Victory Gundam Ep. 15: Space Dust


Uso’s shuttle prepares to launch from Arti Gibraltar. He asks Shahkti to come with him, but she says she’s going back to Kasarelia with Odelo, Warren and Suzy to wait for her parents. Uso gets aboard the small shuttle with the pilot and Marbet. They don’t realize that Warren and Odelo have sneaked aboard. A crying Suzy tells Shahkti that she can’t find Warren or Odelo anywhere. Marbet tells Uso she is going to space to find Jinn, and he tells her he is going to find his parents. As the shuttle moves around the launch area, Warren and Odelo come out from hiding. They want to take pictures of the pilot held hostage, so they make Marbet wear stockings on her head like a terrorist and point a gun at the captain and Uso. The shuttle launches and heads for space, and Shahkti imagines that she will go to space soon as well. Elsewhere, Cronicle gets out of his Tomliat and goes inside the shuttle with Katejina and Fuala. He shows Katejina how to move around in zero gravity, and she goes to get some drinks. They are told that the Bagley team is attacking Keilas Guilie, and Cronicle decides to investigate. He launches in his Tomliat and enters the battlefield. Near Keilas Guilie, Javelin suits fight against Zoloat suits. He sees that the Bagley Team has only one ship left, and he forces them to surrender by destroying the bridge. He then fires a signal flare for surrender, and the Javelin pilots give up. Nearby, the beam barrier protecting Uso’s shuttle breaks down. The captain puts on a normal suit and goes outside to fix it and an air leak as well. The beam barrier reactivates, but it becomes unstable again and shuts off. A piece of debris hits him and knocks him unconscious. Uso, Odelo and Warren put on normal suits to go out and help him. Marbet says they won’t be used to space since they are from Earth, but Uso says they have no choice. With the suits on, Uso and the others go out into space and look at the Earth in the background.

Uso goes out into space and has some trouble moving. Odelo and Warren help him in getting the pilot and fixing the leak on the shuttle. At the attack satellite Keilas Guilie, Cronicle and Fuala have dinner with the base’s commander, Tassilo. Fuala says she is ready to accept the jury’s sentence for her actions at Arti Gibraltar, and Tassilo tells her he is the jury. Back at the shuttle, the beam barrier fails again. Uso decides to take the Victory Gundam out to shoot the debris away. As the bay doors open, a piece of debris slams into them. Uso punches the debris and knocks it away. With Odelo’s help he blasts colony debris that floats towards them. Uso sees something strange and realizes it’s a building floating around with an Abigor mobile suit next to it. Odelo figures it probably came from some colony. Tassilo decides that Fuala’s fate is in Cronicle’s hands, and he also promotes Cronicle to Captain. Uso decides to move in closer and investigate the building. What he finds is two BESPA soldiers, and he is warned to go away by one of them. When he doesn’t, the soldier shoots at him. He says he doesn’t want the reputation of his men to be ruined by the charity of a Feddie. Uso says he’s just with PCST, and the soldier asks why he has an EFF mobile suit. Fuala puts on a normal suit with three days worth of oxygen and is shot out of Keilas Guilie. This punishment is affectionately called “exile,” but she figures this is less embarrassing than being placed on the guillotine. Uso decides to give the soldiers some oxygen tanks despite Odelo’s objections, and the soldier says he is embarrassed by such an act. Uso says it’s customary to help people where he comes from. The soldier says his name is Godwald Hein, and Uso leaves. He and Odelo use the Victory Gundam to return to the shuttle. Uso is about to shoot some more debris, but Marbet tells him it’s just the solar power satellite Hiland.


It’s about time that this series got into space. For a Gundam show it is a bit unusual, because almost series begins in space. Now that this series is in space, hopefully the story will speed up a bit. I have no idea why Warren and Odelo wanted to take pictures of Marbet as a bandit, but it sure was funny to see. On the Zanscare side, while things seem to be looking up for Cronicle, they are certainly quite bad for Fuala. Her “exile” is certainly not the type of exile that I would want to have. Dying alone in space must be a horrible death. We’re also introduced to the new character Tassilo Wago, who seems to be a very stern man I wouldn’t want to cross paths with. And what was going on with those two soldiers in that building? That was pretty weird.

Overall Rating
Victory Gundam Info


Yoshiyuki Tomino

Sukehiro Tomita
Ken Oketani
Kazuhiro Kanbe
Hideki Sonoda
Minoru Onoya

Mechanical Designer(s):
Hajime Katoki
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Hiroshi Osaka

Musical Composer:
Akira Senju

51 episodes

Japan 04.02.1993 – 03.25.1994


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