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The Big O Act 9: Beck is Back


A large yellow Mega Deus smashes its way into a prison. Beck lays in his cell, waiting to be freed. Roger and Dorothy drive to a mansion in one of the domes. Roger and Dorothy are brought in to see Mr. Wise, who says that his son Francis, slated to become Chairman of the Wise Group, has been kidnapped. Mr. Wise claims he has not told the police about the kidnapping and that the kidnappers are demanding a $2 million dollar ransom. The phone rings, and Roger picks it up. The kidnapper, Beck, is on the line. Roger plays hardball, saying there is no money and that he wants to hear Francis. Nervous about Roger playing hardball, Mr. Wise grabs the phone but Beck hangs up. Mr. Wise is quite angry, and tells Roger that he is fired and to get out. Roger warns Mr. Wise not to immediately give the kidnappers what they want. Back at Roger’s mansion, Dorothy models for a painting that Roger works on. Mr. Wise calls and as a result Roger and Dorothy return to Mr. Wise’s mansion. Mr. Wise admits that he paid the ransom but Francis hasn’t been returned. Roger explains that Mr. Wise refusing to haggle, the kidnappers will never give Francis up. Roger and Dorothy return to Roger’s mansion, where Dastun is waiting for him. Dastun tells Roger that Beck has broken out of prison and has a bone to pick with him. Roger claims he hasn’t seen him. Dastun is upset to hear a bottle of alcohol he’d been looking for has been drunken already. Later, at Mr. Wise’s mansion, Roger picks up the phone. Beck is now asking for $3 million dollars. Realizing he is talking to Roger, Beck demands Mr. Wise be put on the phone. Mr. Wise gives in to the demand and tells Roger that he as negotiator is to hand over the money. Roger thinks Mr. Wise is hiding something from him. Roger and Dorothy drive out to an old cabin in the woods and hear a loud noise. Roger and Dorothy head inside where they find Francis, tied up. Suddenly a large number of Military police cars, led by Dastun, show up. Roger thinks he’s been set up and automatically directs his car remotely to head to the back of the cabin. Roger and Dorothy head out back and jump out of the window into his car, enabling them to escape from the Military Police. Roger changes the color of the car to red to avoid being found. Dorothy says Francis has different eyes than his father. Roger thinks to how Francis was born 40 years ago when everyone lost their memory.

Roger and Dorothy arrive at Mr. Wise’s mansion where Roger says that Francis isn’t his real son. Mr. Wise talks about what happened to him and his lover, Mary, who fell in love out of loneliness when they lost their memories 40 years ago. Francis was later born, which resulted in Mary’s death, but Francis’s differing features made it clear that Mr. Wise was not the father. Mr. Wise tells Roger that the kidnappers initially requested industrial material, not just cash, and the material was left at a warehouse in one of the eastern domes. While leaving, Dorothy asks Roger if losing one’s memory makes them lonely. Roger has a hard time answering. Dorothy says she’ll hold off on asking a second question which she claims to be a tougher one. Beck and his henchmen celebrate with their money. Beck doesn’t mind having missed out on a second payment in order to get revenge on Roger. Suddenly, Roger’s car bursts through the warehouse window. Roger and Dorothy get out of the car and narrowly dive away as Beck causes a large anchor to slam down onto Roger’s car. Dorothy is lifted up by a large magnetic device which Beck uses to bring her to him. Beck says he figured they’d drop in and inserts a device into Dorothy’s head. Roger angrily lunges at Beck, who is able to knock him away. Beck directs Dorothy using a device contained in a pen. Dorothy moves in towards Roger and hugs him very tightly, hurting him. Suddenly the device short circuits and Dorothy collapses. Roger removes the device from Dorothy’s head and destroys it. Beck calls for his Mega Deus, ‘Beck’s Victory Deluxe’ to show up and it bursts through the floor. Roger flees the warehouse with Dorothy in his arms as Beck’s Victory Deluxe bursts out and starts chasing him. Beck’s Victory Deluxe stomps on a building that Roger runs into. Suddenly Big O bursts up through the ground below Beck’s Victory Deluxe, knocking it over. Beck’s Victory Deluxe runs away and fires at Big O as it does so. Beck and his henchmen are confident for a second, but suddenly two chained anchors burst from Big O and slam into Beck’s Victory Deluxe. It fires at Big O with its finger lasers, shattering the chains. It fires on Big O again but the laser bounces off Big O when the laser strikes it. Big O runs towards Beck’s Victory Deluxe and grabs onto it, destroying it with a single punch. Big O holds the head of Beck’s victory Deluxe, with Beck and his goons still inside, and crushes the head in his hands. Big O heads towards the Military Police Headquarters where Roger drops the crushed head of Beck’s Victory Deluxe, with Beck and his henchmen inside. Mr. Wise arrives, saying he can explain. Later, Roger finishes his painting of Dorothy. Norman looks at the device Beck used to control Dorothy, thinking her superior system shorted it out. Roger thinks Dorothy shorted it out by herself. Norman says to prevent his from happening again they may want to swap out her memory circuits. Roger asks to leave her be since she had been meaning to ask him something. Later Dorothy comes out onto the balcony to see Roger. Roger asks her what her second question was. She asks if the two of them had met with no memories whether they would fall in love as Mr. Wise and Mary did. Roger has a surprised reaction and she says she warned him it would be a tough question.


Somewhat more of a comedic episode with Beck returning and Mr. Wise constantly bungling things up. The plan to frame Roger by Beck is one of the few weak storylines the series has, as I find it very hard to believe that Dastun would fall for such a thing given his relationship with Roger (and it is ignored after this episode as if it had never happened). As often is the case, the Roger – Dorothy relationship is the strength of the episode. Roger shows a lot of emotion towards her when Beck tampers with her, and decides to not swap out her memory circuits, despite the risk, showing how much he’s grown to care about her.

Overall Rating
The Big O Info

Kazuyoshi Katayama

Chiaki J. Konaka
Kazuyoshi Katayama
Keiichi Hasegawa
Masanao Akahoshi
Shin Yoshida

Mechanical Designer:
Keiichi Satou

Character Designer:
Keiichi Satou

Musical Composer:
Toshihiko Sahashi

26 episodes

Japan 10.13.1999 – 01.19.2000 (S1); 01.02.2003 – 03.23.2003 (S2)
U.S. 04.02.2001 – 04.18.2001 (S1); 08.03.2003 – 11.02.2003 (S2)


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