Victory Gundam Ep. 31: Launch the Motorad


Marbet supervises Odelo and Tomas as they train to become mobile suit pilots with Gun Blastors. The two of them join Oliver’s V2 Gundam in transporting cargo to the White Ark. A worker brings news that the Motorad fleet is on the Moon. Cony and Juca decide to head out and join up with the Reineforce Junior. Shahkti leaves Karlmann with Suzy and gets into a hovercraft with Flanders and Haro. She figures that the mysterious tunnel Myra wanted to investigate is probably where the fleet is. She hopes that if Cronicle is there she can convince him to not launch the fleet. Nearby, Katejina gives Cronicle a report on the kids who rescued Myra, and Cronicle figures it’s Uso. On the Moon’s surface, Odelo has trouble getting used to gravity and crashes into Tomas. After docking at the White Ark, Cony arrives with her Victory Gundam Hexa and tells Oliver that the Motorad fleet is on the Moon. Marbet orders Odelo and Tomas to inform the Reineforce Junior because they can’t risk using wireless radio. Karel, Martina and Warren arrive in a truck, and Batsraff puts Warren in charge of the ship’s weapons. Myra and Uso return to the hangar, and Suzy tells him that Shahkti left after she heard about the Motorad fleet. Uso and Myra get into a truck to go after them. On the road, Juca and Suzy pull up next to them in a truck with the V2 Gundam’s spare Core Fighter. Shahkti arrives at the guarded entrance of the gate and wonders how she will get inside. She goes into a bar and asks a man to take her, but he refuses. The Zanscare secret police take her with them leave Haro and Flanders behind. Juca rams the gate and stops to let Haro and Flanders on. Uso and Myra launch in the Core Fighter and chase the truck through the narrow tunnel. Uso tries to land on the truck to get it to stop, but it keeps going. They exit the tunnel and stumble upon the Adrastea and other Motorad ships. Shahkti tells Uso that she wants to talk to Cronicle and convince him to stop the fleet. Uso says Cronicle won’t listen and that the military isn’t as simple as she thinks. Odelo and Tomas arrive at the Reineforce Junior and inform Romero and Otis about the Motorad fleet. Uso flies in close to the truck, and Myra tells him to get in closer so that she can jump onto it.

Cronicle is informed that Uso’s Core Fighter has been spotted nearby, so he sends out Lupe and Katejina to kill him. The Motorad fleet is ready to launch, so Cronicle orders that it takeoff and head for Earth. Lupe and Katejina are attacked on the way by Oliver, Marbet and Cony. Uso gets his Core Fighter in close and Myra jumps onto the truck. She grabs Shahkti in the cabin and fires a flare to blind the men. Myra and Shahkti jump out of the truck before it crashes into Katejina’s Einerad. She spots Myra and Shahkti floating away and chases after them. Uso tells her to get away and chases her. Katejina manages to grab hold of Myra and decides to take her as a hostage. Uso grabs Shahkti and put her behind his seat. Tomas and Odelo launch from the Reineforce Junior and are immediately attacked by one of the Motorad fleet’s Lysithea class ships. Uso continues to chase Katejina and demands that she return Myra. Oliver doesn’t want to let the Motorad fleet reach Earth, so he starts shooting at the Adrastea‘s tires. He pulls back and gives Uso the Top and Bottom Fighters since he is more familiar with them. Uso then shoots at the Adrastea‘s tires and causes no damage. He attacks Katejina and slices into her beam shield generator. With no beam shield, he knocks her Gedlav out of the Einerad and forces her to fight without it. Oliver approaches the Adrastea at high speed in his Core Fighter. He dodges the ship’s fire and slams his Core Fighter into the front tire. Cronicle has the ship takeoff and eject the damaged tire. Marbet suddenly feels frightened and stops moving. Lupe tries to shoot her, but Odelo and Tomas knock her out of the way. As the Motorad fleet leaves the Moon, Katejina retreats to the Adrastea. Marbet returns to the White Ark and begins handing out orders to keep her mind off Oliver. Tomas and Odelo know she is pretending to be okay, and they apologize for being rookies. She hugs them and begins to cry for Oliver. Uso sits in the V2 Gundam’s cockpit and also cries.


Tomino strikes again, and this time the unlucky victim is Oliver. The poor guy just got married to Marbet, but now he’s dead. Though he valiantly sacrificed himself, his suicide attack proved useless. Perhaps he should have instead slammed into the Adrastea‘s bridge and destroyed that. Shahkti foolishly goes off on her own to try and stop the Motorad fleet. She seems to think that just because Cronicle is her uncle he will listen to her and stop the fleet. Her brief capture ends up leading to Uso’s mother being captured by Katejina. Odelo and Tomas decide to become mobile suit pilots, but aside from rescuing Marbet they don’t seem to be doing so well. Now that the Motorad fleet has launched, it looks like it’s time to go back to Earth again.

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Victory Gundam Info


Yoshiyuki Tomino

Sukehiro Tomita
Ken Oketani
Kazuhiro Kanbe
Hideki Sonoda
Minoru Onoya

Mechanical Designer(s):
Hajime Katoki
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Hiroshi Osaka

Musical Composer:
Akira Senju

51 episodes

Japan 04.02.1993 – 03.25.1994


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