Victory Gundam Ep. 11: The Shrike Team Bulwark


The Camion transport continues its journey, and Shahkti tells Uso she wants to go back to Kasarelia. He says she wants to go back to find her mother, and she says he doesn’t want to so he can find Katejina. He replies that only the League Militaire may know where his parents are. Their conversation is interrupted when the transport arrives at the EFF’s Becheyne Base, which is point DD. A Jamesgun mobile suit signals them to approach. At they base they find two complete Victory Gundams, and Romero argues with a pilot named Roberto Gomez because he wants to attack the Largaine base and avenge Oi Nyung. Gomez thinks that’s crazy and says his job is to transport the Gundams into space. Uso hears him mention Hangerg Evin, his father, and he starts asking questions. Everyone he asks refuses to say anything. Odelo approaches Uso and tells him it’s annoying to asks those things of the Feddies. Uso says he needs to know, and their argument escalates into a fight. Junko and the other Shrike girls watch the fight and bet on who will win. Elsewhere, a Tomliat squad commanded by a young woman named Lupe Cineau examines the wreckage from the last battle and searches for the Camion transport. Lupe figures the Camion group went to a nearby town to the south and goes on her own to investigate. Uso and Odelo continue to fight, and Shahkti tells him to stop. She gives him a cloth to wipe away the blood, but he ignores her when she asks why he was fighting. At the nearby town, Lupe is told by several drunks in a bar that the Camion group was headed towards Becheyne. Before leaving, she kills everyone inside the bar. Uso’s wounds are patched up, and he is told that his father is part of the League Militaire and is possibly one of the founders. Odelo tells him his father is probably connected to the people at Arti Gibraltar, so he can probably find something there. He says he wants a reason to go there. Suddenly, Kou and Otsu battle bikes attack, and the Shrike Team launches in their Gun-EZ suits.

Uso and Odelo return to the base, and he finds that Shahkti is missing. He takes off in his hovercraft to find her, followed by Odelo, Warren and Suzy. Marbet and Oliver argue with Gomez because he just wants to escape, and they want to fight off the enemy. They decide to take out two of the Victory Gundams. Duker fires a signal flare, and the Tomliats join in the attack. Odelo tells Uso to go back and fight while they search for Shahkti. Uso returns to the transport plane and grabs his Victory Gundam. As Marbet and Oliver fight off the Gattarls, he is engaged with the Tomliats. Lupe spots the PCST (Public Corporation of Space Transport) plane and doesn’t understand why it’s there. Odelo finds Shahkti in the forest planting seeds and totally oblivious to the situation. There is a nearby explosion and Uso nearly falls on them, but she doesn’t notice. Odelo forcibly grabs her and drives off. Junko destroys two bikes and provides cover for Uso until Shahkti is away. The enemy comes too close to the plane, and Gomez decides to take off. Lupe realizes that the PCST plane is really an EFF plane in disguise, so she attacks it. Another of the Tomliats moves in to attack, but Helen slices the cockpit with her beam saber. However, the Tomliat crushes her cockpit in turn. The plane’s engines are damaged, and Marbet and Oliver support it with their Victory Gundams. Uso fights with Lupe and ejects the Bottom Fighter, which she destroys. He and one the Shrikes both slice into the Tomliat, forcing Lupe to eject. As the plane is about to take off, Odelo drives the hovercraft behind it and quickly gets aboard with everyone else. The plane takes off with the help of Marbet and Oliver’s Victory Gundams. Junko notices someone is missing, and all of the Shrike Team mourns the loss of Helen. Back on the ground, Duker and Renda examine the Gun-EZ and see that the strength of the League Militaire is quickly increasing. The PCST plane heads southwest for Arti Gibraltar, and Shahkti looks at Katejina’s letter, which tells Uso to go to Arti Gibraltar.


Another one bites the dust thanks to Kill ‘Em All Tomino. However, I think the death of Helen was premature. She only appeared in the last episode, so her death really doesn’t affect me. At least Oi Nyung’s did because he was in many episodes, but not her. Uso and Odelo don’t seem to get along for a bit earlier in the episode, but by the end everything is okay again. And just what is it with Shahkti? She was planting seeds like a mad woman, despite the fact hat there was a battle directly overhead. Has all the constant fighting caused her to lose it? We’re also introduced to a new character here, the cute but lethal Lupe Cineau. Also, I’m glad that the characters are in the air because I was starting to get a bit tired of their long trek through the forest. Now that that portion is over, the story can speed up a bit hopefully.

Overall Rating
Victory Gundam Info


Yoshiyuki Tomino

Sukehiro Tomita
Ken Oketani
Kazuhiro Kanbe
Hideki Sonoda
Minoru Onoya

Mechanical Designer(s):
Hajime Katoki
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Hiroshi Osaka

Musical Composer:
Akira Senju

51 episodes

Japan 04.02.1993 – 03.25.1994


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