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Star Driver the Movie


Snow falls on the city of Shinjuku at night. A blue haired girl, Hyou Matsuri, stands on a rooftop, commenting on the winter wind. Military forces fly over the city. Several cybodies lower from the sky, landing on the city streets as Sugata Shindo, Wako Agemaki, Keito Nichi and Mizuno Yo watch. A glowing light flies through the sky, past the aircraft, and is revealed to be Takuto Tsunashi in his Galactic Pretty Boy form. He lands atop a skyscraper, in his cybody, the Tauburn and jumps to the ground, immediately fighting off several cybody attacks with his sapphire and emerald swords. Sugata tells Takuto to protect the city. The Tauburn blasts several missiles heading at it and continues to avoid further attacks. The cybody Samekh, which appears in a small orb behind Sugata starts talking and he tells it to be quiet. The Tauburn blasts at all the cybodies attacking it, destroying them concurrently. Wako says the sky is different here than on the island. Takuto thinks of how they met on that island, a night shooting stars fell.

On Southern Cross Island, Sugata and Wako walk down a beach at night, enjoying the breeze and watching a shooting star pass by. Wako sees a boy, Takuto, lying on the beach unconscious nearby. She gives him CPR. The next morning the three joke at lunch about how Takuto tried to swim to the island. Wako asks Takuto why he came to school on this island and he simply says for something fantastic. Sugata asks Takuto if he’s had his first kiss yet, embarrassing both him and Wako. As Wako and Sugata leave Takuto thanks her for saving him. Sugata’s maid, Tiger, tells Takuto that the two of them are betrothed. Later at school, Wako celebrates with her friend Ruri Makina over them being in the same class. Ruri asks about Takuto. Later that evening in their dormitory Sugata sees Takuto in the hall staring at a painting on the wall. Takuto claims his father painted it and Sugata asks if he’s on the island. Sugata tells Takuto that Wako is purifying herself at the moment and is one of four shrine maidens on the island. Wako walks naked into the water and an emblem on her chest glows. Sugata says it’s a custom in his family to marry maidens although he thinks they should be free to make their own decision. Dormitory director Benio Shimada walks down the hall with colleagues Tetsuya Goda and Joji Honda. Benio comments on it being forbidden to enter the gold mine on the island and that monsters come out of it. Later, Hyou says the word “apprivoise” causing the face of a stone doll to glow, turning it into a cybody. A masked man, Reiji Miyabi, also known as “Head” summons the star sword diamont and uses it to slice through the Cybody, shattering the seal on Hyou’s chest. Gold masks appear on numerous stone giants in the area. Before a large audience of masked members of the organization Glittering Crux, Reiji announces he has shattered the Northern Maiden’s seal and led the organization into its second phase.

Wako feels strange and walks outside where a masked main is waiting. Meanwhile Takuto has headed to the fenced off entrance of the island’s gold mine and is trying to open the fence when a mine cart comes by. Inside are Joji and Tetsuya, carrying Wako. After a brief fight Joji knocks Takuto out. Later, Wako awakens, tied up in a chair, finding Takuto nearby while Joji, Tetsuya and several other masked members of Glittering Crux come in. Reiji and his colleague Ryousuke discuss Takuto breaking in. Reiji reveals that Hyou, whom he calls “Sakana” (fish girl) is being held in a cage in his room. He asks her to sing for him which she does. Joji calls for the electric bier casket to open up and he goes inside, being lifted into the air. He slams his mask in front of him, shouting out “Apprivoiser”. This causes one of the stone dolls to turn into a green cybody, the Alephist. Takuto wakes up and rushes towards Tetsuya and Benio, who are holding Wako. The emblem on Wako’s chest glows and time stops. An orb forms around Wako, Benio and Tetsuya as well as other Glittering Crux members and the area around them turns into Zero-Time. An emblem of four seals appears above them in the sky. Joji grabs hold of Wako but Takuto suddenly appears. He shouts out Apprivoiser and the Tauburn appears out of the ground. Takuto’s outfit changes as well and he proclaims himself the Galactic Pretty Boy. Everyone is surprised that he is already in his third phase. Joji launches the Alephist at him, but the Tauburn blocks the attack, grabs Wako then destroys it, bringing Takuto and Wako back to reality.

