Victory Gundam Ep. 37: Twinrad Counterattack


Uso patrols a farm in the V2 Gundam for signs of Zanscare mobile suits. He knows that despite the cease fire they are probably still lurking about. Marbet tells him that most of the Motorad fleet has returned to space, and Uso says he will never forgive them for murdering his mother. Marbet then says that if Uso’s only motive to fight is hatred she won’t let him be a pilot anymore. As the White Ark approaches, Warren, Odelo and Shahkti call Uso to tell him that Gomez gave them vacation time to return to Kasarelia. Marbet tells Uso that she got permission from Gomez to come along with them. After they leave the farm, Renda emerges from hiding and flies back to Duker’s Lysithea with her Domuttlia. Though the cease fire is only to buy time for the next operation, Duker doesn’t intend to give up. The Lysithea takes off and travels underwater to catch up with the White Ark. Batsraff suggests to Marbet that they take another route, but she says she doesn’t want to bother the people at Arti Gibraltar or bring back bad memories for the children. Uso uses the V2 Gundam to bend a metal rod into a fishing rod to catch fish with everyone else. Warren asks Martina and Elisha to join them, but they say they can’t stand the salty smell of the see. Tomas sees that they haven’t adjusted to Earth yet, and Warren wonders how that will affect his chances with Martina. The Lysithea launches missiles from underwater and forces the White Ark to raise its altitude. Uso takes off with his Core Fighter to investigate and sees Duker leading a squad of Jabaco and Domuttlia mobile suits with new Twinrad units. Mr. Masaryk calls the Reineforce Junior for assistance, but Gomez says they are half a day away. Odelo and Tomas stay behind in their Gun Blastors to protect the ship while Marbet joins the fight with her Victory Gundam. Uso dodges attacks from the Domuttlias, and Marbet fights Duker in midair. Duker tries to attack Marbet with a heat rod, but she manages to break free with her beam saber. The White Ark heads for a small island nearby, and a blast rocks the ship. Shahkti nearly falls off the side, but Flanders grabs her dress with his teeth and saves her.

The White Ark lands on a pile of whale and fish bones and begins to act as a gun turret. Odelo and Tomas take off to join the battle. Martina and Elisha panic when they see so many bones and wonder what is going on. Shahkti sees that all the bones being piled up indicates how polluted the ocean is. Uso destroys one of the Twinrads and sets off an explosion that sends water running everywhere. Martina and Elisha then begin to whine about how horrible the Earth is and how they don’t want to die and decompose like the whales. While reloading the missiles, Warren tells the sisters to stop complaining so much. Shahkti tells them that it is natural for humans to die and decompose like whales. She says that people like Uso are fighting to create a better world, and that he fights on even though his mother is dead. They understand what Shahkti is saying and shut up. Uso continues to fly around and spots the Lysithea surfacing nearby. The battleship begins firing its cannons at the island, and the children begin to evacuate from the White Ark. Several battle boats arrive to give assistance to the White Ark. Renda grabs Uso’s Core Fighter, but he is able to break free and escape. She gets onto a Twinrad with a pilot named Cecily, but Uso destroys the Twinrad. Uso transforms into a half mobile suit and lands on a battle boat to attack. He then flies towards the Lysithea and is attacked by Cecily, but he rams his beam saber into her cockpit and kills her. He then destroys the ship’s cannons and is attacked by Renda. Renda wants revenge for Cecily, but Duker orders her to pull back. He says that with enemy reinforcements arriving and their main cannons destroyed they no longer have an advantage. Afterwards, everyone sits around the fire and eats. Martina and Elisha say they no longer mind the smell of Earth, and Odelo jokes with Warren that he can marry Martina now. Uso knows that death is the natural end of human life, but he wonders if he can let go of the hatred he feels about his mother.


It’s clear that the EFF has accepted the Zanscare ceasefire and is returning to whatever it is they do (or don’t do, since they don’t seem to do much). Uso is still getting over Myra’s death, but it’s not clear if he’s really over it or just hiding it from everyone else. Only time will tell. What are the Zanscare planning to buy time for with this false peace? Whatever it is, Duker risks it by violating the cease fire and attacking the White Ark. Renda explains to doomed pilot Cecily that Duker doesn’t like to give up something halfway, so I doubt he will end his attacks on the White Ark.

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Victory Gundam Info


Yoshiyuki Tomino

Sukehiro Tomita
Ken Oketani
Kazuhiro Kanbe
Hideki Sonoda
Minoru Onoya

Mechanical Designer(s):
Hajime Katoki
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Hiroshi Osaka

Musical Composer:
Akira Senju

51 episodes

Japan 04.02.1993 – 03.25.1994


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