∀ Gundam Ep. 7: Training to be a Lady


At the mountain cycle, Sid tells Joseph he is going off to look for more mobile suit weapons. Sochie asks Joseph to fix her Kapool, but he says he needs parts. He says fixing the Turn A is especially hard because it’s one of a kind. Sochie wakes up Loran because he has to use the Turn A to move heavy objects. Loran wonders about preparing for war during the cessation of hostilities, and Miashei says that is when they are the most vulnerable. Loran says he wants to meet Dianna, and Sochie thinks that’s foolish. On the Soleil, Phil is brought before a panel of soldiers and explains that they don’t understand because they weren’t on the frontline. In another part of the ship, Dianna tells Miran that they should have a social party with Guin’s people so they can understand each other better. In Nocis, Keith tells Belleen Bond, the daughter of the bakery’s owner, that he will keep selling bread. He finds that Nocis is mostly empty from all the battles. At the Moonrace camp, Keith is roughed up when Nocis citizens attack the Moonrace soldiers. One of the soldiers tries Keith’s bread and says the Moonrace will be willing to buy all of it. Guin holds a meeting with the nobles and decides he wants to attack the Moonrace now that they have mobile suits. He receives a message from Dianna about the party and scraps his plan. However, two of the nobles send out birds with message to fulfill their own plans. Joseph wants to talk to Loran about a recent discovery, but Sochie tells him he was summoned by Guin. Guin tells Loran that he will attend the party and that Kihel will help him. Kihel puts him in a dress and says that as ‘Laura Rolla’ he will show the Moonrace that the Militia has strong female pilots. Kihel puts a corset on Loran and shows him how to walk like a lady. At the Donkey Bakery, Keith is asked by a Moonrace soldier to make a big cake of the Earth and the Moon for a party. Keith and Belleen make a nice cake, but it’s too heavy and he falls into it while fixing it.

Kihel continues training Loran and shows him how to dance with a dummy. Loran doesn’t like it, but he has no choice. Later, Fran waits in the press area as guests arrive for the party. Loran appears in the Turn A carrying Guin and Kihel in his hand. They all get off the suit, and when Fran takes pictures she realizes that Laura Rolla is Loran. Harry’s flight booster equipped Sumo lands nearby, and he asks Guin if Loran is the Turn A’s pilot. Inside, the party seems quite stale. No one from the Moonrace wants to speak to Earth people, and the same vice versa. Loran decides he and Kihel will have to talk to Moonrace people if anything is ever going to change. Miran tells Dianna that someone should be sent over to speak to Earth people, and Harry volunteers. He approaches Loran and asks him to dance. He asks Loran how he got the Turn A, and Loran explains that he found it at a mountain. He also says that after that they found many more mobile suits and that the Moonrace cannot bully them with the advantage of mobile suits any longer. Guin interrupts their dance and asks if he can introduce Loran to Dianna. In the kitchen, Keith helps prepare a new cake and waits for the delivery of the table that will hold it. Loran is brought before Dianna, and she thinks he is pretty. He asks if she has come to Earth to start a war, and she says she wants peace. He asks if she will work hard for that, and she says she will. She asks Guin if he wants to restart negotiations, and he agrees. The cake is brought in, and as Dianna approaches it, Militia soldiers jump out and throw darts at her. Guin knocks her safely away and tries to grab the men as they escape. Loran runs off to capture them with the Turn A. He grabs two of them, but they escape. Harry and his men find breathing devices and wonder if they were Moonrace. Miran tells Guin that the men were killed and discovered to be of the Militia. He tells Guin he will have to lead the Militia if negotiations are to continue. Miran gets into a shuttle with Harry and says they are lucky Dianna wasn’t hurt. Harry thinks about how Kihel and Dianna look identical.


Astute viewers will probably notice how many times Guin mispronounced Loran’s name and called him Laura. Well, the Moonrace caught on to that, and now Guin carries out the sham in full force. It’s always embarrassing when a guy must dress like a woman, and it’s fun to watch Kihel harass Loran and train him to be a lady. We also see Keith again here, and it seems like the Donkey Bakery isn’t doing so well. War is bad for business, but it’s also good for business when the Moonrace decides to buy his bread. However, his cake is a failure, and the second one is used in an attempt to assassinate Dianna. This time it doesn’t seem like Guin was responsible for it, but that won’t make him look any better in the eyes of the suspicious Moonrace.

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∀ Gundam Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Ichiro Okouchi
Ai Ota
Miya Asakawa
Katsuhiko Chiba
Tetsuko Takahashi
Hiroyuki Hoshiyama
Jiro Takayama
Minoru Onoya

Mechanical Designer(s):
Syd Mead
Mahiro Maeda
Kunio Okawara
Takumi Sakura
Atsushi Shigeta

Character Designer:
Akira Yasuda

Musical Composer:
Yoko Kanno

50 episodes; 2 compilation movies

Japan 04.02.1999 – 04.14.2000

Theatrical Release:
Japan 02.09.2002 – 02.10.2002


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