The next day in school Wako talks to Ruri about Sugata and Takuto, who is sitting by the window. Behind him, a green haired girl, Kanako Watanabe, kisses a total stranger on the glass window. Keito, sitting in front of them, disapproves. Sugata asks Takuto to talk later. Sugata brings Takuto to a place in the school where Drama Club President Sarina Endo is practicing a play on a stage, in front of Wako, Tiger and Sugata’s other maid, Jaguar. Sarina’s pet yellow fox, called the Vice President jumps onto Takuto. Sarina tells Takuto he’d be good on stage and asks if he’s piloted a cybody. Later, Takuto talks to the group, being told by Sarina that cybodies are only able to move in Zero-Time and that the world would change in an instant if they were able to move in the real world. Later, various leaders of Glittering Crux meet, including Reiji, Keito, Kanako, Benio and school nurse Midori Okamoto. Reiji speaks of them being able to break the Northern Maiden’s seal and pilot a cybody. They discuss Takuto’s interference and that he appears to already be in the third phase. Kanako blames Benio’s squad, Filament for trying to break the Southern Maiden’s seal too early. Reiji proposes that whoever defeats the Tauburn become their leader, to which everyone agrees.

Sugata, Wako and Takuto enjoy their time on the beach, including some swimming and later visit a waterfall. The three of them talk about how fun the day was and Wako says the world doesn’t exist just to torment her. Later, Sugata tells Takuto that Wako’s dream is to go to Tokyo and become a professional singer but as a shrine maiden, she’d only be able to leave if her seal was broken. This which would result in the cybodies being able to leave the island, so she is unable to. Sakana starts telling Reiji a story of a boy, Sam, who fell in love with a girl on the fish planet. Sam dreamed of going on a boat with the girl and sailing around the universe. Takuto looks at a photo of him and a couple of friends and wonders if he came to this island to protect Wako. Kanako’s maid Simone asks Kanako’s servant Takashi if he could fight against Takuto. Sakana says the ship belonged to a king and that whoever defeated the squid emperor and brought its blood could have any wish granted. Takashi opens the electric bier, bringing Wako and Takuto again into Zero-Time, where the Tauburn fights against Takashi’s Cybody, Amethyste. In a montage sequence Takuto also battles and defeats Tetsuya in his Cybody Teriauto, Midori in her Cybody Yodoc, and Kanako in her Cybody Betraida.

