Victory Gundam Ep. 25: To Enemy Ships and Enemy Lands


Katejina watches as Cronicle works hard training students how to use their Contios. Their exercise involves racing through a closing hatch, and many of them fail and crash their Contios against the hatch. Cronicle receives a call that Mutterma’s fleet has returned and has spotted the Reineforce Junior. Gomez punches Uso for going out on his own and tells him to prepare for battle. Oliver launches in his Victory Gundam Hexa, followed by the Shrike Team, Marbet’s Zoloat and Uso’s V-Dash Gundam. As the battle begins, Uso finds himself working with Peggie. She tells him that he has to defend the Reineforce Junior so that Shahkti has a place to come back to. Cronicle’s Contio squad joins the battle and tries to attack the Reineforce Junior, but the Shrike Team uses their beam shields to deflect the attack. Uso fires his overhang cannons at the Contios to keep them away from the ship. Jinn worries and wonders what the real Jinn Jahannam is doing. Gomez leaves the bridge and tells Warren and Odelo to help him. Uso gives his overhang cannons to Peggie and returns to the ship to ask for parts. Cronicle destroys the overhang cannons and slices off the Gun-EZ‘s legs. The Gun-EZ’s cockpit is damaged and Peggie’s legs are burned. Uso rushes in and undocks his Core Fighter from the Top and Bottom Fighters to create obstacles. Cronicle destroys the two fighters, and Uso attacks with his overhang cannons. Cronicle counterattacks and destroys the Dash pack. Odelo sends out replacement parts so that Uso can form the Victory Gundam again. Oliver separates his Bottom Fighter and slams it into a Zanscare ship. He uses his Top Fighter in the same manner against another enemy ship. The Reineforce Junior begins to retreat, an Junko wonders where Peggie is. Oliver tells her they have to protect the ship and that Uso is with Peggie. Cronicle moves in behind Peggie’s damaged Gun-EZ and fires.

Uso flies in and uses his beam shield to protect Peggie. He then throws his beam saber at a Contio and slices its arm off. Uso fires his mega beam rifle, and Cronicle orders his men to retreat. Uso chases after them, but the Sinope appears and fires a flash bang to blind Uso. Odelo tells him he was going too far away from the ship. Peggie is brought aboard the ship, and Marbet gives her painkillers. They don’t help, and it’s decided Peggie has to see a doctor. Marbet says they will infiltrate Amelia and leave Peggie with a doctor while they stir up trouble. They use red panels to make the Sinope and Zoloat look like Zanscare property again. They get in line with Mutterma’s fleet, which is triumphantly returning to port. Marbet flies over to a Zanscare ship and blends in, while Uso approaches a damaged ship. Warren, Odelo, Tomas and Elisha don’t notice Peggie get back into her Gun-EZ until she takes off. She joins Uso as he hides inside the damaged ship. He tells her to get some rest and floats down to the deck. He accidentally floats by some soldiers and tells them he’s looking for the bathroom because his suit is filled with urine. They force him to stand at attention on the deck as Maria arrives. Cronicle thinks he sees Uso in the distance, and Tassilo tells him not to be rude in front of Mutterma. Maria arrives and gives her speech. She thanks the soldiers for their hard work and tells them to go and rest. Soldiers come to grab Uso, and he floats away up to Maria’s hovercraft. He tells her he is Shahkti’s friend and was worried about him. Maria sees that he is the boy Shahkti was talking about, and she tells Cronicle she’ll deal with him. Peggie bursts out of the ship with Uso’s Victory Gundam in tow and starts firing her vulcans. Uso gets away and gets back into the Victory Gundam. Marbet begins her attack, and Odelo flies the Sinope into port. Cronicle orders the defense mobile suits to activate quickly. Uso chases Maria’s hovercraft and knocks away her bodyguards with wires. When the hovercraft stops, Uso holds out the Victory Gundam’s hand and asks Maria to come with him.


Another big battle begins here and ends with some suspense. Uso definitely does seem to be getting a bit too involved with battles, and I think this will cause him some trouble. Peggie is injured pretty badly in this episode, and she’s lucky to be alive. However, knowing the fate that Tomino gave her fellow Shrikes, I think she’s living on borrowed time. It seems to be a rule with Tomino that if you are either injured and go back into battle you die, or if your suit is damaged and you go back into battle you die. Both of these are the case with Peggie, so it’s almost assured that she’s as good as dead. Uso ends up grabbing Maria at the end, but what will he do with her? Will he use her as a hostage, or will he trade her for Shahkti?

Overall Rating
Victory Gundam Info


Yoshiyuki Tomino

Sukehiro Tomita
Ken Oketani
Kazuhiro Kanbe
Hideki Sonoda
Minoru Onoya

Mechanical Designer(s):
Hajime Katoki
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Hiroshi Osaka

Musical Composer:
Akira Senju

51 episodes

Japan 04.02.1993 – 03.25.1994


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