Victory Gundam Ep. 22: The Tiger of Space


Uso, Oliver, Marbet and Junko search the debris in the battlefield for survivors. Uso thinks how Shahkti is far from him now, and Junko bangs on the Victory Gundam to remind him of what he’s doing. Someone tries to attack Marbet from a ship, and Junko tells Uso to attack. The man holds up a white flag, and when Uso hesitates, Junko kills the man. Elsewhere, the Reineforce tows a captured Squid ship to La Vie en Rose IV for modification. Warren tries to hit on Martina and is told by Odelo that Jinn has named the combination of the two ships Reineforce Junior. Elsewhere, a Sinope crew repairs Godwald’s Abigor in a debris field. Uso searches the interior of a ship and finds Haro floating around. He grabs Haro and is shown recent pictures of Shahkti and the others. He hears a noise and sees Godwald’s Abigor in the debris. He remembers seeing the suit when he first arrived in space and tries to escape. Godwald gets out of his cockpit and fires a wire gun at Uso to reel him in. He puts a gun to Uso’s head and asks where the Squid ships are being taken. Uso answers that they are at La Vie en Rose IV, but he doesn’t know where that is. Godwald asks if he is a soldier, and Uso reminds him that he is Uso from Kasarelia. Godwald remembers him and can’t believe he was saved by an enemy pilot. Uso says he only joined the League Militaire because BESPA attacked Kasarelia and he was forced to fight. Godwald tells Uso that the first rule of fighting in space is to never let go any chance to survive. He lets Uso go and then attacks him once he is inside the Victory Gundam. Godwald attacks with twin beam scythes, which is more than Uso can handle. Junko and Oliver arrive to help, but two Zoloats attack. While fighting off Godwald, Uso is caught in beam wires, and Godwald slices off half of the Victory Gundam’s left leg. Junko damages the Zoloat with the beam wires, and Godwald grabs the Zoloats and escapes in mobile armor mode. Uso, Junko and Oliver return to La Vie en Rose IV for repairs. Godwald is told by one of his men that they should rejoin the other forces, but he doesn’t want to let Uso get away. Uso tells Oliver and Junko about Godwald, and they realize he is the infamous pilot known as the “Man-eating Tiger” for his brutality in battle. Uso goes to talk to Marbet, and Oliver tells Junko he doesn’t like the way Uso is fighting in space.

Uso shows Haro’s images to Warren and Odelo, and they are very happy to see that Shahkti and Suzy are safe. Marbet comes in and tells them they’ve made contact with the Aeneas near Side 2. That means that Tomas, Karel and Martina can see their parents again. Junko comes to talk to Marbet and says she is too entangled with those kids. Marbet says that Junko likes Uso too, and Junko says at least she doesn’t show it so openly. Later, Warren, Odelo, Martina, Tomas and Karel sneak into the Sinope. Uso tries to get inside the V-Dash Gundam and finds Marbet sitting inside the cockpit. Junko floats in from nearby, and they ask Uso where he’s going. He makes up lies saying that he just wants to go for a joyride and that he’s going to investigate the Zanscare. Junko calls him an idiot and begins rubbing his face between her breasts. Uso finally admits that he’s going to look for Shahkti, and Marbet gives him a kiss. The Sinope launches with the V-Dash Gundam on top and heads for Side 2. Warren asks Martina why her parents would be at Side 2, and she says it’s probably because the Zanscare were blackmailing her father’s company. Tomas picks up the Aeneas on radar and tells Uso. As they close in, the Abigor and two Zoloats attack. Uso jumps off of the Sinope and tells Tomas to take it behind a hunk of debris and hide. Uso then escapes into the ruins of a colony and is followed by Godwald and the Zoloats. The Zoloats capture Uso with their beam wires, so he separates from the Bottom Fighter and hides in the debris. Godwald chases him in and tells Uso that he has to accept the destiny he’s chosen as a pilot. He says he will make Uso die horribly as a gift to his comrades. Uso lures Godwald in closer, and when Godwald throws his beam cutters he ends up destroying one of the Zoloats. Uso then has the Bottom Fighter pounce on the Abigor before docking with it. Uso points his mega beam rifle at Godwald but hesitates. The other Zoloat attacks and Uso destroys it with his overhang cannons. He then destroys the Abigor with his mega beam rifle, but Godwald escapes with the cockpit pod. He then tries to open Uso’s cockpit and points a gun at Uso. Uso hits him with a wire gun and lets him float out into space, where he is caught in an explosion. Uso rejoins the Aeneas and Sinope and says he must find Shahkti soon.


Godwald makes another appearance again, only to die at the end of the episode. He showed up at Keilas Guilie a few episodes earlier, but he was strangely absent from the battle fought at Keilas Guilie. Since he earlier called the Abigor a piece of crap, perhaps it was giving him trouble. Uso’s Newtype abilities seem to be developing further, as he senses pressure from other pilots. These things allow him to survive and beat an expert pilot like Godwald. I thought Marbet and Junko would get along, but it looks like they still have some problems. Also, why was Junko rubbing Uso’s face in her breasts? Uso hangs out with a lot of good looking women, and this sort of thing seems to happen to him often. By the way, in a nice bit of continuity, we see the good old La Vie en Rose again. Though the original was destroyed at the end of Gundam ZZ, it seems that Anaheim or someone else built at least three more.

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Victory Gundam Info


Yoshiyuki Tomino

Sukehiro Tomita
Ken Oketani
Kazuhiro Kanbe
Hideki Sonoda
Minoru Onoya

Mechanical Designer(s):
Hajime Katoki
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Hiroshi Osaka

Musical Composer:
Akira Senju

51 episodes

Japan 04.02.1993 – 03.25.1994


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