Sugata and Takuto talk, looking out at the water and Takuto says he will destroy all of the cybodies. Wako runs up and proposes they head into town, but Sugata says he is heading home so the two of them go out without him. They go to a clothing store where Wako reveals that it’s Sugata’s birthday. People in his family are born with a mark, and he learned the secret of the cybodies five years ago on his birthday and has hated it ever since. She says Sugata’s cybody is the King Cybody, likely the strongest one. A girl, Mami Yando watches them from above and is joined at her table by Keito. Wako says Sugata’s cybody can be apprivoised but won’t move. In its first phase it still has a powerful ability. Unlike the maidens Sugata can leave the island, but is prohibited from leaving to help keep that power here. She says he has never apprivoised and shouldn’t, as all who have done so have unleashed something called the King’s Pillar and fell into a sleep they never awoke from. Keito talks to Mami about how she hasn’t been able to fully control her first phase yet. Upon arriving at Wako’s home that evening Takuto asks Wako if she likes Sugata and she having been forced to stay on this island, she has felt kinship with him as he has the same fate. She says he carries a knife on him but she has been too scared to ask him why. Wako asks why cybodies exist and they were born on this island, starting to cry. Takuto grabs her hand and says to bring Sugata his gift. Arriving towards his home, Takuto asks Wako to sing something and she does so. Mami, now wearing her mask as Undine of Glittering Crux stands elsewhere in the woods. Sakana continues her story, saying Sam used his spear and slew the Squid Emperor, taking his blue blood. He brought it to the King, who drank the blood which was the one thing that could end his eternal life. Mami summons a Mermaidoll, a spectral being that comes out of the emblem on her chest and quickly flies towards Takuto, crashing where he was sitting. Takuto grabs Wako and flees. Tiger and Jaguar appear, helping Takuto fight the Mermaidoll. Mami collapses and her ability starts going out of control, creating numerous copies of the Mermaidoll that all walk towards Takuto. One of them grabs Wako as another attacks him. A knife thrown by Sugata hits the Mermaidoll in the head and he shouts for them to stay away from Wako. The Mermaidolls all fly into the air and then back down towards Sugata, who shouts out apprivoiser, causing an explosion of light. The Mermaidolls are all destroyed, but Sugata collapses immediately afterwards. Wako runs up to him and tries to wake him to no avail.

In the days after Wako prays at the shrine for Sugata to wake up. Takuto talks to Sarina, and is worried, feeling there’s nothing he can do. He wonders if he was just a third wheel for Wako and Sugata. Sarina says Takuto can do something for them simply by being there for them. Takuto heads to the shrine and calls out for Wako. As they talk, the sky lights blue, displaying the King’s Pillar. Sakana continues her story, saying Sam desired the King’s ship rather than his throne. The King said he would give it to him, but that he’d have to spill the blood of the girl he loved, or the ship wouldn’t sail. Sugata stands in a crater caused by the King’s Pillar, his chest glowing blue. Benio, Tetsuya and Joji have arrived, inviting him to join Glittering Crux as leader of the Emperor division. Sugata remains silent, so Benio approaches him. Takuto runs into the crater and fights off Tetsuya and Joji as Benio puts her arms around Sugata and kisses him. Takuto runs up to Sugata, who seems catatonic and slaps him. Sugata reverts to normal and raises his hand as if he’s going to use the King’s Pillar. Benio and the others leave. Sugata asks Takuto if he hit him and tells him to be careful, asking him if he wants to die. Sakana says Sam killed the girl, offering her blood to the ship’s engine as he longed more to sail out into the world. The girl had just been a flower adjourning his journey. Reiji asks if that is all and says he’s had enough of her story, walking out as Sakana removes her chains.

The next day at school Wako says good morning to Sugata, thanking him for saving her. He says not to mention it at school. She’s about to give him his present when he says he isn’t feeling well and leaves. At a Glittering Crux meeting, Reiji speaks of Sugata’s awakening and Keito criticizes Benio’s failure. Ryousuke talks to Reiji about Sakana slipping away from him, and about how he always lets his precious things go on a whim. Mizuno, the western shrine maiden sits in her room with her twin sister Marino, and decides to jump out the window onto a passing bus. Midori leads work on the electric bier and the self-repair system for cybodies and Kanako stops by. They talk about Benio’s first phase ability, usable on those she kisses. Benio kisses a picture of Sugata on her wall. Takuto goes to see Sugata on a hill. Sugata tells Takuto that his maids are to kill him if he ever tries to leave the island and that he’s been under guard since being a child. Takuto talks about the knife he’s been carrying and that Wako has been too scared to ask about it. He says Sugata doesn’t show his true face to anyone and has walls around him. Sugata tells Takuto he’s an outsider and he and Wako are forbidden from leaving the island. Takuto says he will destroy all the cybodies and then Wako will be able to leave. He mentions the present Wako brought and refused. Takuto tries to punch Sugata, who blocks him with his hand and says he could kill him with his first phase ability. Takuto says he can’t love or hate anyone enough to kill. The two talk about whether they’d have enough passion to kill. Suddenly time stops for them and Wako and they are brought to Zero-Time. A red Cybody piloted by Benio, the Pageant appears and Takuto apprivoises into the Tauburn. Benio says she has control of Sugata and with the power of his libido the Pageant turns blue, holding the power of the cybody Samekh. Sugata breaks his bonds and calls out to Takuto. The Tauburn and Pageant exchange blows and dodge each other’s attacks. Midori and Kanako are impressed at Benio’s ability to control Sugata, but Sugata is actually controlling things and willingly fighting Takuto. Sugata says Takuto doesn’t understand and that his knife is for protecting Wako. The two cybody’s fists strike each other, causing a large explosion. The Pageant crumbles into pink shards and Zero-Time ends.

