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Star Driver Ep. 4: Wako’s Song


Wako sings. She and Takuto stand on the beach and she says they are the only ones around. One day earlier, the Drama Club met and was greeted by the headmaster. Takuto was told that the club was very popular, but had very high standards for entrance, which is why it is small. Various semi-members help beyond the scenes. They talked about many people liking Sugata and Wako and Jaguar asks Takuto if he is one of them. Sarina said she was planning something big that would show off the charisma of Takuto and Sugata. Wako fantasized about Sugata and Takuto being romantically involved. Wako was shocked to find that Jaguar and Sarina are aware of what she was thinking. Sarina said she will have something to showcase Wako’s singing talents. Wako was embarrassed and downplayed her singing talent. Later, Tiger walked down the hall and smells maple syrup. She encountered Keito, who asked her about coming to her club. Keito brought her to a laboratory where she has been producing the smell, which brings back pleasant memories. Tiger briefly remembered something and passes out. Jaguar noticed Tiger missing. Keito fed the passed out Tiger more of the liquid. Tiger’s memory was that of reading a picture book with Sugata when they were younger and discussed some yummy looking pancakes. She was disappointed about Sugata and Wako being engaged, but Keito said if Wako and Takuto got together, Sugata would be free. Meanwhile, Sakana continued telling her story to Reiji. Sam, being encouraged by the girl, practiced fighting the Emperor Squid. She said he became known as Sam the Squid Piercer and he lived with the girl, to Reiji’s surprise. Wako woke up the next morning, finding her grandmother missing. She headed to the bakery and found it deserted as well. She left with some bread and catches the bus nearby, but found it empty. Wako tried placing some phone calls but no one answered. She wondered if this was some terrible dream. In the present, with Wako singing on the beach and finding Takuto there. Takuto tells Wako that he couldn’t find anyone in town but is glad they have found each other. He says this is the place where he arrived on the island and she saved him.

Later, Wako waits outside while Takuto tries using a phone booth at the life guard station. He tells her he wasn’t able to reach anyone. Wako says they should get changed and they do so. Takuto asks if they should head to the main island since no one is here. Wako says that as a shrine maiden she can’t leave the island unless her seal is broken. If she was to do so, the Cybodies could be released from the island and she can’t let that happen. She says she was supposed to learn about it when she was in junior high by her grandmother, but she apprivosed and learned the memories of the past shrine maidens when she was in grade school. It is then that she realized that she would never be able to become a singer. They head outside where the sky stars clearing and a rainbow has appeared. Takuto thinks he has spotted someone at the lighthouse and heads there, but finds no one there. Wako notices a totem pole she had put up a few years ago that had been buried after a hurricane. Wako says this may not be real life and Takuto wonders if they are in Zero-Time. He shouts out Apprivoiser twice but nothing happens so he thinks it isn’t Zero-Time after all. Wako laughs at how full of life Takuto is, even now. Later while getting them drinks Wako asks if he has always been like this. Takuto says he was more withdrawn before he got the emblem on his chest. The two share a drink. Wako says after getting up in the middle of the night to eat she realized that the world wasn’t against her and she started feeling better about being a Shrine Maiden. Takuto says this isn’t that bad since they are able to talk to each other alone like this. Wako says there is a Cybody that has the power to create an imaginary landscape from the memories and desires of a person. At that time, Tiger is in the Electric Bier having been put there by Keito. Reiji asks why she hasn’t had Tiger fight him now, but Keito doesn’t want Tiger fighting Takuto. Keito gets up close to Tiger and says the two of them are preventing her happiness. Fog starts appearing around Wako and Takuto and they can see a Cybody in the distance. Takuto asks her if she is able to determine if it is just an illusion or not. She claims it is real. Takuto says they must be in Zero-Time then, and that the Tauburn would be here. He thinks it is being hidden by the Cybody. Takuto tells Wako to not let go and shouts out Apprivoiser, causing the Tauburn to appear from the sky. Takuto becomes the Galactic Pretty Boy. The Cybody starts glowing red and Tiger struggles. The Cybody vanishes into the sky. Takuto wonders if this world is what he desired. Wako wakes up in her room and sees her grandmother in the other room, realizing that things are back to normal. Keito says that Tiger is incapable of going into battle with a Cybody and is simply a girl in love. Tiger wakes up, in the infirmary, with Keito over her. Midori comes into to check on her. Keito claims that she is anemic and fainted while they were talking. Reiji asks Sakana about the secret Sam and the girl he was with had and she says it was eating squid, which were considered servants of the devil. As such the bond between them grew tighter. Later in school Sugata sees Wako and Takuto. She wonders if what they saw was just an illusion and Takuto says it was but he can still hear her song in his head. Ruri stops by to say good morning and asks if she is in the way since Wako is between two handsome men. Sugata asks Takuto how Wako was. Takuto says he has decided that he is going to destroy all of the Cybodies.


I was impressed with this episode completely breaking the formula that we have seen to this point. After last episode I was a bit worried that things would get quickly stale and we’d simply see the same type of thing over and over again. Instead they give us a storyline where Wako and Takuto are completely isolated in an illusionary world. It provided some well needed character development for Wako. We get another interestingly designed Cybody here, this time one that appears to be made by street lights. Surprisingly enough, we completely forgone a battle after the Tauburn appears. That said, it didn’t really make sense how the Tauburn appeared after Takuto tried to call it earlier without success. And I could have done without the same stock footage of the Tauburn appearing and Takuto becoming the Galactic Pretty Boy yet again. But otherwise this was a fairly strong episode and the best one yet. Although its not said straight out, it appears that Takuto’s desire to destroy all the Cybodies at the episode’s end is to enable Wako to leave the island.

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Star Driver Info

Takuya Igarashi

Yoji Enokido

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shigeto Koyama
Yasuyuki Kai
Takahiro Shikama

Character Designer(s):
Yoshiyuki Ito
Hiroka Mizuya
Misa Mizuya

Musical Composer(s):
Satoru Kousaki

26 episodes; 1 compilation movie

Japan 10.03.2010 – 04.03.2011

Theatrical Release:
Japan 02.09.2013


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