∀ Gundam Ep. 47: Ghingnham Invades


In Ameria, Sweatson’s Mahiroos attack cities and destroy the defending Borjarnons and Bull One planes. Keith and Belleen are caught in the attack and are knocked down a hill when their truck is destroyed. Keith sees that Belleen is injured and vows never to forgive Gym. Elsewhere, the Almaiya enters Earth’s atmosphere from the South Pole to avoid detection. Lily asks Kihel to make sure that Dianna has a meeting with her father. Sid repairs the Core Fighter, and Harry says he thinks Gym will head for Vicinity. Back in Ameria, Joseph complains about how bad the situation has become. Keith puts Belleen in a bed so she can rest, and she says when she gets better she wants to visit Anise. Keith wonders what he can do and is surprised when Guin’s airship drops anchor nearby. Guin has him and Horace brought aboard because he wants them to have the Moonrace on Earth help him. Horace asks Guin if he knows what Gym is doing, and Guin says Gym is attacking the capitals of fiefdoms across the country. Mahiroos attack the capital of Luziana, and Lord Borjarno is evacuated from the city. Horace asks Guin what he saw on the Moon, and Guin says it was Earth’s future. Horace and Keith leave to think, and Guin tells Merrybell he wants to win the people’s hearts without weapons. Horace thinks it’s pathetic how Guin is confused by the promise of power. Joseph and Mallygan land nearby in the Flat and ask why an airship was there. Keith lies and says that it came to pick up bread. Joseph and Mallygan ask them if they know anything about Gym’s mobile suits. The wind suddenly picks up unnaturally, and Horace says it is the wind of an Almaiya landing.

Mallygan panics and wants Joseph to attack, but Joseph says that the Almaiya isn’t an enemy. Fran is the first one out of the ship and runs down to hug Joseph. Loran apologizes to Keith for going back to their hometown and not bringing him along. Later, everyone settles into the bakery to decide what they will do. Dianna wants to destroy the Turn A, but there is still the problem of Gym and his forces. Horace says he wants to join with Guin and find out what he is up to. The Willghem approaches, and Guin tells Michael to prepare the mobile suits. He stands on the ship’s hull to make an announcement. Lily uses the Borjarnon’s radio to reply to Guin and tell him her father is now allied with Dianna. Guin asks Loran how he will defeat Gym without the Turn A, and Loran asks him to return the Willghem to Dianna. Kihel tells him that weapons will only bring about the Dark History again, and Guin asks them how they can stand to have the Earth so far behind the Moon. The Militia attacks the Willghem, and Guin runs back inside the ship. Three Mahiroos launch and begin attacking the Militia. Guin wants the Mahiroos to stop, but the pilots don’t listen to him. Keith and Fran get into a truck to evacuate with Belleen. Loran takes off in the Core Fighter and is joined by Harry’s Sumo and another Sumo. Merrybell launches in the Turn A and tries to attack the Almaiya. Harry destroys a Mahiroo, and Loran tries to destroy the Turn A’s cockpit. Merrybell fires her beam rifle, and the Almaiya fires its beam cannon to cancel it out, but the blast destroys the bakery. Guin tells Merrybell he will shoot her if she keeps attacking. The Willghem retreats, and Dianna tells Keith she wants him to keep making bread to create a peaceful environment.


As the end of the series approaches, the tension continues to rise. Guin’s desire to advance the Earth’s technology doesn’t seem to be going so well. Guin seems to think his trip to Earth is an excuse to conquer it. Perhaps a unified Earth will be ready for new technology. It kind of reminds me of when the New Earth Federation began conquering Earth to reunite it in Gundam X. I think Guin is starting to realize things aren’t going as he’s planned and that he’s in a situation he’s not in control of. We see Keith again after a very long absence, and both Horace and Joseph have come back from Manupichi. The freakish Merrybell proves that she is a very dangerous opponent, and especially so in the Turn A. It won’t be easy for Loran to get it back from her, but he’ll have to if he ever hopes to defeat Gym and end the war.

Overall Rating
∀ Gundam Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Ichiro Okouchi
Ai Ota
Miya Asakawa
Katsuhiko Chiba
Tetsuko Takahashi
Hiroyuki Hoshiyama
Jiro Takayama
Minoru Onoya

Mechanical Designer(s):
Syd Mead
Mahiro Maeda
Kunio Okawara
Takumi Sakura
Atsushi Shigeta

Character Designer:
Akira Yasuda

Musical Composer:
Yoko Kanno

50 episodes; 2 compilation movies

Japan 04.02.1999 – 04.14.2000

Theatrical Release:
Japan 02.09.2002 – 02.10.2002


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