The bus Mizuno is sitting on comes to a stop at the ferry and Sakana gets off of it. Mizuno says goodbye to her and Sakana gets on the ferry and leaves the island. As Mizuno sings a montage shows Kanako’s yacht; Sarina and the Vice President; Benio, Joji and Tetsuya; Sugata and Takuto sitting in a sauna together and Wako at the shrine with Keito behind her. Mizuno briefly sees Reiji looking at the sunset before leaving. Takuto goes to the boy’s bathroom and Mizuno runs in, looking out the window at a baby crow on a tree branch, about to fall. Takuto offers to help the crow in place of HER. She whispers words into his ears, saying it is a spell to make sure things go well. Takuto repeats the words and jumps out, savings the baby bird just as it falls off the branch. Mizuno jumps out the window into his arms. Marino spots them from the ground. Later, Mizuno chases the Vice President into Takuto’s classroom and hugs his arm, getting taunts from Ruri. Takuto is embarrassed when she says where they met. Sugata walks out and walks down TO the beach, meeting Reiji as he looks out at the sunset, trying to frame the horizon with his hands. Sugata asks if he is a painter. Reiji says the painting he is trying to paint is crying to be let out into the world. He speaks of it being a sin not to use talent. Sugata walks away and Reiji says he’d enjoy it if he was his new fish girl.

Mizuno shows Marino drawings she made of Takuto in their room. Marino says she should cut out trying to teach people spells as people don’t really believe her. She doesn’t think Takuto is any different. They flashback to their mother saying their father left and she was going after him, leaving on a ferry. The two of them were left with their aunt. One night while crossing a bridge Marino starts crying and Mizuno says she’ll teach her a spell that will make her feel okay. Marino feels that the spell is only for her. The next day Takuto spots Marino walking up the stairs but Wako distracts him. Ruri talks to Wako at a cafe about if Mizuno is trying to steal away Takuto. Mizuno/Marino’s aunt finds that their mother has returned to the island. Mizuno talks to herself that it doesn’t matter that their mother returned. Marino tells Mizuno she met Takuto and hugs her, saying she will always protect her. Mizuno wonders how long they can keep her being a shrine maiden a secret. Their doorbell rings. Marino goes up to the door and realizes it’s their mother outside knocking. Mizuno comes up and holds her hand, but they don’t open the door. Marino decides they should open the door and confront her or else they won’t be able to move on and Mizuno starts crying, getting angry at her being treated like the younger sister. She runs back upstairs to her bed to cry, asking why her mother had to come back now. Later, Marino stands out on a bridge in the rain, the same one from years before and her mother walks past her. Marino calls out to her and she stops. She turns around and asks who she is. Marino flashes back to Mizuno being alone and realizes she wasn’t there.

