VF-4G Lightning III


Model number: VF-4G
Code name: Lightning III
Unit type: mass production variable fighter
Manufacturer: Stonewell Bellcom
Operator: U.N. Spacy
Rollout: February AD 2012
First deployment: September AD 2012
Accommodation: pilot only, in standard canopy-style cockpit
Dimensions: overall height 5.31 meters (Fighter mode); overall length 16.8 meters (Fighter mode); wingspan 12.65 meters (Fighter mode)
Weight: empty 13.95 metric tons; max gross unknown
Armor materials: space metal material frame; SWAG energy conversion armor
Powerplant: 2 x Shinnakasu Heavy Industry/P&W/Roice FF-2011(+) thermonuclear reaction turbine engine, power output rating unknown; 2 x ramjet engine
Propulsion: 2 x 16,500 kg (2 x 161.87 kN); many x P&W LHP04 HMM-1A high maneuverability vernier thruster
Performance: Fighter mode: maximum level atmospheric speed at 10,000 meters: Mach 3.25; maximum level atmospheric speed at 30,000+ meters: Mach 5.33
Thrust-to-weight ratio: empty 2.37
Equipment and design features: sensors, range unknown
Fixed armaments: 2 x large beam cannon, mounted on forward engines in Fighter mode and lower arms in GERWALK/Battroid modes; 12 x long-range missile, mounted on engines and ventral fuselage; many x missile, mounted on 2 x underwing pylon
Optional fixed armaments: Howard 3-barrel GU-11 55mm Gatling gun pod, 200 rounds fired at 1,200 round/min, stored under main body in Fighter mode, hand-carried in Battroid and GERWALK modes

The VF-4G Lightning III was a variant of the standard VF-4 manufactured by Stonewell Bellcom for U.N. Spacy. The VF-4G utilized improved Shinnakasu/P&W/Roice engines that offered higher thruster output over the original VF-4. Two VF-4Gs were used by ace pilots Maximilian Jenius and Milia Fallyna Jenius during their time in the Dancing Skull Squadron, and painted in their distinctive blue and red color schemes. Thanks to its improved engines, the VF-4G remained in service as late as 2047, long after the introduction of its successor, the VF-11 Thunderbolt.

Pilot(s): Mahara Fabrioh, Maximilian Jenius, Milia Fallyna Jenius
First appearance: Macross Digital Mission VF-X
Original mechanical designer: Shoji Kawamori



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