Victory Gundam Ep. 20: Eve of the Decisive Battle


On the Reineforce, Gomez and Jinn argue about their next strategy. Jinn wants to use Hiland’s microwaves as a cannon, but Gomez says they can’t afford a direct assault on Keilas Guilie. Uso interrupts and says they could use either the Gaunland or Reineforce as a shield. Jinn thinks that’s crazy, and Uso also says there are more ways to use a microwave than just as a cannon. Romero and some others think about it and realize they can use the microwaves to inflict headaches and stomach cramps for a brief period of time. Odelo asks Uso how they could find Shahkti and Suzy now, and Uso says they can use the confusion to sneak out. They go down to tell the others, and Romero calls Tomas to the bridge. When Tomas returns he says they want him to prepare the microwave to fire and that the effects will last for only five minutes. As the Shrike Team prepares to launch, Marbet and Oliver talk about how Junko doesn’t like the Gaunland pilots. Oliver says that Junko probably needs something to complain about to feel better, and Marbet says soon it will be the same with her. Oliver doesn’t notice what she says and keeps talking about the battle. Uso shows up, and Oliver gives him his battle orders. The Aeneas and Sinope launch, and nearby enemy Sinopes detect them and launch their Zoloats. With Javelins blocking the deck, Uso and Junko launch without the catapult. Junko tells Uso he needs to be more aware when fighting in space, and the attack begins. The Victory Gundam‘s head is damaged, but Uso still manages to destroy a Zoloat. Nearby, Peggie and Oliver fight off some Zoloats, and Uso slices another one apart. Uso asks Junko if she likes Oliver, and she tells him that’s not his business. On Keilas Guilie, Tassilo orders Cronicle to take Shahkti back to the capital so that she’ll be safe. Cronicle wants to fight in the new Contio, but Tassilo says Shahkti is important to the Empire’s future. Katejina leaves her room and sees Suzy and Shahkti. They ask her why she is there, and she asks the same of them. Shahkti says that they are telling her many things and treating them well.

Uso returns to the Reineforce, and the mechanics begin placing a new head on the Victory Gundam. Uso goes to get a drink and overhears Oliver and Marbet talking about Junko. Oliver says that Junko fights too aggressively and that he has to stick near her as back-up just in case. Uso rests in his room and watches video of Junko in Haro’s image bubbles. He thinks about how Helen, Kite and Mahalia died, and he goes over to the Shrike Team’s room. He wakes up Junko and says he doesn’t want her to die. She asks him why he’s saying that, and he says she fights too aggressively. She says he thinks that only because he’s an amateur and tells him not to worry. The microwave broadcast begins, and the Reineforce sets off with the remote controlled Gaunland. Uso returns to the mobile suit deck and finds that his suit has been upgraded to the V-Dash Gundam, complete with a new set of overhang cannons and additional thrusters and verniers. On Keilas Guilie, Katejina and Shahkti have terrible headaches, and Suzy runs to the bathroom with diarrhea. All over the station the crew are unable to do anything, including pilots. Cronicle encounters a huge line of pilots waiting to get to the toilets. Uso and Marbet launch together, followed by Juca’s Javelins, which are carrying missile launchers. Uso fires his overhang cannons at the BESPA ships, as do the Javelins with their missile launchers. Junko’s Gun-EZ aggressively attacks suits and battleships and eventually gets caught in Zoloat beam wires. Oliver helps her out and says she is too aggressive, and Marbet thinks he is acting as more than Junko’s back-up. Cronicle wants to launch in the Contio, but the mechanics tell him it isn’t ready yet. Shahkti knows that Uso is coming, and when Katejina asks how she knows that, Shahkti says she just feels it. Uso is attacked head on by a Zoloat, and Peggie shoots it in the head. Uso then destroys it and is told by Peggie to be more careful. Uso continues on alone and sees a dead BESPA pilot floating by. He sees that if he isn’t careful he can end up like that as well.


We have the beginning of a two part story here, and there’s plenty going on. One of the threads running through here is how Uso is caught in the middle between the problems of Oliver, Junko and Marbet. Marbet has never had any love for the Shrike Team, but it seems her jealousy has reached a higher level. Oliver tries to explain his situation, but he is very inept…almost as bad as Warren and Odelo. Also, this marks the firsts time the League Militaire has ever really been able to be on the offensive instead of on the defensive. The microwave strategy was rather odd, but it’s funny to see all these BESPA pilots crying like babies and trying to get to toilets. We see that Cronicle hates the Victory types so much that he doesn’t want them to be called Gundams. The battle’s not over yet, so we’ll see what happens next.

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Victory Gundam Info


Yoshiyuki Tomino

Sukehiro Tomita
Ken Oketani
Kazuhiro Kanbe
Hideki Sonoda
Minoru Onoya

Mechanical Designer(s):
Hajime Katoki
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Hiroshi Osaka

Musical Composer:
Akira Senju

51 episodes

Japan 04.02.1993 – 03.25.1994


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