Victory Gundam Ep. 34: Operation Giant Roller


Uso patrols the skies with his Core Fighter, and he wonders where the Motorad fleet is, along with Myra and Shahkti. In the ocean, Odelo is forced to wet himself in his normal suit because his urine pack is full. He calls the White Ark to inform Marbet that he has spotted the Motorad fleet and three Einerads. Karel calls the Reineforce Junior, and Gomez orders the Shrike Team to move out and attack. Goz moves in towards Odelo with his Zollidia and attacks. As Odelo tries to fight, he is unable to move effectively in the sea. As the Motorad fleet begins to surface, Pippiniden calls Duker from his Lysithea class ship and speaks to him briefly. Duker says that they can now begin their battle to evolve the world to meet Maria’s ideal image. Tomas takes off from the White Ark and heads down into the ocean to look for Odelo. Goz attacks him, and Odelo sneaks up on him from behind. He uses his beam shield to knock Goz’s Zollidia out of its Einerad. Tomas then pulls out his beam saber and disables Goz’s Zollidia. The Motorad fleet reaches land in Mexico, and the giant tires of the ships begin smashing a coastal city. A young mechanic named Mizuhe Minegan uses a Javelin to attack the Motorad fleet. She throws her shot lancers at the Adrastea and causes little damage. Her Javelin is shot down and crushed when the Adrastea drives over her. A church steeple almost falls on several children, but Uso arrives with the V2 Gundam and saves them. Katejina pulls up from behind with her Zollidia and shoots him. Uso grabs hold of her and asks her how she could be a part of what’s going on. She says she only wants to fight for Maria’s ideals. Katejina gets back into her Einerad and drags Uso through the streets of the ruined city. Marbet asks Uso what he’s doing and attacks with her Victory Gundam. Uso breaks free from Katejina and is left behind in the devastated city as the Motorad fleet leaves. On the Adrastea, Myra is sickened by the devastation caused by the Motorad fleet. In another part of the ship, Shahkti tries to leave her room, but the guard won’t allow her. She says the windows have been shut, and the guard says they were closed on Cronicle’s orders. She asks what is going on, and the guard says they are pressing out the land. Shahkti asks to speak to Cronicle, but the guard refuses and puts her back in her room.

Odelo and Tomas bring Goz and his Zollidia back to the Reineforce Junior. They then take off with the Einerad in tow and rejoin the battle. Uso continues to attack the Motorad fleet as it destroys another town. Marbet attempts to destroy the enormous tires on the ships, but Einerads block her. Juca says they can’t allow mobile suit reactors to explode because it would pollute the Earth. Uso moves in close to the Adrastea and begins slicing off its guns with his beam saber. He does this several times, but he stops when he sees Myra’s face in a window. Odelo and Tomas arrive and give Uso the Einerad to use himself. He uses the Einerad to smash the cannons on several other ships. He returns to the Adrastea to cut a hole into it for Myra to escape. Before he can do that, Katejina slams into him with her Einerad and knocks him out of his Einerad. Juca then attacks Katejina while Uso prepares another attack. Marbet shows him a map of where the Motorad fleet is heading, so he flies off and returns to the town that was just destroyed. He finds an abandoned and intact Javelin and takes it with him. As the fighting continues, a mobile suit reactor blows up and sets off a large explosion. Duker calls Pippiniden to inform him that the EFF’s army is in front of their ships. Uso flies high above the Motorad fleet and plans to drop the Javelin near the Adrastea to blow up its reactor and destroy the ship. As he drops the Javelin and prepares to fire, Katejina flies in quickly and knocks him away. Another shot hits the Javelin and sets off its reactor. The Javelin explodes and creates an enormous mushroom cloud. Cronicle has the Adrastea switch to flight mode to avoid the force of the blast. Uso wants to continue pursuing, but Marbet tells him to wait for EFF reinforcements. He tries to attack anyway, so Odelo and Tomas grab him and smack around his V2 Gundam to stop him. As Uso screams out that he wants to chase them, the Motorad fleet escapes.


Well, now that the Motorad fleet has landed, its first target is Mexico. The Zanscare have a very nice euphemism for slaughtering innocent civilians: “pressing out the land.” Cronicle knows exactly what it really is, which is why he has all the windows covered so that Shahkti can’t see out. Uso doesn’t seem to be fighting to the best of his abilities here as he usually does. Perhaps seeing his mother’s face made him more emotional and caused him to act without thinking. This is evident at the end of the episode when he doesn’t follow orders to retreat. With portions of Mexico now destroyed, what will be the next target of the Motorad fleet?

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Victory Gundam Info


Yoshiyuki Tomino

Sukehiro Tomita
Ken Oketani
Kazuhiro Kanbe
Hideki Sonoda
Minoru Onoya

Mechanical Designer(s):
Hajime Katoki
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Hiroshi Osaka

Musical Composer:
Akira Senju

51 episodes

Japan 04.02.1993 – 03.25.1994


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