Victory Gundam Ep. 32: Doggorla’s Violent Advance


The Adrastea docks with a Marilyn class repair ship to fix the front wheel that was damaged by Oliver’s suicide attack. Pippiniden estimates it will take a half day to repair the damage, which will unfortunately give the League Militaire time to catch up with them. Cronicle is introduced to a man named Brogh who goes out to fight with the strange dragon-looking mobile armor Doggorla. Cronicle thinks the Doggorla is rather strange, and Pippiniden points out that its many tailrad components can re-combine if damaged. Katejina asks for permission to go out and learn about the Doggorla’s techniques. Cronicle agrees, and she takes out her Gedlav and Einerad and is joined by five others. Near the Moon, Uso helps train Odelo and Tomas in using their Gun Blastors. Odelo has a bit of trouble landing on the deck, but Tomas crashes into him and Uso and knocks them into the mobile suit hangar. Sensors pick up that the Adrastea has stopped, and Marbet wants to attack it to avenge Oliver. Uso launches in the V2 Gundam and meets up with Cony and Juca’s Gun Blastors. Marbet launches in her V-Dash Gundam Hexa, followed by Tomas and Odelo in their Gun Blastors. Brogh attacks Uso and separates him from the main group. Uso fires at the Doggorla and thinks he’s beaten it when it breaks into pieces. He is shocked when the Doggorla reforms and attacks him again, and he wonders if he has to destroy the head. An Einerad attacks Tomas and Odelo, but Marbet shoots at it and saves them. Juca attacks Katejina, and another Einerad attacks Odelo and Tomas. Marbet jumps out from behind them and uses her beam rifle and overhang cannons to destroy the Einerad and Gedlav. She is shocked when she realizes she used Tomas and Odelo as shields. Pippiniden tells Cronicle that the final repairs will be made on Earth and that they have to leave and catch up with the rest of the Motorad fleet. Cony fires at Katejina and destroys her Einerad. Katejina accidentally crashes into Brogh, and the tells her wanted to fight alone. Another Einerad attacks Tomas and Odelo, and Marbet again jumps out from behind them and destroys it. She is shocked that she used them as shields again.

The Adrastea fires a signal flare for the mobile suits to retreat. The Doggorla attacks Marbet, and Odelo flies over to attack it. Brogh wraps the Doggorla’s tail around Odelo, and Tomas comes over and helps Odelo escape. The Doggorla fires at Marbet, and Odelo jumps in and blocks with his beam shield. His control system is damaged and he begins to float away. The Gun Blastor drifts into the Marilyn and scares off the crew. It crashes into a wall, and Odelo bumps his head on the cockpit’s ceiling and passes out. Uso flies over and leaves the V2 Gundam to get into Odelo’s cockpit. The Zanscare crew decides to capture both suits, so they stuff the thrusters with garbage and spray paint the Gun Blastor’s eyes so it can’t see. Uso sticks something in Odelo’s mouth to wake him up, and Odelo asks what happened. Uso gets behind Odelo and hot wires the controls to get the Gun Blastor moving. The Zanscare crew panic and run away when the Gun Blastor moves. Uso returns to the V2 Gundam and wonders why there’s so much junk floating around. Uso and Odelo return to the battle and attack the Doggorla. Uso flies around it and gets behind Brogh’s blind spot. He pounds the Doggorla’s back and then sticks him beam saber through the cockpit and slices down the body. After the Doggorla is destroyed, Katejina and Goz retreat to the Adrastea. Marbet holds a box with Oliver’s ashes and cries. Uso asks her about her fighting style, and she admits that she used Odelo and Tomas as shields even if she didn’t intentionally mean to. Odelo and Tomas get out of their Gun Blastors and thank Marbet for saving them. The crew gathers on the Reineforce Junior‘s deck to spread Oliver’s ashes into space. Afterwards, Uso, Odelo and Tomas change the head of Marbet’s Hexa to a standard Victory head in honor of Oliver. Marbet sleeps with the box that held Oliver’s ashes, and the Reineforce Junior heads for Earth behind the Motorad fleet.


Following Oliver’s death we get a running battle to stop the Motorad fleet from going to Earth. These plans are interrupted by Brogh and his odd Doggorla. As your typical throwaway enemy pilot, Brogh is someone who has some untested prototype and arrogantly believes that the can destroy a Gundam. As is the case with all his fellow throwaway pilots, he eventually learns his lesson the hard way. Odelo and Tomas are still rookies, and we see Marbet having a hard time dealing with them, as well as with Oliver’s death. The Motorad fleet manages to escape, and I expect we’ll see an atmospheric battle next time.

Overall Rating
Victory Gundam Info


Yoshiyuki Tomino

Sukehiro Tomita
Ken Oketani
Kazuhiro Kanbe
Hideki Sonoda
Minoru Onoya

Mechanical Designer(s):
Hajime Katoki
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Hiroshi Osaka

Musical Composer:
Akira Senju

51 episodes

Japan 04.02.1993 – 03.25.1994


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