Victory Gundam Ep. 27: A Flash that Runs Through Space


Katejina thinks that if Uso had never come to the colony that she wouldn’t have decided to fight. Uso sees that the Rig Shokew is hesitating and wonders who the pilot is. As they fight in the air, Uso sees that damage from a beam rifle could kill lots of civilians in the colony. Katejina blows off one of the Victory Gundam‘s legs, and Uso pulls out his beam saber and destroys her rifle. She tells him she became this way because of him, and he’s shocked that she is the pilot. Marbet joins and asks why he’s hesitating, and he explains that Katejina is piloting the Rig Shokew. Katejina tells Uso that Maria wants women to control the world and asks why he doesn’t understand that. Marbet comes in from behind to attack, but Katejina slices off one of her hands. Uso separates his Bottom Fighter and slams it into the Rig Shokew, sending Katejina away. Elsewhere, the entrance to the port is still locked, and Shahkti tells everyone to duck when the battle approaches. Uso flies by while being chased by Katejina, and everyone else runs into the port. Uso attacks Katejina with his beam saber and asks why she’s behaving strangely. She tells him he has to pay for his sins during the war, and he says he hasn’t committed any crime. Marbet tells Uso to pull back because Cronicle’s Contio squad is approaching. She tells Uso they have to blow a hole into the colony wall to escape from Cronicle. From space, Oliver blasts a hole into the colony with his V-Dash Gundam Hexa and flies in, followed by Junko’s new Gun Blastor and an EFF Javelin squad. In space a Zoloat approaches the Sinope, so Odelo blasts it with missiles. Uso arrives and destroys it with his beam rifle. Shahkti senses danger, and Katejina attacks and hits the Sinope. Uso ejects his Top Fighter, but Katejina blows it up. His Core Fighter goes spinning out of control, and Katejina fires at him. Junko moves in front of Uso and takes the brunt of the shot. She jumps out of her Gun Blastor as it explodes and is injured. Nearby, the Reineforce Junior has secretly positioned Keilas Guilie near the colony to blast the Zanscare fleet. Jinn is confident they’ll blast away the Zanscare, and Gomez hopes they aren’t discovered before Keilas Guilie is ready to fire.

Cronicle notices that the League Militaire hasn’t sent out too many suits, and he wonders what they’re planning. On the Reineforce Junior, Elisha and Shahkti help tend to Junko’s wounds. Uso comes in to thank Junko and asks if they’re really going to use Keilas Guilie. She says that Mutterma’s fleet is gathered at the port, so they will destroy everything in one shot and end the war. Uso says that Keilas Guilie is made to attack Earth and that it is too powerful. Shahkti panics and tells Uso she is scared. Gomez orders all pilots to go into battle, and Uso tells Junko she isn’t well enough to go out. Uso launches in his Core Fighter and attacks Katejina with his vulcans. Oliver tells him that a Core Fighter’s power isn’t enough, and Uso returns to the ship to get the Top and Bottom Fighters. With two beam rifles he destroys several Zoloats surrounding him, but he gets caught by Katejina’s beam wires. Cronicle moves in to kill Uso, and Junko shoots at him and blows off one of his arms. She tries to kill Cronicle, but Katejina attacks her with beam fans and slices into Junko’s Gun Blastor. The damaged Gun Blastor drifts away, and Junko goes into space when she sees Cronicle plant a bomb on Keilas Guilie. She starts shooting at him, and he fires back as he runs away. Uso moves in when he sees Cronicle and Junko shooting at each other. Katejina flies by and picks up Cronicle, and Junko finds the bomb. Uso gets close with the Victory Gundam and asks Junko to get away from the bomb. She tries to disarm it and is killed when it explodes. Gomez calls Uso and tells him he has to fire Keilas Guilie’s cannon from the control room because of the damage from the bomb. Uso tells him that Junko is dead and hesitates. Gomez yells at him and tells him not to let Junko’s death be in vain. Uso goes over to the control room and charges up Keilas Guilie. Cronicle’s Contio floats near the cannon, and he tells Katejina to blow it up so that it will make Keilas Guilie miss. The Contio blows up as Uso fires, and the blast’s direction is changed. Most of Mutterma’s fleet is destroyed, and Shahkti panics from feeling mass death. Uso returns to the ship.


There’s quite a bit going on in this episode. Katejina has some pretty twisted ideas about Uso and why she is doing what she is. She makes it seem like it’s his fault she’s a Zanscare pilot, but that was totally her decision. Keilas Guilie is seen again, and I’d wondered what had happened after it was captured several episodes ago. The League Militaire was ready to blow up Amelia to end the war, and it’s definitely a decision made in desperation. Zanscare is very powerful, and the EFF is obviously useless. Cronicle ends up saving Amelia, at the cost of Mutterma’s fleet. Tomino also strikes again here, and this time it was Junko. I imagine that being blown up while disarming a bomb is a bad way to die, and I have to credit Tomino for continuously finding new ways to kill his characters.

Overall Rating
Victory Gundam Info


Yoshiyuki Tomino

Sukehiro Tomita
Ken Oketani
Kazuhiro Kanbe
Hideki Sonoda
Minoru Onoya

Mechanical Designer(s):
Hajime Katoki
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Hiroshi Osaka

Musical Composer:
Akira Senju

51 episodes

Japan 04.02.1993 – 03.25.1994


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