Victory Gundam Ep. 24: The Battle of the Capital


Odelo and Warren play with Karlmann, and Uso asks Suzy why she is in Amelia. She explains that Cronicle found Shahkti’s real mother and is having them meet across the street. Maria looks at genetic test results, but she tells Cronicle that she knew Shahkti was her daughter just by looking at her. Shahkti says that her mother is the one she had in Kasarelia, and Cronicle says Maria was thinking about her when she left her on Earth. He says that Maria can protect her now as the Queen, and Shahkti tries to run away. He asks her if she wants to go back to the battlefield, and Maria hugs her. In another room, Katejina has a monitor set up and watches the event with a hidden camera. Cronicle comes in and says they will use the video to prove to everyone that Shahkti is Maria’s daughter. Katejina asks Cronicle what his ambition is, and he says he wants to fulfill Maria’s vision of a motherly society because right now it is too biased towards males. Suzy spots a defense team searching the streets, and Warren says they’ll be in trouble with identification cards. Odelo tells Elisha they are leaving, and Suzy says she will be safe with Cronicle and Shahkti. Uso says he will go into space and get the Victory Gundam, but Odelo thinks that’s too much. Warren thinks it’s better than hanging around inside the colony. Soldiers spot them running through the streets, and they split up. Uso uses Haro to project holographic images of the Victory Gundam to confuse the soldiers. As more soldiers approach, Haro uses machine gun sounds to scare them and bounces into others. Uso grabs a nightstick and uses it to destroy another defense robot in the tunnels. Nearby, the Reineforce Junior approaches Amelia to attack the Zanscare. The Shrike Team’s Gun-EZs launch from the ship, followed by Marbet in the Victory Gundam Hexa. Uso thinks about Shahkti and is attacked by the repaired Sandhoge. He smashes his Dash parts into it and is attacked from behind by a Shy-Tarn. It grabs him from behind while the Sandhoge fires its harpoons and wires to restrain Uso. The cockpit is electrified, and Haro short circuits itself to cut the current and allow Uso to hold the controls.

Marbet and Junko discuss their strategy in attacking the Zanscare. Junko says that the EFF’s fleet at Side 2 was defeated, so she wants to distract the Zanscare and allow the survivors to escape. The Shrike Team attacks Amelia’s harbors, and Tassilo is informed of the attack. Cronicle joins him and launches in his Contio. The Sandhoge ties the Victory Gundam to the ceiling inside a cargo bay and leaves. Uso rewires the cockpit to activate the power and disconnects from the Top Fighter. He flies back into the colony and spots Cronicle. Cronicle shoots at him and destroys his Bottom Fighter. He tries to chase Uso but is attacked by a Gun-EZ. At the palace, Shahkti can feel Uso calling to her and runs outside. Uso flies by the palace wonders if Shahkti is there. Two hovercraft fly in front of Shahkti and start firing at Uso. Marbet spots Uso’s Core Fighter and wonders why he is in the colony. She lands on the ground and scares the hovercraft away. Uso lands and runs over to Shahkti to hug her. He tells her it is great she met her mother and she must be happy. Shahkti is hesitant, and he asks if her mother is a bad person. Shahkti says her mother is good but is also the Queen of the Zanscare. Marbet is shocked to hear that Shahkti is Maria’s daughter. Shahkti says she doesn’t want to be Uso’s enemy, and Uso says Maria probably needs her help and wants to be with her. Several Zoloats approach, and Uso takes off and joins Marbet. They meet up with Oliver, and Uso tells Marbet that Odelo and the others are in the colony. Uso takes Marbet’s Top Fighter and Oliver’s Bottom Fighter and returns to space. The Sandhoge is about to attack the Aeneas, but Uso blasts it. The Aeneas and Sinope escape, and Uso is attacked by Cronicle. Cronicle attacks Uso with the beam sabers mounted on the Contio‘s shot claws. Uso spins his beam sabers like rotors and separates from the Top Fighter. Cronicle blasts the Top Fighter while Uso escapes and returns to the Reineforce Junior. Uso leaves Haro with Otis to repair, and he wonders if he did the right thing in leaving Shahkti behind.


This episode picks up right where the last left off. Shahkti meets with Maria and doesn’t seem to excited about it. Then again, Shahkti isn’t really the excitable type. We see Katejina hanging out with Cronicle, and she seems to be cooperating with him a lot. I wonder if she still is acting as a spy like she told Odelo back on Earth. It looks like she’s given in to Cronicle and is helping him out. Makes you wonder what else she’s done with him. Haro proves to have many uses here, such as projecting mobile suit holograms and bouncing into enemies. Amuro Ray’s Haro never did anything that advanced. The League Militaire finally takes the offense and attacks the Zanscare capital, but what’s their next move? And how will Uso rescue Shahkti?

Overall Rating
Victory Gundam Info


Yoshiyuki Tomino

Sukehiro Tomita
Ken Oketani
Kazuhiro Kanbe
Hideki Sonoda
Minoru Onoya

Mechanical Designer(s):
Hajime Katoki
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Hiroshi Osaka

Musical Composer:
Akira Senju

51 episodes

Japan 04.02.1993 – 03.25.1994


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