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Star Driver Ep. 8: Always Like a Shooting Star


Sakana continues her story, saying that Sam killed the girl and used her blood to set sail into the galaxy, as sailing into the galaxy was what he yearned most of all. Upon heading there and realizing that the planet he was from was like the others in the galaxy, the galaxy wasn’t so different than where he was from. Reiji asks if that is the end of the story and tells her to go, letting her loose from her chains. In class Takuto eats. Ruri comments on Wako and Sugata being awkward with each other. Wako says good morning to Sugata and thanks him for saving her. Sugata who seems in a dour mood says they shouldn’t discuss it here. She flashes back to being sad over him being in a deep sleep. She is about to give him his present when Sugata says he isn’t feeling well and goes home. Ruri comments on Takuto, Wako and Sugata being absent yesterday and wonders what is going on between them. Kanako says Takuto and Wako went on a date a couple of days ago and that is behind it. Takuto flashes back to Sugata telling him to be careful after admitting to striking him. The Glittering Crux Order of Cross holds a meeting. They comment on the appearance of Samekh’s Star Driver and that Sugata can’t pilot it, being just in the first phase. Reiji comments on the rule of whoever beats Takuto becoming leader still being in place. He says they should assume Takuto and Sugata are still friends for now and that Takuto may be able to use Sugata’s first phase to assist him. Keito comments on Benio being in a good mood despite ‘failing’ earlier. Reiji says they should focus mainly on attaining third phase so as to be able to defeat the Tauburn. Reiji talks with Ryousuke, who has noticed that Sakana is now gone. Reiji says they all could have left. Keito comes across Wako sitting on a bench, asking her if she is going to return the gift for Sugata. She makes an excuse about it being the wrong size. The bus arrives and a pink haired girl. Mizuno Yo rushes up to the entrance, running into the Vice President along the way. Wako sits in the back of the bus where Sakana is sitting. Sakana asks about the stop for the ferry dock and says she is going on a trip. She admits to having been locked up in a bird cage until now, but liked the person who locked her there so she didn’t mind. She comments on relations not working out and that she is leaving the island to get a fresh start. She gets off at the ferry, saying goodbye to them. Meanwhile at Glittering Crux’s base, Midori works on a test in the electric bier and is met by Kanako, who comments on her being glowing and confident. Kanako mentions Benio having shown similar confidence earlier today. Kanako talks about Benio’s first phase ability to be able to control any man she kisses. She wonders what she is capable of. Benio puts a picture of Sugata on her wall along with several other boys and comments on him being hers. Sakana sings on the ferry as it departs the harbor. Takuto goes to see Sugata by a hill, asking Tiger and Jaguar if they can let him by, wanting to talk man-to man. Jaguar permits this although Tiger pauses as they stop by, thinking of how she envies Wako.

Sugata thanks Takuto for getting rid of Tiger and Jaguar for him. He says they’d kill him if he tried to leave the island as anyone with the Samekh symbol cannot leave. As a result he’s been under close watch since he was a kid. Takuto asks about a knife he has been carrying since he was a child that worried Wako. Takuto asks about a wall Sugata has built around himself and Sugata asks how he could feel the hopelessness that he and Wako do, being stuck on this island. Takuto doesn’t think she suffers such hopelessness and he’ll enable her to leave by defeating all the Cybodies. Takuto asks Sugata if he knew the gift she had for him was his birthday present and punches Sugata, who blocks him with his hand. Sugata warns him that with his first phase he could kill him, but Takuto says he’s never loved or hated anyone strongly enough to want to kill them. Takuto things Sugata doesn’t care what happens to him and would never go through with it. Sugata pushes him off and asks if he is a human like him, having been curious about him and why he swam over to this island. Sugata thinks he was testing himself and asks how serious he is. He doesn’t think Takuto went all out when punching him. He says he can kill him anytime without needing the King’s Pillar. Sugata challenges Takuto. Time suddenly stops and Wako’s chest starts glowing. Wako appears in Zero-Time, spotting both Takuto and Sugata there. A red Cybody, the Pageant appears and absorbs Sugata into it. Takuto yells out Apprivoiser and the Tauburn appears from the sky. Takuto transforms into the Galactic Pretty Boy. Benio is in actuality piloting the Pageant, saying that she has Sugata under her control. She uses Sugata’s power to increase the bulk of her Cybody, claiming she is now invincible. Kanako and Midori watch and Midori doesn’t think they’ll be able to fight due to being friends. Sugata tries to break from his bonds as Takuto calls out to him. He is able to do so. Red alarms start going off in the Pageant. The Tauburn attacks the Pageant, but it is able to knock it away and to the ground. The Tauburn dodges attacks from the Pageant, now being controlled by Sugata. The Pageant blocks a punch from the Tauburn and throws it to the ground. Midori is impressed at the level of Benio’s control, but Benio says that Pageant has been taken over by Sugata. The two Cybodies lock fists. Takuto tells Sugata he has let him down due to disappointing Wako. Sugata says he carries the knife with him to protect Wako. The two Cybodies continue to punch at each other. Benio claims the Samekh’s power is too much for her Pageant. The two Cybodies punch each other again, causing a large explosion. The Pageant shatters as a result of the punch and Zero-Time ends. Sugata and Takuto are back on the hill where they were arguing, gasping for breath. The two look at each other in friendlier terms. On the ferry, Sakana comments on the adventure of life going on.


It appears that the current storyline focusing on Sugata has come to a conclusion after the confrontation between him and Takuto in this episode. Given the importance of the Samekh Cybody, I’m sure we’ll either see the two fight again later, or perhaps team up. The two’s argument with each other gives further development to the relationship between the two characters, which was needed. We say farewell to Sakana here, as well as her story, which concludes in the morbid fashion begun in the last episode. I think things pretty much ran their course with that storyline, so I am happy to see us moving on from it. The comments about being able to leave at any time (which I interpreted as possibly applying to all Shrine Maidens) seems odd though and a new wrinkle on things since we’ve been told earlier that’s not possible. Not to mention all the focus in this episode on Sugata and Wako’s inability to leave the island. With the departure of Sakana we also have a brief introduction to a new character in Mizuno. A complaint I continue to have with the show is them padding things out with stock footage of the Tauburn appearing and Takuto becoming Galactic Pretty Boy. That is added to in this episode with Sugata and Takuto gasping for breath for at least half a minute near episode’s end.

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Star Driver Info

Takuya Igarashi

Yoji Enokido

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shigeto Koyama
Yasuyuki Kai
Takahiro Shikama

Character Designer(s):
Yoshiyuki Ito
Hiroka Mizuya
Misa Mizuya

Musical Composer(s):
Satoru Kousaki

26 episodes; 1 compilation movie

Japan 10.03.2010 – 04.03.2011

Theatrical Release:
Japan 02.09.2013


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