Trigun (TV series)

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Trigun is a TV series that aired in Japan in 1998 and is an adaptation of Yasuhiro Nightow’s manga of the same name. Produced by Madhouse, the series’ staff includes director Satoshi Nishimura, writer Yousuke Kuroda, mechanical designer Noriyuki Jinguji, character designer Takahiro Yoshimatsu and composer Tsuneo Imahori. Set in the far future on the desert planet Gunsmoke, the story focuses on Vash the Stampede, the world’s most wanted outlaw with a $$60 billion bounty on his head. In 2003, the TV series aired on Adult Swim in North America. The series was initially released on home video in North America by Pioneer Entertainment, but it has since been re-released by Crunchyroll (formerly Funimation).

Trigun Info

Satoshi Nishimura

Yousuke Kuroda
Yasuhiro Nightow (manga)

Mechanical Designer:
Noriyuki Jinguji

Character Designer:
Takahiro Yoshimatsu

Musical Composer:
Tsuneo Imahori

Japan 04.01.1998 – 09.30.1998
U.S. 03.31.2003 – 05.13.2003


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