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Star Driver Ep. 6: The King’s Pillar


Takuto notices that his pocket watch has stopped. He tells Sugata that today is a special day for him, which Sugata seems depressed to hear. Takuto asks Wako if there is a watch repair store on the island and she says she’ll show him around, but Sugata declines to come. Wako says they are going on a date, embarrassing him in front of the class. On the bus Wako asks Takuto why he wants to get it corrected today. Takuto asks about some wooden sticks on the side of the road that she says everyone calls bodyguards against a viper outbreak. A dour looking girl, Mami Yando, watches them from the back of the bus. Takuto is impressed at the various stores at the mall and the two get some ice cream. Later, they depart the watch shop, having gotten it fixed. Wako goes shopping for some clothes and notices the Vice President on a mannequin. It jumps at her, causing her to go back into Takuto’s arms. That evening, Mami, having been scuba diving for some fish is upset at some boys calling out at her. She doesn’t want anyone disrupting the order of the island. Takuto comments on a shirt that he thinks would look good on Sugata. Wako tells him today is Sugata’s birthday, but he hates it. She says Sugata is a special name given to Shindo men bearing the emblem. Sugata has hated his birthday ever since he was told five years ago of the secret of the Cybodies. Wako says Sugata is a bit different than other Cybody pilots. The Tauburn and others Takuto has fought are Warrior Cybodies. Wako’s is a Miko Cybody and the Shindo family’s Cybody is the King Cybody, one which is likely the most powerful Cybody of all. Mami watches them from a table above and the Vice President heads up to look at her. Wako says that the King Cybody can’t be piloted, but it can be apprivoised and the pilot who does it will reach first phase. On her boat, Kanako is given a massage by Takashi. Simone comes in as Kanako talks about being able to use the first phase outside of Zero Time. She wonders if those who are powerful in life have simply used their first phase. Wako says that unlike her, Sugata could technically leave the island if he wanted to, but he is forbidden to leave so as to not unleash the power of the King Cybody on the world. She says he can’t ever apprivoise as anyone who has done so with the King Cybody has unleashed an immense power known as the King’s Pillar and have fallen asleep, never to awaken. Keito comes to see Mami. Mami is concerned about Takuto and Wako being together, and worries that Wako will lose her power as a Miko. Keito says not to try anything and that she hasn’t been able to control her own first phase yet. Takuto and Wako leave the cafe.

That night Wako and Takuto are about to split up at the shrine. Takuto asks Wako if she likes Sugata and she says he is important to her as they have been together since they were little. Since being a young girl she has been captive on this island but it has been bearable with Sugata by her side. She says Sugata carries a knife around him but she has never asked him what he has it for. She comments on how happy he was with a necklace she gave him for his birthday years ago. She says she can’t wish him a happy birthday and gives him presents on different days each year. She is sad about how his birthday causes him to remember something terrible. She apologizes to Takuto for using him to celebrate Sugata’s birthday and questions why there are Cybodies and they have to be on this island. Takuto grabs her hand and says they should give him his present now. They head to Sugata’s home but Jaguar says he has been in his dojo all day and they can’t see him. Takuto and Wako leave and head towards the woods. Takuto asks Wako if she can sense Sugata’s scent and asks her to sing to him here as a present for Sugata. Wako sings. Mami has headed into the woods, wearing a Glittering Crux mask. Sakana continues telling her story to Reiji, saying Sam battles and slays the Squid Emperor, collecting its blue blood. Sam is granted an audience with the king, who drinks the blue blood. The king had been granted eternal life, and the blue blood was the only thing that would permit him to finally be put to rest. Reiji comments on it being an interesting twist and wonders what Sam did next. Mami calls for the Mermaidoll to appear. The Mermaidoll, a spectral being departs from her and flies into the sky. Takuto spots it and it crashes nearby with him jumping out of the way. The Mermaidoll gets up and attacks Takuto and Wako, causing them to flee through the woods. When Wako stops to rest, the Mermaidoll charges towards them, but Tiger and Jaguar appear and try to fight it off. Takuto pulls out one of the bodyguard sticks that was by the side of the road and tries attacking with it. He slams it into the Mermaidoll, knocking it to the ground. The Mermaidoll gets up and charges at him again. Tiger and Jaguar throw Takuto their swords and he is able to defeat the Mermaid doll with it. Mami feels pain from its defeat and falls over. The Mermaidoll turns into a halo and Mami tells Keito it is acting on its own. Keito gives her a small vial to knock her out. The Mermaidoll blasts through the woods and numerous copies of it appear. One of them grabs Wako by the neck as another attacks Takuto and holds him down. Suddenly Sugata appears and throws a knife at the Mermaidoll attacking Wako. All of the Mermaidolls vanish and a glowing orb appears before Sugata. Wako calls out for Sugata to stop as he says “Apprivoiser Samekh.” Wako comments on the King’s Pillar appearing and Sugata collapses, the area around them now a crater. Wako rushes towards him, trying to wake him up with no success. Takuto thinks to himself of how today was his birthday as well and how it was a day no one would forget.


Another episode that breaks the formula and as such is one I have enjoyed more than most of the others. The episode is also quite serious, in stark contrast to the rather goofy previous episode. Surprisingly enough we get an episode with no Cybody fight at all, something I didn’t expect. Instead we have an episode almost entirely dedicated to providing more character development and backstory for Sugata. It’s something I appreciate as of the three leads he has gotten the least amount of development thus far. His and Wako’s role on the island now make a lot more sense. As already implied by previous episodes it seems like each of the Cybody pilots have a phase one ability that gives them some sort of special power or talent outside of their cybodies. In this case Mami’s provided this episode’s battle. It will be interesting to see what has happened to Sugata and if he truly has entered an eternal sleep due to using the King’s Pillar. Sakana’s story told to Reiji seems to be a parallel to what has happened to Sugata here and I wonder if the story has come to an end.

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Star Driver Info

Takuya Igarashi

Yoji Enokido

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shigeto Koyama
Yasuyuki Kai
Takahiro Shikama

Character Designer(s):
Yoshiyuki Ito
Hiroka Mizuya
Misa Mizuya

Musical Composer(s):
Satoru Kousaki

26 episodes; 1 compilation movie

Japan 10.03.2010 – 04.03.2011

Theatrical Release:
Japan 02.09.2013


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