Uraga class


Class: Uraga
Ships of the line: CV-404 Uraga, CV-406 Brampton, CV-412 Aberdeen, CV-417 KeflavikCV-565 Saratoga II, CVS-670 Rakayou, CVS-707 Velagulf, CVS-720 Fahrion, CVS-761 VandegliftKeigaMagellanShanghai III
Unit type:
 escort space carrier
Manufacturer: unknown
Operator(s): U.N. Spacy; New U.N. Spacy
First deployment: unknown
Dimensions: overall length approx 550.0 meters
Weight: standard operating displacement 25,000.0 metric tons
Powerplant: OverTechnology advanced heat pile system cluster, power output rating unknown
Propulsion: OverTechnology main engine thruster; many x OverTechnology vernier thruster; OverTechnology fold system
Performance: unknown
Equipment and design features: sensors, range unknown; OverTechnology gravity control system
Fixed armaments: many x anti-ship/fighter weapon, mounted across vessel
Mecha/aircraft: 2045: 75 x VF-11C Thunderbolt; 2059: many x VF-171 Nightmare Plus

The Uraga class escort carrier was developed by U.N. Spacy as the next generation successor to the earlier Guantanamo class stealth carrier. Like the Guantanamo, the Uraga was built with stealth in mind and was also assigned to planetary defense and migrant fleets. It featured a multi-deck launching system and could accommodate up to 75 variable fighters. Its armaments included anti-ship/fighter weapons. Although the Uraga acted as a successor to the Guantanamo, the two classes frequently served side-by-side, as late as 2067.

First appearance: Macross Plus
Original mechanical designer: Kazutaka Miyatake


Underside view (Version 2)

Macross Plus Info

Shoji Kawamori
Shinichiro Watanabe

Keiko Nobumoto

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Kazutaka Miyatake

Character Designer:
Masayuki Yamaguchi

Musical Composer:
Yoko Kanno

Video Release:
Japan 08.25.1994 – 06.25.1995
U.S. 02.28.1995 – 04.16.1996

4 episodes; 1 compilation movie

Theatrical Release:
Japan 09.30.1995
U.S. 12.14.2021


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