Victory Gundam Ep. 28: The Great Escape


After firing Keilas Guilie, the Reineforce Junior retreats to the Macedonia Colony and is seized by the colony’s army. Gomez asks the army’s leader Khubilai Goya to follow international laws on POWs, but Goya says that doesn’t apply to League Militaire mercenaries. At Amelia, Pippiniden informs Cronicle that for risking his life he’s been promoted and will now be the commander of the Motorad fleet. Katejina meets Lupe, and Lupe tells her that the Motorad fleet is different from other units. At Macedonia, Uso discusses with Odelo and Warren the rumors that Marbet and Oliver are getting married. Leonid and Romero ask Macedonian soldiers about their mobile suits, and the soldiers tell them that the suits and the ship will become part of Macedonia’s army. Uso runs over to Marbet’s cabin to ask about it, and Marbet says it is all part of a plan. She says that the guards will be distracted while watching the ceremony, allowing everyone to escape. Uso says he doesn’t like it, so Marbet says she will have a child with him. Shahkti comes to give Marbet a bouquet, and Uso runs away in embarrassment. He bumps into Oliver and asks if the marriage has to do with Junko’s death. Oliver thinks kids have strange ideas and wonders if Uso is jealous. Otis takes on the role of pastor again and performs the marriage for Oliver and Marbet. Marbet tosses her bouquet in the air, and Shahkti catches it. In space, the Motorad flagship Adrastea launches and approaches Macedonia. Cronicle speaks to Goya and says he only wants Shahkti back. Goya tells him the Reineforce Junior isn’t at Macedonia, and Cronicle says he knows he’s lying. Goya says that Macedonia believes in Maria’s ideals but refuses to be ruled by the Empire. Cronicle sends out Lupe, Katejina and Goz Barl in new Gedlav mobile suits to rescue Shahkti. The Gedlavs launch in tandem with their wheeled Einerad mobility units and head for Macedonia. Lupe tells Goz that Katejina is a newcomer and she wants to test her. Katejina sees them flying in front of her and vows she will do well and rescue Shahkti.

Uso, Warren and Odelo sneak around the camp and are found by several guards. The guards ask what they are doing, and Odelo says they want to check out the newlywed room where Marbet and Oliver are. They prepare to attack the guards when a hovercraft pulls up and several soldiers ask for Shahkti. An alarm begins blaring across the base, and Oliver jumps out of bed. Marbet asks him if he regrets marrying her, and he says he doesn’t. He tells her she is his only life partner and kisses her. Goz’s Einerad attacks the prison and destroys several buildings. Gomez, Uso, Odelo and Flanders attack a hovercraft and steal it so that everyone can escape. Katejina and Lupe break into the colony and begin destroying its defensive gun turrets. Gwigsy anti-riot mobile suits attack Katejina, and she stops and blasts them with her Gedlav’s beam rifle. She arrives at the prison camp and asks where all the prisoners are. The soldiers say that because of their attack everyone escaped. Gomez knocks out the operator of an elevator that leads back to the harbor where the Reineforce Junior is docked. Uso, Marbet, Oliver, Cony and Juca go back to the city’s central square to retrieve all the Gundam units that are on display. Oliver asks Marbet to have his child, and she agrees. Uso brashly runs out into the square and starts shooting at the soldiers. Marbet tells him to get into the V-Dash Gundam while everyone else gets into Victory Gundam Hexas. The Einerads attack the central square and begin chasing the Gundams. Uso flies through the city streets and is chased by Katejina. He doesn’t want to fight in the colony, so he flies towards an industrial area. He flies into a tight tunnel and loses his right arm after slamming into a wall. He is forced to stop at a blocked off area, and Katejina arrives and blocks the way out. He quickly ejects the Core Fighter and flies away. He swerves to avoid hitting a car and goes spinning out of control. Katejina catches up and grabs the Core Fighter. Lupe arrives and tells Katejina to kill Uso. Katejina hesitates, and Uso tells her to just do it. Lupe asks her again to kill him, and Katejina says they should keep him alive because he might be a Newtype. Lupe wonders if a kid like Uso could be a Newtype.


After the big battle with Keilas Guilie, it looks like the crew of the Reineforce Junior has gotten into some trouble. The same kind of thing happened to the White Base in the original series and the Nahel Argama in Gundam ZZ. This time, the imprisoned crew decides to hold a wedding. It’s clear that Marbet and Oliver were previously involved, and it’s also clear she’s been jealous of the Shrike Team all along. With five of them dead, it seems that she and Oliver can get back together. Also, Uso certainly seems to be jealous of Oliver, even though he says otherwise. Katejina seems to be a natural at piloting mobile suits, and on her second time out she does well enough to capture Uso. Now what will happen to him?

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Victory Gundam Info


Yoshiyuki Tomino

Sukehiro Tomita
Ken Oketani
Kazuhiro Kanbe
Hideki Sonoda
Minoru Onoya

Mechanical Designer(s):
Hajime Katoki
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Hiroshi Osaka

Musical Composer:
Akira Senju

51 episodes

Japan 04.02.1993 – 03.25.1994


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