Victory Gundam Ep. 36: Mother, Return to the Earth


The Motorad fleet reaches the deserts of the United States. The Reineforce Junior and White Ark are in close pursuit and are preparing to launch their mobile suits. Shahkti tells Uso she is sorry that they couldn’t rescue Myra too, and he tells her not to worry about it. Marbet launches in her Victory Gundam, followed by Cony’s Victory Gundam Hexa and Uso’s V2 Gundam. Suzy wakes up Tomas and Odelo so that they can launch in their Gun Blastors. On the Adrastea, Cronicle receives a call from Pippiniden that an EFF ship will be assisting the League Militaire. Pippiniden asks Cronicle to let Goz do as he wishes when the battle begins. Cronicle knows they are supposed to stop fighting with the EFF soon, but before that happens he wants to destroy the Gundams. Goz comes to Myra’s cell with a normal suit and tells her he wants to surrender to the League Militaire. He says they won’t believe him on his own, so he wants to bring her along as proof. Myra puts on the normal suit, and he takes her down to the mobile suit hangar and places her in his Zollidia‘s hands. He blasts the hangar door open and takes out an Einerad. Uso and Marbet want to destroy the Adrastea‘s tires without destroying the ship itself. Katejina attacks Uso, and he destroys her beam shield generator and knocks her Gedlav out of its Einerad. Odelo and Tomas spot the Hoover Dam nearby and tell Uso about it. The three of them begin attacking the dam with beam rifles and destroy it. An enormous flood of water rushes towards the Motorad fleet and knocks the ships around. The Adrastea presses on, and Goz flies above it. He shoots at Uso and kicks the V2 Gundam away. Myra asks what he is doing, and he says he was ordered to fight with her as a shield. Though it goes against his principles, it is necessary to succeed in battle. Uso spots Myra in the Zollidia’s hand and wonders what he should do.

Odelo notices that the V2 Gundam isn’t moving and wonders what’s happening. He calls Marbet while she is fighting a Rig Shokew and tells her that Uso isn’t moving. Tomas spots Uso and sees that a hostage is being used against Uso. Since Uso can’t attack, Goz decides to attack Uso. Cronicle can’t believe that Goz is using such despicable tactics and orders Katejina to get Myra back. As Goz attacks Uso, Katejina intercedes with her Zollidia and tells Goz not to use such dirty methods. She asks him to hand over Myra, and he says he is following orders from Pippiniden and won’t listen to Cronicle’s woman. He takes off and is attacked by several suits. Marbet fights a Rig Shokew in the air, and Goz tries to sneak up on her from behind. Marbet quickly dodges and causes Goz to stick his beam saber in the Rig Shokew. Uso flies up to where Goz is and slices off the Zollidia’s legs. Marbet then follows up by sticking her beam saber through the Zollidia’s torso. The disabled mobile suit loses altitude and crashes on top of one of the Adrastea‘s cannons. Uso lands on the ship to break Myra out, and she tells him to forget about her. Odelo and Tomas try to stop a Lysithea, so they fire at the ground with their beam rifles to create a trench and cause the ship to crash. Myra tries to break free, but the Zollidia’s hand is holding her too tightly. Uso wants to use his beam saber to cut off the Zollidia’s hand, and Myra tells him that if the beam is too powerful it will kill her. The Lysithea crashes into the trench and is knocked backwards in the air towards the Adrastea. It crashes into the Adrastea and knocks away the V2 Gundam. The giant tire crushes and beheads Myra as the ship crashes into the ground. Cronicle is immediately informed that the EFF and Zanscare have signed a cease fire, and he can’t believe the timing. The Adrastea raises a white flag of surrender, but Uso goes mad and continues to attack it. Cony and Marbet grab Uso and fly off to keep him from attacking. The crew of the Reineforce Junior sees that the cease fire is just a ploy for the Zanscare to buy time. Later, Uso finds the helmet with his mother’s head in it and brings it back to the ship. He hands Marbet the helmet and begins to cry. Marbet leaves, along with Shrike pilots Francesca Ohara and Miliera Katan. Everyone else leaves the deck to allow Uso to calm down.


As I expected, Tomino finally killed Myra, and he chose a pretty brutal fashion too. Kamille’s mother had a pretty bad death, but suffocating in space doesn’t compare to being crushed and beheaded by a battleship with a giant tire. Aside from the tragedy of her death, the whole sad affair is compounded by the fact that mere seconds later a cease fire is announced. Had things worked out just a tad bit differently, Myra could have survived. Even with all the damaged that it has sustained, the Motorad fleet is quite a match for the EFF. Therefore, a cease fire is nothing but a ploy to buy time for their next operation. The EFF, being the blind fools that they are, probably think that the cease fire is sincere. Apparently they haven’t learned their lessons from Haman Karn and Char Aznable.

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Victory Gundam Info


Yoshiyuki Tomino

Sukehiro Tomita
Ken Oketani
Kazuhiro Kanbe
Hideki Sonoda
Minoru Onoya

Mechanical Designer(s):
Hajime Katoki
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Hiroshi Osaka

Musical Composer:
Akira Senju

51 episodes

Japan 04.02.1993 – 03.25.1994


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