VA-3C Invader Custom

Battroid mode Attacker mode Battroid mode Attacker mode General and Technical Data Model number: VA-3CCode name: Invader CustomUnit type: mass production variable attack craftManufacturer: Northrom GrummanOperator: pirates/smugglersRollout: unknownFirst deployment: unknownAccommodation: pilot ...

VT-1 Battroid Work

General and Technical Data Model number: VT-1Code name: Battroid WorkUnit type: construction variable fighterManufacturer: unknownOperator: U.N. SpacyRollout: unknownFirst deployment: unknownAccommodation: unknownDimensions: unknownWeight: unknownArmor materials: unknownPowerplant: unknownPropulsion: unknownPerformance: unknownThrust-to-weight ratio: unknownEquipment and design features: sensors, range unknown; construction tool, mounted ...

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