Mizuno wakes up and says hello to Marino but notices she’s gone. She says she is sick of this and that is all because her mother came back to the island. Mizuno heads to the ferry and texts an apology to Marino, also saying as long as their mother is here she’s leaving the island. Mizuno suddenly awakens, finding herself in bed again. She repeats her actions multiple times, only to appear back in bed every time she takes off from the island. Mizuno returns to the ferry and starts crying in the parking lot where Wako finds her. The two of them go inside and Mizuno asks her to hold her hand so she can realize this is reality. Wako says the air has been restless this morning and it must be her. She asks if she has tried to leave the island. Mizuno goes to Wako’s home where they eat with her grandmother. She admits to being a shrine maiden and asks Wako if she is unable to leave the island too. She says only her aunt and twin know about it. Mizuno returns home and her aunt tells her that her mother has returned to the island. Mizuno says she came here last night but she didn’t come in. Her aunt gives Mizuno an address for where her mother is, saying to do what she wants with it. She asks where Marino is and Mizuno says she doesn’t know. Her aunt asks if they argued about her mother and says she would be okay even if Marino wasn’t here. Mizuno comes to the beach where Keito is. Keito says her sister probably left the island and asks if she wants to be able to leave, revealing she knows she is a shrine maiden.

Mizuno awakens in a chair surrounded by members of Glittering Crux. She is angry at Keito for betraying her. Keito touches her chest, causing an emblem to appear her chest. Keito tells Mizuno she made a perfect clone of herself to have a fake family, causing her to realize that Marino isn’t real. She flashes back to her aunt saying she was born an only child. That day on the bridge she was crying by herself and caused Marino to appear. Mizuno appears in Zero-Time in her cybody, the Menma. Takuto appears in Zero-Time just in time to see the Menma start lowering from the sky and Reiji’s Reshbal cybody approach it. Sugata and Wako also appear in Zero-Time. The Reshbal attacks the Menma, shattering Mizuno’s seal and also transforming the seal in the sky. Takuto rushes to Mizuno, who lowers from the sky. Reiji announces that he has led them to the third phase and will today destroy the Tauburn. Reiji asks Takuto if he thought he was the only Galactic Pretty Boy. Takuto apprivoises into the Tauburn which rushes towards the Reshbal. The two attack with lasers that detach from their waists, then fight with their swords in close combat. Takuto fires a Tau Galaxy Beam to no avail. The Reshbal knocks the Tauburn to the ground. Reiji says his libido flows into his blade and he will cut down Takuto. The emblem on Takuto’s chest vanishes and the Tauburn stops moving. Suddenly the emblem appears again on Takuto’s chest, enabling the Tauburn to activate and get back up and transform.

Mizuno finds herself watching Takuto with his friends Hana and Natsuo, who is excited about flying in a flying vehicle they have created. Natsuo is able to fly over the nearby lake, amazing Takuto, but then the wings break off and he falls into the water. He still comes out of the water with a smile on his face. Later at a funeral for Natsuo, Takuto asks Hana if she knew about the sickness he had; she says only he fully knew of it. Takuto repairs Natsuo’s vehicle and tries it, being able to fly over the water and hearing the voice of the world, before the vehicle falls apart again, crashing into the woods. Despite a large gash on his chest Takuto simply laughs. He talks to his grandfather about how Natsuo was restless and that made him want to be that way too. His grandfather says he found a piece of radiance and that he will give him the family’s mark. He asks Takuto if he wants to know about the father who abandoned him. Mizuno realizes he is just like her. Takuto says he wants to go to that island, not only to find his father and punch him but also because he really feels like he needs to go there. Back in the present, the Tauburn throws its sapphire sword at the Reshbal then slices away at it with its emerald sword, destroying it. Takuto is back on a bus with Mizuno, and asks if she is okay as Wako was worried about her. Mizuno says he’s always treated her like a kid and doesn’t speak to her like he does to Wako, but he’s still the Takuto she knows. He’s always been cool because he’s been honest. She says she was happy to have met him and says goodbye as they get to the ferry. Mizuno gets on the ferry which departs the island and thinks of how she’s following her mother’s actions. She will talk to her and say goodbye. She gets a call from Marino who says if the illusion never disappears, it’s real, and that she’s really here. Mizuno says she will talk to her mother for them and feels that she’ll never see her again if she doesn’t. Marino reveals herself to be right behind her, saying she doesn’t know what she’d do without her.

