kanako receives a call from her husband wondering when she’ll come home to Paris. She says she’ll call him back later. Kanako says they hardly know each other’s languages, making Takuto question how they got married. Kanako says marriages like hers involving rich men and trophy wives aren’t that uncommon. Takuto and the others are asked to head over to the dirty pool. Inside is Baroness Juanita, a large alligator. Later, as they are cleaning, Takuto wonders what Kanako is doing. Ruri says she is probably trading stock, and that she often moves around as much money as an entire country. Sugata wonders what she is doing at this island. The Vice President wanders off and is nearly eaten by Juanita. The Vice President runs into Kanako, scaring her and causing her laptop to get wrecked. Kanako orders her servant Takashi to go after it and he swings at it with a broom, nearly hitting Wako before Takuto protects her. Takashi and Takuto fight and Kanako desires they battle each other in a fencing match. Kanako says she’ll double Takuto’s pay and let him kiss her if he wins. Takuto steadily blocks Takashi’s attacks but Takashi does the same when Takuto attacks him. Kanako thinks this is boring and that neither is trying to win so Sugata calls the match over. Later than night Kanako heads to a meeting of the Glittering Crux Summit. She and Benio argue over the damaged Cybodies that Benio’s Filament Brigade has lost as well as which Brigade owns them. They talk about whether the Cybodies can be repaired and Midori says they are connected with an individual’s genes. They also discuss how the Tauburn is the only Cybody able to make it to Phase 3 and why that is. Reiji says all that matters is that they defeat the Tauburn, and that the one who does so will become their leader. Kanako wants to do so such that ownership of the Cybodies will be determined. Later, Simone asks Takashi why he wasn’t giving his all in the fight and whether he’ll be able to defeat the Tauburn. She thinks he would be able to and become leader of Glittering Crux so as to surpass Kanako. She is summoned by Kanako.

Kanako gets a massage from Takashi and talks about making some financial transactions. She asks if he has what it takes to defeat the Tauburn and shows video of his earlier conversation with Simone. Kanako says it is alright if he defeats the Tauburn since the Tauburn’s existence isn’t good for Grand Tonnere. Takashi asks what would happen. Meanwhile Reiji asks Sakana about the boy from the fish planet, Sam, and if he headed off to the galaxy with the girl he met. She says only one ship on the planet could travel to the galaxy but it was owned by the king. The king issued an edict about if someone killed the Emperor Squid, a dangerous rampaging creature and bring him its blue blood they would get whatever they wanted. Sam resolved to battle the squid. Takuto heads to his dormitory and looks at a photograph of him and Takashi, wondering if he was brought here to protect Wako. Takashi heads to the Electric Bier and goes inside. He places his mask on the wall, summoning the Cybody Saddict. Sakana starts singing. Wako gets a message from Ruri on her phone, saying she is relieving that Takuto didn’t kiss Kanako. Wako is about to respond about Takuto being a fool, but suddenly her and Takuto’s chests start glowing and they are summoned to Zero-Time. Takashi challenges Takuto, who complains about it being night and this being an unpaid endeavor. Takashi punches at him with the Saddict and Takuto jumps into the air, getting into the Tauburn, which appears from the sky. Takuto transforms into the Galactic Pretty Boy. Takashi takes out a sword, the Amethyste. The Tauburn pulls out its star sword, Emeraude. The Saddict thrusts at the Tauburn multiple times, which keeps avoiding and blocking its attacks. Eventually the Tauburn is knocked to the ground. The Tauburn pulls out another star sword, the Sapphire, and now holds two swords in its hands. The Saddict lunges at him but Takuto blocks its attacks and flings his opponent to the ground. Kanako thinks that a dual sword is his style which is why he was awkwardly fighting before. Takuto attacks with the Cross Slash attack, defeating the Saddict, which explodes. Time returns to normal and Takuto and Wako are returned to where they were. Wako changes the message she was about to send to Ruri, saying that Takuto is cool instead of a dummy. Takashi exits the Electric Bier and returns an emblem pin on his chest to Reiji. Reiji asks him about using the Electric Bier when he already had an emblem. Later that night Simone brings Kanako a drink and they talk about Takashi’s defeat. Kanako tells Simone to tell her husband that she won’t be going home for a while.


This episode provides more background for Kanako, while introducing some of her servants, Simone and Takashi, the latter of which is Takuto’s opponent for the episode. The Kanako character is a rather absurd one. How this random high school girl got married to a wealthy 65-year-old man whom she doesn’t live with or even speak the same language of makes no sense whatsoever. The situation seems to have been done purposely for laughs, otherwise this is some really poor writing. The episode also features a lot of blatant fanservice of Kanako and the legs of the various female Glittering Crux members. This episode continues the formula shown in the previous episode, with another battle for Takuto with a minor character. Even Kanako’s servants are Glittering Crux members, its as if the whole island is involved. Sakana continues telling more of her story to Reiji and singing the same song for the third episode. At this point the show is becoming quite formulaic, which I hope they break out of soon.

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Star Driver Info

Takuya Igarashi

Yoji Enokido

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shigeto Koyama
Yasuyuki Kai
Takahiro Shikama

Character Designer(s):
Yoshiyuki Ito
Hiroka Mizuya
Misa Mizuya

Musical Composer(s):
Satoru Kousaki

26 episodes; 1 compilation movie

Japan 10.03.2010 – 04.03.2011

Theatrical Release:
Japan 02.09.2013


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