Victory Gundam Ep. 35: Mother or Shahkti


The Motorad fleet continues its spree of destruction across the North American continent with the League Militaire in hot pursuit. Marbet and Juca try to attack the giant tires, but they know their hope lies in the plan involving Uso. In the rear lines, the Reineforce Junior follows the Motorad fleet. Goz uses a stolen dinner fork to pick his handcuffs and door lock, but he doesn’t realize that the crew is allowing him to escape. He heads down to the mobile suit hangar and gets into his Zollidia, where Odelo is hiding behind the seat. Uso and Haro hide behind the seat in the V2 Gundam‘s cockpit. Goz takes off with his Zollidia and steals the V2 Gundam as well. Tomas launches in his Gun Blastor and shoots at Goz to add to the authenticity of the ruse. Elsewhere, Lupe fights with her new Einerad-equipped Bruckeng and wonders where Goz is. After receiving some light damage from Tomas, Goz lands in the Adrastea‘s mobile suit hangar and tells the mechanics to fix his Zollidia. Katejina arrives with her Zollidia for weapons replenishment, and Goz tells her about how he stole the V2 Gundam. After he leaves, Uso and Odelo sneak out of the mobile suits and disguise themselves as laundry boys. They push a laundry cart around the ship’s decks until they are discovered by several soldiers. They tell the soldiers that they are new recruits, and the soldiers take them to the laundry room. Odelo meets an attractive young Zanscare girl there and asks her if she wants to come with him. In another part of the ship, Myra notices that there is only one guard for her entire level of the brig. She pretends to be injured to lure the soldier into her cell and knock him out. Uso and Odelo navigate the ship’s confusing decks and reach the brig. Uso walks into Myra’s cell, and she hits him with the butt of her rifle before realizing who he is. She asks him what he is doing, and he says they have come to sabotage the ship. He also tells her that they came with their mobile suits. Odelo says they could use her help, so he gives her a belt of plastic explosives and a signal flare. Myra tells Uso that Shahkti is also on the ship, but she’s on a higher level. She says that the Zanscare want to use Shahkti, and Uso decides he will go after him. Myra sees how resourceful he is and gives him a hug.

Myra tells Uso that she will wait until two minutes after he leaves to use the explosives as a distraction. She says she will follow up with explosions every few minutes to distract the soldiers. A huge dust cloud forms far ahead of the Adrastea, and Cronicle is informed that Pippiniden’s forces have destroyed an EFF battleship. Outside, Katejina attacks a Victory Gundam Hexa and notices that the League Militaire isn’t fighting in the same way that they usually do. She sees an explosion on the Adrastea and wonders what is going on. As Myra’s explosives cause fires all over the ship, Uso and Odelo approach Shahkti’s room. They use a fire extinguisher and a hose to attack the guards and break into the room. Shahkti tells Uso that she wants to stay and convince Cronicle to stop, but he says there is no time and grabs her and Karlmann. Shahkti again says she needs to speak to Cronicle, but Odelo says there is no point in that. Two soldiers find them in the hallways, and Uso puts his gun to Shahkti’s head and threatens to kill her if they don’t back off. Cronicle shows up and tells the soldiers that Uso won’t kill Shahkti because he’s her friend. He tells Uso that if he surrenders he’ll guarantee his safety, but Uso refuses. Myra tosses one of the plastic explosives in front of Cronicle and tells Odelo to shoot it. Uso calls out to Miguel, and Cronicle is surprised to hear that she is his mother. Myra holds out two more explosives in her hands and tells everyone else to run away. As they slide down a flight of stairs, two soldiers jump Myra from behind and take her explosives away. Cronicle commends her for being so valiant to defend Uso. Odelo, Haro and Flanders get into Goz’s Zollidia while Uso, Shahkti and Karlmann get into the V2 Gundam. Odelo blasts one of the doors open and sees the young laundry girl die as he escapes. Katejina attacks Uso, and he flies out of the ship and attacks her with his beam saber. He climbs up the side of the Adrastea to the bridge and sees Myra there with Cronicle. Myra smiles at Uso, and he takes off and flies away. Shahkti tells him he needs to rescue Myra, and he shouts that he’ll decide when to do that.


The unstoppable Motorad fleet continues to cause devastation as it travels across the North American continent. This time the League Militaire comes up with a clever plan to get inside the Adrastea and sabotage it, but it goes quite wrong. Uso ends up rescuing Shahkti again, but he loses his mother again at the same time. Uso and Odelo also encounter a young Zanscare girl, and she meets her fate near the episode’s end. It’s a reminder that war takes lives no matter how young one might be. Now that Cronicle knows that Myra is Uso’s mother, it’s a certainty that he’s going to use her as a hostage. Perhaps she’ll meet a similar end to that of Kamille Bidan’s mother.

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Victory Gundam Info


Yoshiyuki Tomino

Sukehiro Tomita
Ken Oketani
Kazuhiro Kanbe
Hideki Sonoda
Minoru Onoya

Mechanical Designer(s):
Hajime Katoki
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Hiroshi Osaka

Musical Composer:
Akira Senju

51 episodes

Japan 04.02.1993 – 03.25.1994


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