The Glittering Crux leaders meet again, speaking of breaking the Western Maiden’s seal and going to third phase. Benio asks where the Eastern shrine maiden is and Reiji says he already knows her identity and location, but will not reveal it yet as they still have important work to do. Benio says he is concealing many things from them. He replies that they should be more grateful after he’s provided a way for those without real marks to use cybodies. He says the world will be Glittering Crux’s, causing the audience to cheer for him. Wako walks into her classroom and sees Ruri kissing her new boyfriend. Ruri asks Wako about picking between Takuto and Sugata. Reiji stands in a hospital room over Shingo Makiba, who lays in a coma. Keito heads to Sugata’s home where she finds Tiger and Jaguar. They claim Sugata has fallen into a deep sleep and open the doors to where he is. Keito comes in and removes her robe, grabbing hold of him as the emblem on their chests glow. Sugata asks if she has always been keeping him alive, and has realized she is the Eastern Maiden. The next day Sugata and Takuto are about to do kendo. Sugata asks what it means to fall in love and if it’s a desire to create, control or something else. Takuto wonders if he’s trying to open up Takuto’s defenses. The two of them battle with each other. Later, they sit in the sauna room and Sugata comments on Takuto not making the killing blow. He thinks this is a weakness that will hurt Takuto in the future and questions if he is able to protect Wako. Later the three of them eat and Wako asks what’s wrong. Sugata says he and her are going on a date today. Later, they sit at some tables by the water. Sugata wonders if Takuto would still come to hang out with them if they were married or if he would hang out with Wako and Takuto if they got married instead. He leans towards Wako about to kiss her, but stops just in front of her and says it was a joke when she doesn’t move at all. Later Takuto and Wako are out at the cafe, which she says Sugata encouraged. A Glittering Crux meeting occurs. A column rises in the middle of everyone, revealing the new leader of the Emperor section, King (Sugata), with Keito. The various members of Glittering Crux react to Sugata joining them. Sugata puts a mask on his face and makes the Glittering Crux symbol with his hands.

The next day in school Keito silently looks at Sugata. Takuto comes up behind her and says she seems different than usual. Keito hints that something nice may have happened. The Drama Club plans their play Night Flight and a kiss that will occur during it. Takuto expresses surprise at Sugata being in a play and Wako says he did an amazing one-man play before. Sugata says he’s good at playing his role and Takuto temporarily sees Natsuo in him. Wako heads into the bathroom where Keito is. Wako comments on her and Takuto being friendlier lately. Keito says she wants to stay loyal to the man she’s had feelings towards and she’s not like her. Heading down the hall Keito runs into Kanako and Simone. Kanako asks how she got her hands on Sugata, and they realize they are members of Glittering Crux. Kanako asks why Sugata has changed his mind on joining. Keito says she doesn’t know and to ask him herself. Reiji again sees Shingo in his bed, but this time Shingo opens his eyes, calling him Tokio. He says he had a very long dream. Reiji asks if he remembered his promise. Shingo says he stopped growing up but that made things hurt more as he was left behind. Reiji says to give it to him and he’ll be okay. Shingo consents, putting his hand on Reiji’s chest and a red light appears. Takuto, Sugata and Wako stare at the sunset and talk about how beautiful it is. Takuto says they’ll see more incredible skies in the future and laugh over Wako being hungry. Keito comes across Reiji, who says he will make sure Sugata isn’t harmed. Keito stands by the water at the ruins of the Eastern Shrine and is met there by Sugata. Keito says she knew of how Sugata was in danger from Reiji, but she could pretend to work with him, sacrificing her seal if needed to help protect him. Sugata creates a blue ball of energy in his hand but then lets it fade out. He starts to walk away but Keito runs up to him and asks him to give her eternity. The two kiss. She thanks Sugata, saying he made the brightest star in her galaxy shine. He tells her to live on. Tiger and Jaguar come up and Sugata ask if they are going to kill him. Jaguar starts crying at the possibility of having to do it.

