Half Track Type Personnel Carrier

General and Technical Data Model number: N/ACode name: Half Track Type Personnel CarrierUnit type: armored personnel carrierManufacturer: Earth Federation ForcesOperator: Earth Federation ForcesFirst deployment: unknownDimensions: unknownWeight: unknownPropulsion: unknownEquipment and design features: unknownFixed ...

RGM-79GS GM Command Space

General and Technical Data Model number: RGM-79GSCode name: GM Command SpaceUnit type: mass production space combat mobile suitManufacturer: Earth Federation ForcesOperator(s): Earth Federation Forces; Zeon RemnantsFirst deployment: UC 0079Accommodation: pilot ...

RGM-79G GM Command

General and Technical Data Model number: RGM-79GCode name: GM CommandUnit type: mass production general purpose mobile suitManufacturer: Earth Federation ForcesOperator: Earth Federation ForcesFirst deployment: UC 0079Accommodation: pilot only, in standard ...

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