Takuto and Wako walk down the beach. Takuto wonders if he’d come to hang out if she and Sugata got married. Wako says that’s exactly what Sugata said. Suddenly time freezes and they are brought into Zero-Time. Keito’s symbol lowers from the seal in the sky. She removes her mask, revealing her face to everyone and her chest glows, causing everyone to realize she is the Eastern shrine maiden. Wako asks her what she is trying to do and the role they as maidens have. Keito says she isn’t like her and has eternity now, giving herself over to Sugata, who is standing nearby and takes off his mask, shocking Takuto and Wako. Keito apprivoises with her Cybody, Hethna. Reiji uses his Turquoise sword to shatter Keito’s seal. A giant dark Cybody, the Samekh rises from the ground. Takuto apprivoises into the Tauburn. Keito tells Wako she was sealing Samekh away. Sugata apprivoises with the Samekh. Wako heads towards it and Takuto grabs her in the Tauburn. Keito says Sugata doesn’t belong to anyone, including her. When the Southern shrine maiden’s seal is broken, Samekh will be able to go into the world and take charge of it. Keito tells Reiji his quest to take control of the cybodies was meaningless, but he simply laughs at it. He uses his cybody Sinpathy and shoots beams that strike the Samekh in the face, taking control of it. Reiji says Sinpathy can apprivoise with other cybodies and he can control Samekh and Sugata.

Takuto attacks the Sinpathy with his Tauburn. Reiji asks if he can land his strike and summons a second sword, Diamant to fight against Takuto with. Takuto uses the Galactic Cross Slash without luck. Reiji says to fight against him is to fight against Samekh and they don’t know its real power. It is trembling to consume the libido of the world, which will happen if Zero-Time is unsealed. Wako fears the entire planet will die if he does this. The Glittering Crux members also worry. Reiji says in its fifth phase, Samekh can control time and he will become a time traveler. He will relive the glorious past as much as he wants, regaining that he has lost. Kanako says Reiji’s actions are in violation and he is to be expelled from Glittering Crux. Reiji says everyone was just pawns of his. Takuto angrily yells at him and Reiji launches an attack at him with the Samekh and then the Sinpathy Wako stands before the Tauburn, guarding its attack. She apprivoises with her cybody, which the Samekh grabs hold of. The Samekh causes various previously defeated cybodies to appear around the Tauburn. Takuto fends off attacks from them. The Tauburn continues to fight them as Wako tries to hold off the Sinpathy The Glittering Crux members think of how wrong they were. Simone says they may have been early, but cybodies are one future they can reach for. The way Reiji is using cybodies is mistaken and Samekh is misshapen. She says her cybody Daletos is reaching out to her. The other Glittering Crux members feel the same. Their emblems glow and their masks shatter. Kanako says they still have some radiance left and everyone makes the Glittering Crux symbol and apprivoise into their cybodies. Tetsuya and Joji help knock away attacking cybodies from the Tauburn. The other friendly cybodies continue to defeat the dark cybodies summoned by Samekh. The cybodies all make their way towards Samekh, but Reiji says it is too late and is able to summon a King’s Pillar to knock them all away at once.

Wako continues to try and hold back Reiji’s attack. Takuto says he can still see it and launches the Tauburn towards the King’s Pillar. Parts of the Tauburn’s cockpit shatter, but Takuto still continues his way forward. Reiji breaks through the sphere guarding Wako but Takuto makes it there in the Tauburn, punching Reiji in the face and destroying his cybody. The Samekh returns to normal and starts descending. Keito says Sugata is trying to put Samekh back to sleep. Benio asks if he got into it just to seal it away. Takuto thinks back to Sugata and if he’s been planning this all along. Ryousuke says Takuto can see what he and Reiji have been unable to. Keito cries about Sugata, and says he is Wako’s after all. Takuto faces Wako and says she’s the most important person to him and that he’ll protect her no matter what happens. She says she’s hungry and Takuto breaks her seal. Zero-Time starts fading away and the Samekh rises into the sky. Wako tells Takuto to go and he ascends towards the Samekh. Wako comments on how Takuto has been putting smiles on their face since they met, and maybe that’s his first phase ability and that he couldn’t let Sugata do this. Wako says Keito was right in wanting to be loyal to only one man. She talks about how much it hurts to be in love with two guys at once. The Tauburn flies around the Samekh, avoiding it, but is eventually grabbed hold by it. The Tauburn breaks free and avoids its attacks, striking the Samekh in the face. Takuto breaks into the Samekh and sees masks everywhere. The Samekh explodes and Sugata wakes up, in the arms of the Tauburn. Takuto says he doesn’t have to say anything; he was raised to fight for the powerless. Sugata comments on how beautiful the sky is. They won’t see this one again, but will someday see a more beautiful one. The sun rises over the horizon. In the post-credits sequence, Takuto walks by some white birds in Shinjuku city and looks to the sky. He sees Wako and Sugata nearby who come to join him, as does Keito shortly afterwards. Mizuno also appears with Marino and grabs hold of Takuto’s arm. They also see Sakana, who walks towards them.


Star Driver the Movie provides very little new material to one already familiar with the TV show, but does a fairly good job at encapsulating the main story across its two and a half hour running time. The major parts of the story, the Takuto/Wako/Sugata relationship as well as the arcs of each of the shrine maidens is pretty much kept intact. Thankfully removed is the entire arc featuring Madoka and Kou, who were largely useless and arguably the worst part of the TV show. We also sacrifice most of the Vanishing Age characters, Takeo, Ginta and Tsukihiko and any involvement Marino had with them as well, reducing the Glittering Crux characters to a more manageable group. Missed somewhat is the character development of many of the supporting characters, many of whom tended to get at least one episode focused on them if not more in the TV show. Of course something had to be sacrificed to meet the movie’s running time and I can’t see them going in any other direction. Also cut is the episode-long play and most of the build up to it. We get several of the core cybody fights during the series, with most of the others being either cut or aggregated together into a brief montage. The only disappointment here is that we are missing out on some of the really interesting cybody designs that the TV show had. In terms of new footage, we get a scene at the start of the movie featuring the cybodies in the real world, as well as many of the show’s main characters off the island in the post-credits sequence. At least for the first scene we never get an explanation or tying of it into the storyline. The post-credits scene was nice at least in that it shows everyone, including all four shrine maidens off the island and is a logical scene to take place after the end of the TV series. We also get a new musical sequence a little less than a half hour in. This leaves us with less than 10 minutes of new footage which is quite the disappointment, especially in that we still don’t get a concrete answer for who Wako ends up with between Sugata and Takuto. As a compilation movie of the series, with hardly any new footage or changed storylines, my feelings of the overall plot points can be found in my reviews of the TV series episodes. If one is looking to get the major plot points of Star Driver without having to spend the time watching all 25 episodes this movie provides that, although the character development was such a huge piece of the show that you are losing by only checking this out.

Overall Rating
Star Driver Info

Takuya Igarashi

Yoji Enokido

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shigeto Koyama
Yasuyuki Kai
Takahiro Shikama

Character Designer(s):
Yoshiyuki Ito
Hiroka Mizuya
Misa Mizuya

Musical Composer(s):
Satoru Kousaki

26 episodes; 1 compilation movie

Japan 10.03.2010 – 04.03.2011

Theatrical Release:
Japan 02.09.2013


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